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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


This was one film that actually surprised me when I watched it because I wasn’t expecting it’s tone to be so serious.


I was a bit surprised by how much I disliked it. Normally my tastes are pretty low brow. I generally don’t like to have to think too hard watching tv but something about the actor/character of Lucifer made my teeth itch.




For anyone who doesn’t believe top critics are full of shit:

“To say that I have mixed feelings about this is an understatement. On one hand, you’re rewarding a white male director whose last five movies bombed (and of those, only the two starring Charlize Theron and penned by Diablo Cody received positive reviews) the keys to a hugely valuable franchise mostly because he’s the son of the guy who directed those first two Ghostbusters movies.”

Come the fuck on…

Paul Feig (Hack), director of Ghostbusters 2016:


A Simple Favor

Jason Reitman (Real director):


Thank You for Smoking (86% positive reviews)
Juno (94% positive reviews)
Up in the Air (91% positive reviews)
Young Adult (81% positive reviews)
Tully (86% positive reviews)
The Front Runner (59% positive reviews)

That’s 6/8 of his filmography with positive reviews.

Best Director Nominations: 2


Ghostbusters 2016:

144 million


150 million


Stars of Ghostbusters 2016


Ghostbusters isn’t a movie franchise valuable enough to generate a 500 million gross today unless the movie is fucking good. It’s value lies in the movies PLUS the merchandise(action figures).

They decided to scrap the original cast and characters and spend 144 million on the movie with 4 actresses only known in the US when the overseas box office now accounts for over 60% of a high budget US movie’s revenue. Yes, the old Ghostbusters toys were being bought in Asia because of The Real Ghostbusters cartoons in the 80s, which featured the original characters from the movie. Everyone knew the theme song. Fuck, my grandmother knows the theme song.

Who the fuck was going to watch a Ghostbusters movie featuring a completely different cast of horribly unattractive SNL actresses playing unknown characters?

If you want to claim that Jason Reitman, who is a wonderfully talented filmmaker, got the job only because of his father, then you have to acknowledge some fuck with an obvious agenda approved of the making of the 2016 movie, which should never have been made in the first place.

So much fucking bullshit and spinning. Fuck the critics. Worthless cowards and shills.

RE: “Why are they making a Ghostbusters movie that ignores the all-female reboot?”

IT FLOPPED, YOU IDIOT! It was also a horrible movie by any objective standard. You’re lucky they didn’t destroy the entire franchise altogether with that steaming pile of crap.


Why? Well, from that same article in the Hollywood Reporter:

“the all-female team pushed the franchise forward in an important way that may be lost in the new version.”

So, because reasons. It pushed the franchise forward, @dt79. Not in any old way. In an important way.
How do I know? Because someone I’m supposed to believe knows what she’s talking about said so. So, boom. Check mate. You’re wrong. I even copied and pasted the quote from The Hollywood Reporter (aka the movie Bible) to prove it!


It’s the lies and spinning that pisses me off.

You want to push an agenda. Fine. You’re free to do that.

Don’t start shaming people for not liking the movie when it sucks. Fucking own it. No one who knows anything about movies can call Ghostbusters 2016 a good movie. It fails on every single level. You can call it fun, enjoyable, etc because these are subjective. It’s like how I like to watch shitty B movies. But you can’t objectively call it a good movie or else you should not be reviewing movies professionally.

And don’t fucking try and move the goalposts by doing this:


Oceans 8 was a lukewarm wet turd. Doesn’t even qualify as a steaming pile of crap.

Every woman they cast was the female version of brown clunky shoes. And the blond scarecrow woman was too dumb of a character for words.


The Ocean’s 11 series was the one where they could have changed the entire cast and it would have still worked. Making them all of them women was fine but they still had to fuck it up.

Why would you make Sandra Bullock play the George Clooney character and Cate Blanchett play the Brad Pitt character and have the movie take place in the same universe as Ocean’s 11?!

There was no humor because the rest of the cast are minorities so no one can play the comic relief because of political correctness. No jokes can be made at anyone’s expense either.

