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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


I really like the trilogy…


There was two scenes that I almost hyperventilated on from laughing so hard… ( if I told what they were people would think im demented)

Deadpool doesn’t have anything on this show.


Oh God I hate them. The only found footage movie I recall liking was REC. But I got motion sickness lol.


Re watched the departed. Godd damn, I remember why this was my favorite movie 10 yrs ago.
Whheeee weeeeeeè

Post movie high


The departed 2 : sergeant Dignam insults cops with clever one liners for 2hrs .

5 stars!
Best movie of the year !


I wanna see an Alec Baldwin spin-off where he just says silly things and beats up his tech guys lol.

“How about a smoke right now. You want a smoke? You don’t smoke, do ya right? What are ya one of those fitness freaks huh? Go fuck yourself.”


I thought the part where they revealed the guy had no penis was very funny. That and the part where he’s in the alleyway and the one super tough dude is about to kick his ass and then he gets like run over by a bus (I saw it a while ago so my details might be slightly off)

@dt79 watch overlord


Wellll… the one scene after that, the one were something gets broken off in a very bad place.

The other were happy finds something and says " Oh , these must be the magic carrots that makes the Reindeer fly"


Die Hard - two weekends ago.
Die Hard 2 - last weekend.
Die Hard: With a Vengeance - in progress.


I’m a week behind you. Tomorrow is Die Hard 2.


Confession: i genuinely think DHWAV is the best of the series. The original is a close second but Samuel L just kills it.


Also DH3 ended and this came up and I wanted so badly to be an adult about this but



Suck it, @yogi!!! Bwahahahaha


That had one of the best lines.

“And where do we get those big portable lights from? Batman?!”


Ok, I’m gonna justify my love for DHWAV.

Die Hard 3 may be one of the greatest anti-commie films ever made.

While the main villian is similar to Hans Gruber in the first part, this guy is an exaggerated version of him. A pseudointellect who just wants to steal a whole buch of The People’s money beneath the ideological bullshit he’s spouting. The attack on Wall Street, a symbol of taking down Capitalism, is actually just him taking the money and putting it into his own pockets.

He has complete disdain for the intellect of the masses, thinking he can control the actions of select groups of people through a couple of elaborately planned triggers. The beauracrats and feds are fucking clueless. These are institutions.

Institutions are a COLLECTIVE. John Mclane is the INDIVIDUAL.

It’s the actions of individuals that cannot be placed into specific boxes who fuck up his plans. A black dude who constantly professes his hatred for whites saves Mclanes in Harlem from his own race and helps him thwart the villian’s plans. A truck driver is a history expert and provides a valuable clue. A nerdy code breaker is willing to sacrifice his life to save a couple of kids, which allows Mclane to be told about the fake bomb with a lot less time wasted.

Till the end, the villian refuses to simply execute Mclane though he has so many chances to. This isn’t some just “Bond Villian” trope. This is his complete disdain for Mclane’s intellect, seeing as he beat his brother in the first part despite the latter having a “classical education”. He needs to beat him. He needs to suppress the Individual that he looks down on so much.

This is why they switched the Christmas theme to the Independance Day theme. To celebrate freedom, you must celebrate the Individual. Because true freedom doesn’t exist in a Collective, and there will always be a couple of cowboys saying “GO FUCK YOURSELF”.

Yippee ki ay, motherfucker!


Damn man. I just shed a single, individual, eagle-screeching tear named Old Glory.


Has anyone seen Into the Spiderverse yet? All I’ve heard is that it’s amazing.


Why isn’t anyone watching die hard 4 and 5? Lol


Yippie ki yay mutha Russia


We have - they’re not worth talking about