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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


I’m assuming you mean Carpenter’s “The Thing” as the original … the “remake” is a prequel that covers the events of the Norwegian camp prior to the events at Outpost 31


oh, then actually I should probably check out the new one


Yeah, I thought the story was novel while the execution was a little amateurish but not bad for an inexperienced crew. The creature effects were pretty good for it’s budget.

And the cop… that was the worst cop in the world lmao!!! He kept getting his ass kicked. The dude in the hood managed to get a knife in his chest. The druggie screws him and takes his ex-wife hostage. The big guy smacks him around. He even tells the big guy, “I know you can beat me up but…” Fucking hilarious!


Not a movie, but just binge watched Castle Rock. Very entertaining. If you’re a King fan it’s a hoot spotting all of the references to previous stories. My wife is not but she still really liked it. Leaves you really impatient for season 2 to be released. Has a very typical King type of build, giving you a glimpse of something dark lurking behing the veil of normalcy, then another, and so on till finally the lid blows off and everything goes completely crazy. But by the time everything goes crazy it makes perfect sense. So it’s a really sensible crazy that is relatable, not just a bunch of crazy shit for no apparent reason.


@dt79 family wanted to see the Queen movie last night. You was correct I could have waited until it hit one of the streaming services. Since I am a fan of the group the film maker played it fast and loose on allot of the actual chronology on allot of the stuff.


Little bit of trivia… Carpenters was a remake also.


Misconception. His and The Thing From Another World were both based on the short story “Who Goes There?” - I read an interview where Carpenter said he didn’t want to remake the one from the '50s so he went back to the original story…


you are correct sir!!


Probably my top 3 favorite movies in there with Big Trouble … I love Carpenter/Russel flicks man




Yeah, I’m not even upset about the inaccuracy of the movie. If you want to make shit up for narrative purposes, FINE. MAKE IT INTERESTING. Like The Doors. Or fucking La Bamba. Ritchie Valens and his hilarious brother Bob. Instead, the whole movie was basically “minor shit happens, we write a song, record and… cut to live performance” repeated for every fucking song to fill it’s running time until they perform at Live Aid, The End. That was the whole movie.

The biggest mistake they made was showing the real band playing during the credits. I was like, “I sat thought all that crap when they could have just showed this and all of Queen’s live performances with some behind-the-scenes footage and it would have been more interesting than the fucking movie!”

They had better never make a Led Zeppelin movie or I’ll murder someone.


This week has been 90s week.

The Matrix, Basekeball, Grosse Pointe Blank, and tonight - Rush Hour.


Would love to get people’s reviews of “American physco”
Never seen it but I’ve read synopsis of the film so I have an understanding of what happens


“Christian Bael shish kebabs two babes and kills people. Hilarity ensues.”


Well that’s pretty much what I got from the reviews except he repeats that process 3 times and merks a dog, but none of it is real :man_shrugging:


I watched half of it on vcd(lol). Couldn’t be bothered to change the disc after the first half.


I really liked it. Basically it’s an 80s movie about Yuppies instead of high school kids, and Christian Bael is the least cool guy in the cliche.

Most of the jokes are pretty specific to NYC/80s pop culture and revolve around Psyco trying to name drop and mention his fancy toys to be popular.

Girls and his friends mess with him, and make him feel silly. For revenge he kills them (imagines?) with axes and chainsaws. Or feeds them urinal cakes disguised as desert.

It’s kinda like Wolf of Wall street.


Wasn’t there a sequel?


American Psyco 2 has Mila Kunis killing people. It doesn’t have anything to do with the author, the book, the 1st movie or any of the characters.


I read a brief synopsis of it and wasn’t she inspired by Patrick Bateman or some shit? Like that’s the connection (even though how could she be inspired by something that allegedly didn’t happen??)