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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


Oh ok. I still haven’t started watching Game of Thrones.


Da fuck lmao! I typed in “Nicholas Cage Jon Snow” and I got this. People are
fucking obsessed with him!


Hahah, ya that’s where I got it from.


BWAHAHAHAHA omg the stubble in the 2nd pic lolololol there are strands of hair blowing in the wind hahhahahaa


It’s a great way to spend ~75 hours watching truly horrible shit happen, leaving you depressed and pissed off at the end of most episodes. Overall it’s somehow really addicting though, and I guess good. I’d really like to see you pick apart the last 2 seasons when they run out of books to copy and things get stupid, if you watch them give us an angry/critical review.


Ok but it probably won’t be likely. I don’t watch much TV. My wife is usually watching those Korean TV dramas where everyone is either crying or doing mundane shit that will ultimately end up with everyone crying lol.


It’s my understanding GRRM gave them a run down of the overall plot points that are in the books and approves most of their creative licences before they run with them…I’m pretty sure he has a lot of oversight into the plot of the show


Interesting, I guess they could be hitting major plot points, just more awkwardly without as much structure with time/space still existing. After the first 5 seasons it’s just hard to believe (SPOILER): “yeah let’s risk absolutely everything to go kidnap a zombie with the G.O.T. Avengers team, because they’re always in groups of several thousand, and that way we can try to get Cersei on our side because she can’t be trusted at all and has no army left.” or “screw the plot-holes we really want a CGI zombie dragon.”


Has anyone actually read the books? I got about midway through the second one and was like nah… Way to tedious for me.


Read through them twice … sorry to hear you have the attention span of a goldfish ::+1:


Whatever House BORING AS FUCK


I’m laughing cuz it’s true :frowning:


At least the collection looks nice…


I got through to the point where they murdered everyone at the wedding (“The Red Wedding” maybe?) I put it down and never picked it up again, I was so pissed haha


I only got through the series by looking up what happens to make sure certain characters die. Chances are though, if something pisses you off, everyone involved dies.


Ahhh, shit


Same here. I tried reading them years ago but got bored. It’s like “Lord so-and-so, who fought bravely at the battle of Somecastle, was killed in the duel by Sir Dude, notable for killing the hamster of Demsey that was the pet of King Whatshisname…” for 300 pages. Nice work on world building, but reading a history textbook isn’t entertaining for me.






Jesus, wow.