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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


A certain someone will be happy to know that a certain movie won nothing it seems at Golden Globes last night.


But they gave Best Picture to Bohemian Rhapsody! That’s worse!!! Bohemian Rhapsody isn’t even a fucking MOVIE! It’s a collection of lip-synced performances by a tribute band with the occasional reenactment of purportedly real life scenes thrown in just to tie them all together!

The stupid cheap ending says it all. It’s like the fucking ending to a “losers finally succeed against all odds” movie like Dodgeball! What was the point of scenes like the people in the pub acting all bored and then suddenly getting up and cheering HALFWAY through the performance? Were they actually counting the amount of donations pouring in? In a PUB? They had never heard of Queen before? Were they expecting them to suck? They were at the PEAK OF THEIR POPULARITY! It made no fucking sense!

Fuck this. I’m done every single awards show other than the Film Critics Society of Hong Kong.


yeah I cant argue with you on that… at all.


First of all, you made me not want to see that movie more so than I already didn’t want to see it.

Secondly, I’m intrigued…


It’s just an annual movie awards kind of thing that’s normally quite accurate about the quality of Asian movies. Since it’s pretty low-key, there are no politics and shit involved.

Even the big events like the Asian equivalent to the Oscars in HK and Taiwan are nominating shitty China movies because of either politics or studio pressure because movies released in China make multiples the amount that can be made in smaller Asian countries.


One of my favourite tv shows when i was little was Teen Titans. None of that Teen Titans go bullshit. I’ve seen this is coming out on netflix soon but It looks fucking retarded


Actually this show is fucking amazing, and I watched the original teen titans as a kid. Sure, it doesn’t stay true to the characters (it’s dark, fucked up, VERY violent), but the take on the characters actually works for a compelling storyline. Also it’s fresh to see superhero films that don’t just spout the same formula, all the Marvel movies (besides Deadpool and Logan)… All the DISNEY marvel films are starting to repeat the same formula and it’s getting stale. Now that Disney has brought fox I’m worried for Deadpool’s futurez they’re already released a PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2 (which SUCKED ass btw), if they make the next Deadpool or the first X force PG-13 it’ll kill both franchises, hell I think new mutants should be a hard R


Saw a doco called Black metal veins, don’t recommend it to anyone. If anyone needs an intervention about hard drug use, this is the documentary to see, but my god it’s so fucked up it’s unbelievable, the part that drew me to the film was the black metal part, but there’s probs only about 5 mins of actual black metal in it. Supposedly everything in the documentary is real, however some of it seems just too fucked up to be real (although I looked up the directors previous films and yikes… I’m into extreme cinema that pushes the boundaries (cannibal holocaust, a Serbian film, martyrs, frontiers etc) but there’s a limit… And that limit is drawn around this directors films, August underground and any of that bullshit I haven’t seen because it seems like exploitative garbage that exists purely to shock (actually I saw like 20 mins of one of the August underground films, I believe it was mordum or something and I was just like “nope, no fucking way”.)

There’s a few scenes in the doco that have to have been scripted, otherwise there’s NO WAY such a film would’ve made it onto a DVD release… That and the director could probably be prosecuted for not intervening had it been real.

Seriously though I haven’t been disturbed by a film like this since I was about 14 (saw the Poughkeepsie tapes by myself at like 2AM). This film really got to me and I can’t get some of the images out of my head. Usually when someone says “hey this film was fucked up” I dismiss it and watch anyway, because how bad can it really be? But this film is actually THAT disturbing… The cut version might have been more bearable

@dt79 stay awwwaaaaaayyyyyy

Edit: thankfully after some research I’ve found that some of the more horrific scenes may have actually been staged (Jesus Christ I hope they were)


Trailer doesn’t really do the show justice but hell I’ll give it a go

This would suck ass :open_mouth:


Relax. I’m already messed up. I can tolerate anything unless Will Ferrell is in it. Please tell me Will Ferrell isn’t in it.


I’ll tell you will Farrel is in it just so you don’t watch this film

Will Farrel is seen multiple times throughout the movie, he pops in to talk about malva pudding on a myriad of occasions.


Hahahaha alright I’m skipping it.


You know, I used to have my interest piqued with write ups like this - then I watched a CC video of some guy who had sneaked a gun into an interrogation room (poor pat down I’d imagine) and when the interrogator left the room briefly, he pulled it out and blew if brains out. Since then my tolerance for this type of shit went way fucking down … big nope for me.


Well because I’m an idiot I just looked up and watched that video, how is it possible to miss something like THAT on a pat down, the officer in charge probably got fired… There was once something like this that happened on live TV. Budd Dwyer shot himself on live television (I believe he got a massive jail sentence for a crime he didn’t commit), probably traumatised an entire generation of kids.


I’d hope the officer just resigned knowing he’s an incompetent moron tbh. What really kind of disturbed me about it is seeing the ‘lights go out’ in the dudes eyes and the faucet-like pouring of blood from the wound. Fun stuff.

Pretty sure I’ve seen this clip at some point.

I can watch dramatized shit like this all day long (i.e. scripted torture porn is fine for me a la Hostel, et al), but when it’s real life shit it gets to me.

Oddly enough, I have no problem watching my 6 month old son get an IV put in (we had a short hospital visit over the New Year - he’s fine, nothing major but lots of poking and prodding). I watched all of it and bore it well (probably b/c I knew my wife couldn’t). Anyways I digress…


Me too, that’s why this doco got to me.

Hostel was actually a pretty solid film minus the excessive violence, the story was intriguing and the concept was creepy as hell, hostel 2 sucked and hostel 3 was cool.

Sorry to hear about the son btw, I can’t imagine how frightening it must be to have to go through such a scenario (although as a baby I was in the hospital for ages… When I was around two I acquired viral menangitis… Back to the hospital

Last hospital visit was when I was around 16, got all my wisdom teeth taken out.


This was one of the suspected ailments being thrown around. It ended up being an intususception (telescoping of the intestine which was easily corrected…)

Glad you recovered from it - I’d imagine you don’t have much if any memory of it, but still…


The Autopsy of Jane Doe was fucking incredible. Absolutely terrifying. Grab a pair of headphones and buckle up.


Some very interesting stuff in this trailer. Idk if this is the right place to post it, but hell yea. Season 8!

still crying in book tears because he most likely will never finish the books


I’ve been waiting so fucking long… this is an awesome year for movies and tv shows!!