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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


There was no Part 5! My fragile mind does not allow it exist in this reality.


Yes there is I saw it in imax I was in row H. :grin:


The one where John faces an F35B is my favorite.

“Live Free or Die Hard”


I’ve been watching “Dead Like Me” on Amazon with my eldest daughter (a niece I adopted).

Premise: smart, but cynical and unmotivated girl, is forced to get a temp job because she dropped out of college and mom is tired of her crap. She is promptly (like in the first 10 minutes of the show) killed by a toilet seat from the Mir space station re-entering poorly. Turns out she was selected to be a “grim reaper” – undead semi-person whose job it is to help people move on in the event of sudden death.

It’s a very clever, funny, show really about a girl who was too cool and too smart to actually participate in anything. And so now she is stuck on the side, neither in, nor out.

Very clever, great show to watch with a teenager experiencing teen stuff. Big ideas presented in a manner to amuse and not preach. Useful for parents of teen girls.

Also helpful because her father (a national merit scholar, perfect SAT guy, great school, but total loser) committed suicide and her mother (same academic merits as dad, but also total loser) will forever be in prison due to extremely poor life choices.


I mean, he fights a fucking F35!


You were watching the wrong movie! They lied to you! Jai Courtney couldn’t possibly be playing John Mclane’s son! How could John Mclane possibly produce a son who’s less animated than a block of wood? That was probably another shitty spin off from the Divergent movies.


They censored all the profanities and graphic violence to make it Pg-13 AFTER editing the movie. I was pretty upset about that.


Wait. It can’t be the best in the series! You just liked the Vietnamese chick, didn’t you?

Go watch this:


Um ya, Maggie Q is hot as fuck.

*Is she Vietnamese?


Yes but I think she was born in the US or Canada or something.


…and then you woke up


I’ve seen 2 episodes so far and I’m liking it a lot.

Michael Melon is a great antihero.


Watched the Godfather Pt 1. Want to watch Pt 2.


My wife actually wants to see Aquaman and I have no urge. The only reason she wants to see it is because of Jason Momoa



Can’t blame her lol. Jason Momoa looks like the kind of guy that probably had groupies in college.


I feel like I’m the only woman on earth who doesn’t find him attractive at all whatsoever


More a John Snow kinda girl?




Is that Nicholas Cage? What movie is this?


Lol. It’s Nicholas Cage’s face photoshopped on John Snow’s body from Game of Thrones. I tried to find one with Jason Momoa body, but the internet let me down.