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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


I never watched #2. It looked pretty bad.


BC it’s a horrible movie and not worth watching!


I loved the first season and can’t wait for the second. IMO the last episode was done very well because it leaves about 2-3 plausible explanations for the events that occurred throughout the season. I’d watch it again if I had the time. Good stuff.


Didn’t even know Ridley Scott made one. The only Robin Hood I will watch is Kevin Costner’s.


Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves was epic. Nothing comes close other than the Disney cartoon lol.

Hell, even the soundtrack was amazing. The first movie soundtrack I ever owned.


On a separate note, HOLY SHIT check out the Aquaman trailer:

See? All DC needs to do for their movies to work is hire a good GOOD DIRECTOR. Wanna really outdo Marvel? Then hire real ACTORS. Marvel casts fucking thespians like Robert Downey Jr, Benedict Cumberbatch, the Black Panther guy whose name I can’t spell, Mark Ruffalo, Thanos, James Spader, Anthony Hopkins, Mickey Rouke, Cate Blanchette, the guy that played Loki etc etc. Fuck, most of the cast of X-men can easily do Shakespeare. DC casts people like Ben Affleck.

I don’t know anything about Aquaman other than what i got from the Justice League movie but I’m actually excited to watch this.


What? They cast a bunch of actors and Thanos played himself?


Are you saying Thanos was played by an actor? Which actor is purple skinned and 9 feet tall? Next you’ll be telling me Racoons can’t talk and fire laser guns.


Watched the Ronnie Coleman documentary on Netflix. Man, it’s hard to see him so fucking broken.


It’ll be shiiiiiiiit


I finally got around to watching Batman Vs Superman. It was shiiiiiit


I wonder how the silly “Martha!” scene would have played out if their mothers had a stripper name like “Porsche” or “Bambi”.


Haha! “Krystal”


I started watching it (I watch things in installments now … if I ever get back to them) … I was fucking shocked to see him that way.


this was SUCH a funny movie.

I agree, there was this cringe joke where aquaman’s gf jumps out of a helicopter (she’s immortal) and the pilot is all like “she jumped without a parachute” and Aquadouche is all like “redheads, ya know” and I was like “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA what a terrible attempt at comedy”


Watch the directors cut, isn’t great by any means but fills in some of the plot-holes.


@Yogi1 @unreal24278

Regarding Aquaman, I gotta disagree. It may end up being really dumb, but James Wan is good enough to ensure it won’t be a shitty movie.

Just think about this: The story for The Conjuring 2 was god awful but the movie was still passable with some sparks of brilliance at times. Now imagine how bad it could have been if Zack Snyder or the fuck that directed Annabelle directed it using the same script.


Honestly never forgave Zack Snyder for what he did to Watchmen. My sister recently asked me for recommendations for the best graphic novels, and 2/3 of them were written by Alan Moore. The historical, political, and psychological effects of the book were completely washed out in the filmmaking process. Snyder sucks ass.


James Wan made Furious 7 the best rated Fast and Furious movie. IIRC, the film literally has a scene where The Rock uses a minigun to shoot down a helicopter, a scene where Vin Diesel drives a car out of a building into another building, and Vin Diesel and Jason Statham engage in one of the cheesiest hand to hand combat scene I’ve ever seen.

Once I learned that James Wan directed Aquaman, I figured it’ll be a great action flick and worth watching.


It’ll suck purulent, gonorrheic balls.

You mark my words.