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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


I didnt need bots to tell me that i hated that fucking movie after I saw it.


All I know is that during that scene where someone yells, “DROP the payload now!” and bombs start falling downwards in zero gravity while they’re trying to make the audience feel emotions for an unknown character that gets blown up, I was thinking this is going to be a great comedy. And I was not disappointed lol.


Oh hell… that whole movie is littered with WTF moments after you start thinking about it. One that leaves me shaking my head is the whole scene were they escape the casino riding the racing creatures. The film teats it as some moral victory… sorry no. In reality those creatures will just be rounded back up anyway. Or some would die since most domesticated animals do not do well when they are released in the wild like that. On top of that the slave labor would have to clean up the damage done on top of catching hell for the theft of the Animals.


The fact that they left the slave kids behind but the fat chick is so ecstatic about letting the creatures go already made me start laughing. “Hmm… the creatures are free. The kids know how to ride the creatures. They’re still slaves. What’s missing here? Oh, I should remove it’s saddle! Now it’s worth it!”


And then they luckily catch right back up to the “running out of gas in space” chase scene just in time (also, no friction, vacuum… never mind). The Princess Leia Marry Poppins scene after that is the ultimate kick in the balls to everyone’s intelligence. And then there’s the force Skyping, basically everything around snoke, and I guess now you can just hyper space small ships to take out big ships, which kind of nullifies about every space battle type scene in the past.

I just hope they can write the next one ignoring all the pile of shit additions in this one. It’s the force awakens director apparently, so even if they go back to the death star formula it’d be an improvement. Maybe it could be a different shape this time.


Indiana Jones would’ve never let that happen … just sayin’


Oh God that was the dumbest thing… I get that they could not do a hyperspace jump because the would expend all their “fuel” along with the fact that the First Order had the new ability to track those jumps. So luckily for the plot convenience the are able to keep ahead of the Empire 2.0 . But what kept the First Order from sending a few Battle cruisers ahead of them via hyper jump?



I’m genuinely hoping for a Dragonball Z fight scene in space like the ending of the 3rd Matrix movie. If Leia can fly around in space, Rei can go Super Saiyan!


That scene would have had more value and emotional impact if they had just panned in on her floating in space with some sober music in the background. They could have done it as a tribute to the passing of Carrie Fisher , maybe even have her even fade into the Force…BUT NOOOO they just had to go all space Marry Poppins!


From what I’ve read that was technically a prequel to Raiders … it was the first Indy movie I saw … I was like 5 when my dad let me watch it. 5. Watching man’s heart get ripped from his chest, still beating. 5. It’s no wonder the gore-porn horror movies never phased me…


The audience over here generally aren’t really big Star Wars fans. They were laughing their assess off during that scene.


At that point I was hoping for a Happy Gilmore “meesta meesta” collision with a battle cruiser.


I was suppressing all of that when I was in the theater. It made it difficult to enjoy the movie.


I was able to mentally turn the logic switch off. It’s a skill you acquire when you watch lots of HK movies lol. But then they pushed it too far when the villain casually strolls into Wakanda, challenges the King to a fight, beats him, and like the next day they’re deploying ships to attack the world?

And then the fucking conclusion the King comes to is “we need to share our technology with the world.”???

It’s not “Alright, this monarchy shit isn’t working out. Let’s have something like a parliamentary democracy within a constitutional monarchy kind of thing with the King having mostly ceremonial powers like those colonizers who started the Opium Wars.”???


You don’t understand, they’ve been given HOPE!!!


2-1/2 hrs of unrelated nonsense where every situation is significantly worse off than it started, but hey, now there’s hope.


not feeling it…


I had mixed feelings myself.


That’s done where you fucked up … you should never mix your feelings, that’ll just make you hung over tomorrow…

or is that booze? I always get those two mixed up ever since my wife told me I drink my feelings down…