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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


I really enjoyed Patriot on Amazon Prime. First season was great, second was good.


King Ghidora looks freaking awesome.


Just saw the Golden Globe 2019 nominees.

Good God, did we really have such a shitty year for movies? Why wasn’t Infinity War nominated for Best Picture if mediocre films like Black Panther and Bohemian Rhapsody were nominated? What about Mandy? Annihilation? A Quiet Place? Hereditary? Crazy Rich Asians was nominated for 2 awards, one for Best ACTRESS??? What a fucking joke. You don’t need to make good movies anymore. Just make PC ones. Fuck this shit.


You don’t have to be good anymore. Just protected. Those award shows are so patronizing it’s disgusting.


I can almost accept Black Panther. It was pretty good technically, just that the lack of skill in the storytelling made it mediocre. The plot and the entire premise of Wakanda was ABSURD but, fine, we can accept it in a superhero movie.

Come on. You’re the most technologically advanced civilization in the world and you’re throwing SPEARS as weapons and breeding fucking RHINOS? The rest of the country outside of the Kingdom in Wakanda is living in Third World conditions and no one fucking reveals it’s existence? Do they not know of it’s existence? Why are you letting your entire country live in poverty? Oh, you’re only POSING as a Third World Country? How the FUCK do you get millions of people to do that? Do they have hive minds? What is going on? Do millions of people take turns living outside of the area where satellites can’t fucking see you just to keep up the facade?

You don’t share your technology with the rest of your country like building fucking infrastructure with a free, unending supply of power for all your citizens? You have ONE fucker. ONE. THE KING prancing around in an invincible suit taking out child labour traffickers. And that’s only because he wanted to bring the chick back for his inauguration. Why did the chick have to go undercover and all that shit in the first place? Anyone with that suit could have just walked in EVERY fucking child trafficking ring and killed everyone. The chick could have had a suit. Get a whole fucking task force with similar suits. If you think they are going to be abused, have a centralized system where you can monitor and shut down the power of the suit with. Isn’t the cute scientist chick supposed to be smarter than both Tony Stark and Bruce Banner? Tony Stark built a fucking particle accelerator in his basement by himself. She can’t do that? How does crime like this even exist? The king isn’t a vigilante whose actions are limited within a society of rules and laws. He’s the FUCKING KING. Why is he acting like Batman? What is this shit?

Why is Wakanda still an actual monarchy? They’ve seen what can happen when ONE, just ONE batshit crazy fuck wins the king in a fight. The guy who came really close lives in a fucking cave and makes gorilla noises. They’ve never read history? They don’t believe in democracy? Fuck.


Baseball had the steroid era that was reigned in, Hollywood will have the PC era. Just put an asterisk next to all these shitty movies.

I am pretty sure, with the exception of A Star is Born, I haven’t seen a movie in theaters since 2016. I can’t be bothered to see if a movie will end up being political drivel.


Damn son, breath ffs. It’s literally a fantasy movie


Lol like I said, I’m cool with it. I’m just saying that if you want to pick it apart, IT’S FUCKING EASY. When you look at all it’s flaws, it’s more absurd when it comes to pure logic, even when factoring in fantasy movie logic, than most of the other Marvel movies.


That’s brilliant. Meanwhile, every SJW is having a massive circle jerk as they sing Wakanda Forever?


I love your rants and reviews :joy:


That was glorious.


Man, this is one of the reasons I don’t watch many new movies - I just sit back and pick them apart.

I personally look at it like a challenge, kind of like how much bullshit can I spot in THIS scene - how illogical is this? Is that decision inconsistent,etc etc … by myself this is fine but I have a tendency to do this out loud stream-of-conscious like which my wife finds tiresome…

If we go to a movie together, I have to remind myself it’s not worth pissing the misses off so I’ve taken to focusing on positive things that I don’t feel the need to verbalize, like how that lady has a nice rack, oh I’m better looking than THAT guy at least, oh the director of photography made a nice choice with this shot, etc. etc. and just totally ignore the “plot” and “acting” and “dialogue”…


Or maybe they all live in homes like Snoopy’s kennel. Dude walks into his wooden shack with the zinc roof and it’s a fully furnished modern luxury home with a jacuzzi and a 65" 3D plasma TV with a netflix subscription hidden by one of millions of VPNs.