No one can fuck up. Everyone had to be perfect. No tension. No stakes.

The part which was supposed to be the most exciting was when Helen Bonham Carter was scanning the necklace. What was going to happen if she failed to do it before the time ran up? She could have… JUST COME BACK ANOTHER DAY AND DO IT AGAIN. No tension. No stakes.

Because this is Mary Sue’s 8( or 8 Mary Sues), and everyone’s perfect, even the female antagonist can’t lose. Wow, she’s actually not the dumb bimbo the movie set her up to be, therefore the gang never really takes her down. She’s actually really smart! She knew what was going on all along and she just played along! So what the fuck do we do? Let’s have her join up with the gang and take down Sandra Bullock’s ex-boyfriend so that the gang wins in a completely redundant twist at the end that had no bearing, nor was it set up to be part of the plot in the first place.

But, wait, let’s add in one more stupid, redundant twist because the girls have to win BIGLY! Because the antagonist now wants a share of the loot so there’s less to go around. Let’s tell the audience in a flashback that the 95lb Chinese Man from the first movie suddenly appeared out of nowhere and stole even more shit as if that was part of the plan all along even though there was none of this was set up at all.

It’s like a heist movie where they only manage to get away with a small amount of money and suddenly one character reads the papers, takes out a lottery ticket that was never mentioned prior to this and says, “Dudes! I won the lottery! We did it!”. Then there’s a flashback of him walking into a store and buying a lottery ticket. It’s fucking bullshit.

When you write a script trying to be PC, what happens in the end is NOTHING IS EARNED. That’s why you get this kind of nonsense. That’s why these movies SUCK.


Speaking of critics I guess black panther got a award from one of the critic organization. The award was for best effect over IW. Guess they overlooked one of the worst cgi scene in recent memory.


TBF people who feel shamed from this tactic are weak minded individuals. I know why I don’t like certain things and it’s never because I’m racist/sexist/misogynist or w/e derogatory shaming word they want to throw my way.

I don’t really care about the shame tactics, I care more about the fragile minds of the people these tactics work on…to me, they’re more indicative of a problem than those who employ the tactics. They wouldn’t be using them as often as they do if they didn’t work at the rate they seem to be working…

I just learned what this term was the other day…


@unreal24278 holy shit titans is amazing. Binge watched the whole thing


It still reflects badly on those who employ
these tactics. I, personally, can tolerate anything other than dishonesty and moral posturing. Those are things that piss me off.


We were talking about this movie over dinner. I like all the actresses in the movie. I find them funny and entertaining. However, the movie was boring dreck. I’m not a super ghost busters fan so my dislike of the movie had nothing to do with the departure from the original characters. I was prepared to be marginally entertained and it didn’t do even that.


I watched on Chaoshander’s recommendation too. Thankfully available on Netflix 'cause I hardly ever get to see the movies you guys are talking about.

By the way, that was one pristinely beautiful corpse. lol


I honestly don’t even remember what the original movie was about lol. Was never a Ghostbusters fan. But I also didn’t even know who the actresses in the remake were because I don’t watch SNL. All I could tell was most of their lines were improvised and the filmmakers didn’t know what to keep and what to edit out so all the dialogue with anything funny in it just dragged on and on until it all turned stale.


Binge watching new season of Punisher





Why do you read that rag lol? It just triggers you man hahaha


Actually, I read it first on my local news site lol. I posted the link to that site because it had her entire tweet in it.

I gotta admit this does trigger me a little.


They’re making a SEQUEL to the ORIGINAL movie. The 2016 movie WAS THE DICK MOVE because it erased both the original movie and the previous sequel. Jesus Christ.

The 2016 movie BOMBED. The overseas market largely doesn’t know who the fuck you are. You think you are entitled to a sequel, and starring in a sequel to that just because of your gender?

People who are depriving you of starring a sequel to the 2016 movie are like Trump, and therefore, by implication, are fascists and nazis? You sound just like ZEP!!!

“The finance industry is oppressing me! They won’t loan me money because I don’t have the means to pay them back! SHAMEFUL!”

Zep 2018