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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


“None of you seem to understand. I’m not locked in here with you. You’re locked in here with me!”

That’s gotta be one of the best movie quotes of all time.


“I’ve got so much brass up my ass that I can play the Star Spangled Banner.”

  • The police captain in Bad Boys 2

So was this.


One of my favorite movies for sure.


I watched The Endless last weekend. I can say it is substantially better than Bird Box as far as invisible monsters go. I dont want to look for or argue some subversive metaphors in a movie. Anyways, the characters are awkward and weird, and clearly contain repressed trauma. Lots of cult activity. Lots of traces of Lovecraftian influence. And a few of the characters are fucking hilarious. Otherwise an extremely dread filled slow burn movie. 7/10. Worth a watch.


I like movies that give me something to think about it, but yeah I also have to be in the right mood to voluntarily watch something incredibly depressing. That’s why The Flowers of War and Schindler’s List have been sitting in my Netflix queue for years.


Saw Aquaman today, it was a lot of fun. Very enjoyable.

Would have been better if the lady next to me didn’t say “oh boy” or “here we go” or “oh my” at the beginning of literally every single action sequence, but I digress…


I got talked out of dragging my buddy to see Aquaman by the naysayers earlier in this thread.

Then I let my buddy drag me to see The Mule (sucked) instead.

Now I’m pissed at youse early naysayers -you know who you are!!!


Hey, I said it was a good movie and younger guys will love it, but the amount of spectacle will probably be too much for older guys to handle, that’s all lol.


My “movie IQ” has, is, and always will be juvenile LOL. I put your review in with the good.

Actually, your initial assessment was spot on -good director, which is key no matter the supposed quality of content.


Possible Spoiler warning

When they started building up to the final underwater battle with the crab people I was like I dunno about this, but I actually thought it was done really well. When the shrimp shaped ships peeled off the larger ship I was like, okay this is pretty cool.


I didn’t even realize this was happening. There was too much shit happening on the screen at the same time for me to process it lol.


Generally I stay away from mainstream “horror flicks” these days. Although recently I saw a film in theatres called “overlord”. EXCEPTIONALLY good film, whether it counts as “horror” is debatable, but overall a very good film, action packed, gory, entertaining (kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish) and the special effects were pretty cool too.



I just watched infinity wars for the first time. This was my thought. There’s just too many super heroes all doing something significant, but not enough time to display it. Also,wtf. A giant midget? Was this a way for midgets everywhere to feel powerful by throwing Thor around?

Then, why did Spiderboy get more screen time than Cap, Thor and Scarlet. The whole movie felt like “how can we squeeze this missing superhero and his/her power into one quick scene.”

It also gets super old how they have to fight before they figure out their emotions and be a team. Boring.


You’re a nazi.



I’m flying HK air next week to Thailand and looked at their on board entertainment. All the shows are ridiculously translated. Any recommendations for Chinese tv shows?


I don’t watch much TV. Do you have a link or can you take a screenshot of the menu in Chinese?


Watched “Urge” last night.

An examination of human nature, it starts out with a bunch of smarmy rich kids being rich and decadent, then they discover an amazing party drug that removes all of their inhibitions. The drug then proliferates across an island resort town and everything goes crazy in a really awesome way.

Very predictable but Lots of fun and some great murder scenes without all of the blatantly stupid fatal mistakes that most movies live on.
I rate it an 8/10 because titties and drugs, and not a single “of course the car doesn’t start.” moment.


Sounds a lot like Project X.


Whenever anyone references Project X I think of that Matthew Broderick movie from the '80s with the monkeys