Think this is far fetched? You saw the scientist chick and Bilbo using the simulator in her lab to power vehicles? Don’t tell me that isn’t from Snoopy’s Red Baron adventures in Peanuts.


Don’t you get tired of it yourself? tbh, it sounds like a bit of a joy sucker. It’s all about active suspension of disbelief and not thinking too hard; just be entertained :smile:


No. I DO curb that tendency usually, BUT I still do it.

When I find myself doing it, and I’m not enjoying it. I stop.

I can’t qualify what “too hard” means, but this is has been an issue for me in the past … I have a tendency to think deeply (sometimes “too” deeply) on things and try to make connections with other seemingly unrelated things - I’ve literally been training my brain to do this and think this way for going on about 10 years now …

I have gotten a lot better at controlling this and turning it off … but I do enjoy it so…


Even kids movies too. Littlefoot was about as subtle as a brick through a window that authority figures (an analogy to organized religion) are lying manipulators, not to be trusted, and that people, specifically and explicitly humans- are mean and violent.


I’m glad I don’t have kids. I can’t stand that. Although, after 8 years, we are thinking we’ll have some now. I can’t wait to see what’s created in the next 3-5 years. (Edit: not kids, I mean movies)

I watched Die Hard last night, because you all have been talking about. I couldn’t stop laughing out loud. “We’re gonna need some more FBI guys, I guess”. Lmao


I get why you’re saying this and I’m reluctant to really let my kid watch this shit down the road … I see my sister’s kids watch this crap and it makes me cringe … but then again her husband is a card carrying Bernie Bro DemSoc so…

BUT kids are a challenging blessing man … at least mine has been

best of luck man

Die Hard might be my little guys first Christmas movie … either that or Gremlins … not really sure yet


The 3D now is freaking brilliant.

I can’t watch Bruce Willis. He doesn’t actually act at all. His movies are just him doing stuff with other people in different places.


Normally I just go with the flow as long as the movie doesn’t go against it’s internal logic that it sets up. I watch so many over-the-top Hongkong movies ffs lol. See, Jet Li can kick Mel Gibson’s and Danny Glover’s collective asses in Lethal Weapon 4 because they show how skilled and FAST he is simply by showing how he dismantles Mel Gibson’s gun. That shit won’t happen in real life but I can accept it as a form of cinematic reality, But if you show him flying in the movie, it would be absurd and completely take you out of the movie. However, he can fly in a fantasy period movie and we accept it because it doesn’t go against the movie’s internal logic.

Now, Black Panther sets up it’s premise as an entire fantasy world within present day reality. Not only that, the movie mostly TELLS the audience about all their technical advancements through dialogue without SHOWING much of it. When you have to TELL me this shit, given it’s fantasy premise, I have to think to connect reality together. When I have to think, my mind inevitably goes into the minor logical inconsistencies that slowly build up and I’m thrown out of the movie. They didn’t build up it’s world enough. All the scenes of the outside of the palace was on a single street. There’s not enough information to form the world for me.

What was good about it was the main character. He is the classical stoic, morally upright with few shades of grey kind of hero, like a more commanding and less emotionally traumatized version of Captain America(in the movies). He’s stern and commanding with everyone but soft with his girlfriend and sister. The actor plays the role and adjusts his demeanor during different character interactions perfectly. Jet Li became famous because of a similar type of character he played in Once Upon a Time in China.

The interplay between him, Bruce Banner and the character Don Cheadle played in Infinity War when Bruce Banner asked if he should bow shows well the characters were set up and also how good the writing and direction in Infinity War was. Which is why Infinity War should win Best Picture. So fuck you, critics. Yes, fuck you.