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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


Temple of doom is one of reasons why they implemented the PG-13 rating


Well…being dragged to see AquaBro this evening.


I’m hype to see Holmes and Watson next week.





but…I’ve been told it’s 97% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes … YOU MUST LOVE IT!!


Just watched Spider Verse for the second time!

One of my all time favourites!



I watched peppermint and it was really bad and stupid.


Watched Into the Spider Verse and Bird Box this weekend.

I do not have enough good things to say about Into the Spider Verse. If you like comic book movies you’ll love this.

Bird Box was well done and a fairly good movie. A couple gripes would be people making bad decisions (especially the kids) and the ending felt rushed. I’d still recommend it though


I watched that last night. Wasn’t crazy about it. It seemed very empty. Almost like someone owed someone else a movie so they scraped together enough parts to constitute a movie and said “There ya go. Now fuck off.”.


It’s based on a book that wasn’t even fully fleshed out. One of the screenwriters asked the author of the book where the monsters, demons, whatever you want to call came from and he said oh, I have no idea. So I think them trying to capture the theme of the book while fleshing out an entire entertaining movie could make it feel like that.


Yeah I didn’t like Bird Box either. Just felt incomplete.


I read the book last year. It gave me zero interest in the movie. The non origin of the demons/monsters/aliens left it a bit flat.


They tried to give them a semi-origin in the movie but it was one character going off about how he’s done internet research and every religion has “demons” and so that’s what they were. It was really bad.

I don’t know if it’s in the book but the one guy who can see them and not kill himself that they let into the house puts out a bunch of drawings of all the different entities he’s seen. Again it’s just a bad way to try and show the entities because it’s just a random weird decision for the character.

The more I think and talk about this movie I’m beginning to realize it’s bad and I think I liked the ideas and the themes and fooled myself into thinking I liked the movie as a whole


I can’t recall whether that character was in the book in that iteration. There was a similar character who functioned as a ‘fifth business’ in order to move the plot along.

I don’t know that it was bad. It just didn’t appeal to me. I think it was because of the evolution of isolation as the story progresses.


Friend dragged me to see The Mule.

I had low expectations. They were met.

Definitely Clint’s last movie.

I give Bradley Cooper a lot of credit for doing this movie. No way an actor with his “name” needed to be in this movie. Totally must’ve done it out of respect for Clint.


I watched Oliver Twist! the other night (the musical from the 60s). The idea being we’d pick a movie that we watch with the kids each year at this time of year.

I used to watch Total Recall with my dad. This is decidedly lamer. This is what happens when you include women on stuff like this :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Holmes and Watson this evening

It’s stupid funny.
As in it has funny moments, but it’s obviously lacking any depth anywhere

They leave it open to a 2nd in the end scene, but I feel like Will Ferrell and John c reilly should just make another step brothers and fuck off

I find it just to be another way to rip off the current state of American affairs (lots of references to trump, wars, breaking the 4th wall between the different times, gun control)

There was a little line they mention about 3/4 the way through about gun control that was a funny little reference but other then that, largely forgettable




I had to watch it after all the attention. It wasn’t bad. I just found it incredibly predictable. It’s over 2 hours, yet it took zero time for them to understand the way the ‘monster’ works. Apparently, looking at it, even on a recorded device, causes people to go crazy. After 10 minutes of watching, I told my wife I’d take my contacts out and walk around like nothing was happening.

Edit: that’s how memorable the movie was.


I can’t find any movies titled Birdhouse. All I found were short films with this title. Are you talking about Bird Box?


Yeah, he is. I wouldn’t waste your time.