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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


Well, Venom was interesting.


Instant Family

I wasn’t expecting it but this movie was REALLY GOOD. I was expecting some mildly entertaining but disposable, half improvised time waster like a Seth Rogan comedy but it’s a whole lot more than that. I should have listened to my wife and watched this last week instead of that steaming pile of shit called Bumblebee. Fuck Bumblebee.


Technically not a film but I watched the new Watership down adaptation over the festive period,it was ok but a) The rabbits looked more like Hares than rabbits b) No ‘bright eyes’ Art Garfunkel booh hiss booh! c) It was overall a toned down version of the original both emotionally & in terms of violence etc d) It was about an hour or more too long. 6.5/10…wabbits!!!


Aquaman… Aqua Man…?

I really enjoyed it. Followed the typical superhero story but it invoked some emotion, had some stunning visuals (Amber Heard anyone?) and a smattering of humour. Would recommend.


@dchris @yogi

I watched Bird Box. You dim witted fascists just don’t get the metaphors. It’s about safe spaces and how shitty parenting is justified, even courageous, when adults are freaking out over an existential threat that may or may not exist.

Also, what a clever call-to-action message they slipped in there when they described the “demons” of various cultures!

A huli jing is a fox spirit that always takes the form of a really hot chick when it reveals itself. It is supposed to seduce men and steal their life force while giving them a handjob. “Huli” means fox while “jing” refers to a female spirit/demon.

It is also a common term in the Eastern vernacular used to describe a woman who seduces a married man in order to live off him.

What a groundbreaking movie for female empowerment that completely subverts expectations! 11/10


This movie fell flat on its face, however, by displaying the strong feminist naming her children in such a binary way! Aside from the trauma of having a mom who verbally abuses them, they have been scarred with sexual identity defining names: Boy - Girl


The Punisher Season 2 on Netflix is getting dropped on 1/19, pretty stoked about that.


Oh, shit! I knew it was coming soon, but I didn’t know that soon. I just re-watched season 1 over Christmas break. It’s so good. It’ll be interesting how they do Jigsaw…


“Shtisel” on Netflix.

It’s an Israeli TV show I watched because a supporting character is portrayed by a close family member. A major actress in the show is Kingpin’s love interest from “Daredevil”. I expected it to be crap.

It’s very good. Basically follows a non-Zionist Israeli Haredi (Orthodox, black hats) family’s fortunes and dramas. Things like a woman scandalously running a money changing (er, “laundering”) business because her putz husband ran off with a chick in Argentina.

It’s a lot like Downton Abbey, more of a chick show.

I went in prepared to hate it, and got sucked into the very ordinary lives of the characters.

Anyway, it’s the number two show in Israel, the PA, Eqypt, etc, after “Fauda” (which is a hard core terrorist-blowing-up show).


All of this time I thought I was a petty forward-thinking dude. Turns out i’m Just another tool of the patriarchy


Have you watched season two yet? I have a 15 hour flight next week, and have debated adding this to the queue.


Yes, it’s much more intense than Season 1. Starts off with a guy getting blown up in the first 5 minutes.


In the right place, that could be a cool tattoo.


The Night Comes for Us



I’m gonna highly recommend this. It’s fucking violent, no-holds-barred, bone breaking shit and it’s not played for laughs unless you find violent shit funny. Which I do. Starring Iko Uwais from the Raid, who also did the martial arts choreography.


Has anyone seen the horror film “herreditary” ?


As a whole I thought it sucked.

But the first half, as a parent, shocked me to the core like no other movie ever has simply bc of the plausibility and reality that ‘the event’ could and has probably happened before in real life. Again, if you don’t have kids then the scene I’m referring to probably won’t illicit the same gut feeling.

After that scene, the movie just heads straight down in a nosedive to an ending very similar to “the witch”. Also hated that movie too.


I’m a parent, and I loved The Witch. Definitely have to check out Hereditary.

Aquaman was fucking awesome. Better than Wonder Woman, which I also loved. I saw it in IMAX, which undoubtedly helped. I had very low expectations going in, but they were surpassed in the first 15 minutes. The trailers do not do this movie justice. 9/10

It gives me hope that the new Batman movie will actually be solid. DC’s standalone movies have been pretty good with the exception of the last 30 minutes of MoS.


I thought Hereditary was very well directed. It was just too bloody depressing. It’s also the kind of movie in which a lot is requested from the audience in terms of attention to minor details and nuances so you have to be the kind of movie goer who digs this kind of films AND be in the mood for it. Doesn’t matter if you’re not. It’s just not the kind of movie for you. I’m not saying it’s deep. That would be giving the script too much credit. Plus, “Paymon” is a really lame ass name for a demon.

The Witch was awesome. Hereditary is nowhere close to it. Wanna see a real steaming pile of shit? Go watch mother!.


Exactly. I left the movie wondering what the hell I just saw. As in I really didn’t understand what the hell happened. I had to google it afterwards. Too bad because I enjoy all the actors who were in the movie.


What I gathered was the director tried to throw in lots of biblical metaphors without any regard for actual context nor coherence pertaining to the overall story, which made them simply references, in an attempt to be deep. Which would be ok if there was an actual point to it. Then he tried to tie it all together with an added theme of the destruction of nature, with God representing the male ego or something. Nothing added up to a whole. Which simply shows that he is trying to pull a fast one on the audience. It’s an elaborate cop out hidden by high production values and a pretty skilled technical team behind it.