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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


I think Amber Heard is hot. That’s all I need to watch. Shallow, I am.


Alan Richman ruled in his role in Robin Hood


I re-watched the green room, haven’t seen it in ages (saw it when it came out, so I was 15 at the time), I really like this film, it isn’t scary, however it has a tense atmosphere that many films (especially today’s toned down horror/thriller films) fail to replicate, adding onto that it features many genres of music which I enjoy very much (hardcore punk, crust punk, black metal and death metal), although I don’t listen to many bands that are black metal (behemoth for instance) as I like the soudn of their music however I cannot condone or support anti-semitism, therefore I end up not listening to a lot of black metal (toxic holocaust, sodom, alcest (post-black metal/blackgaze), venom, the secret, book of black earth I listen to)

Anyhow the film is about a hardcore punk band on a super low budget tour, they get this gig at a festival in which the place is home to a lot of skinheads (nazi type), they stumble across a dead body and are then trapped against their will as the neo-nazis try to clean up loose ends (if you get what I mean), there isn’t a whole lot of violence/gore, however it’s fairly realistic looking, the atmosphere makes up the brunt of why the movie is so cool. I remember going to see it with my father and he stated “for god sake son you can’t possibly like this music” to which I replied “yes I do” and I got the all “it’s just noise” response. However we both enjoyed the movie.




She pretty much ruined his grand entrance with that fire extinguisher.

What movie is that?




Thanks. There was about a 15 year period that where I missed/didn’t watch movies. About 1985 to right around 2000.


Avengers 4 teaser trailer came out today. Found it kind of underwhelming for some reason. :unamused:


I was fine with it until Ant Man showed up. I fucking hate Ant Man. They should have made him disappear and just bring in Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Douglas to add on to the plot from the last movie.


Yeah they lost me on adding the whole Antman joke part. Too much of a switch in tone compared to the rest of the trailer. I would have done something different.


Binge worthy show on Netflix: Bodyguard.

This British suspense series is possibly the most riveting show I’ve ever watched. It might be a little premature for me to say since I just started watching it last night but it’s been a while since I’ve watched a show and simply couldn’t stop watching. Early The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad are the only shows that have come close.


Just finished Bodyguard, it was only 6 episodes! The show was full of a lot of implausibility, especially toward the end, but what shows aren’t these days? Like I said above, it’s worth the watch and at six hours of view time, not too much of a commitment.


Agreed, very entertaining, but the last episode was about an hour long face-palm. Over on the Amazon front, Jack Ryan was pretty good too, kind of similar in some ways. I can’t think of the characters as anyone other than Rob Stark and Jim Halpert though.


Thanos is a farmer LMAO.


Actually that’s true to the source material


Ik but none of the non comic fans will get it haha.


Yeah good point


I will admit Im been a huge fan since I was a young kid. Seen every TOHO release and own most on them in one format or another.


Yeah, I’ve been thinking about the last episode and I’ve decided it reminded me of every big high school report I ever had. I’d spend weeks doing a splendid job on the first three-quarters of the project. Unfortunately, I’d inevitably be up at 3 in the morning crying over the last quarter just trying to get it done. The difference is I was running out of time, they were just plain lazy. Spoiler alert Could they really not think of a way to make the ending confessionals remotely plausible? They didn’t even try.