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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


Shadow (China)

Zhang Yimou is director with marginal talent though he possesses an uncanny flair for visuals. Which is why he blew the world’s minds directing the opening of the 2008 China Olympics. Which is also why his movies are usually hit or miss depending on who he’s collaborating with.

Hero was a piece of pretentious crap that got popular because of the astounding martial arts direction by Tony Ching Siu Tong, really pretty cinematography and equally pretentious critics. Raise The Red Lantern took me 3 viewings to complete because I kept falling asleep. House of Flying Daggers was an empty waste of time which had an amazing soundtrack by Shigeru Umbayashi and really pretty cinematography. To Live is a great film because of the script adapted from a great novel about a really shitty life in Socialist China(Yes, China was socialist. It has never really been communist. Don’t be fooled by people with agendas.) and the extraordinary acting talents of Ge You and that chick from the Miami Vice remake. Red Sorghum was a fluke.


If you see this movie on netflix and read the reviews of critics gushing over a movie because it’s shot “artistically” in a language they don’t understand and you’re tempted to watch it, remember he also directed that piece of crap called The Great Wall starring Matt Damon.


what the fuck is going on here?


Eh? You don’t know that Seagal once claimed that he is the reincarnation of a Tibetan lama, aka a tulku, aka a Living Buddha?


Yeah but I didn’t realise the Chinese government were administrating the process!


Oh yeah it’s real. It’s about power. You can’t make this shit up.


watch apostle on netflix, it’s by the director of the raid and the raid 2. Solid film, not martial arts though, it’s a thriller


Sounds good. Thanks!


Saw this slasher/exploitation film called terrifier on netflix, was a strange throwback to low-budget 80s slasher flicks. Now when I was young (like 12) I would watch these a lot of 80s slasher films because I didn’t have access to porn but I did have access to netflix and other streaming services and I knew for sure these films would have boobs in them lol. This film didn’t have any, however for people who like old 80’s slasher flicks or 70s grindhouse cinema/exploitation films you might want to check this one out. Due to the films “throwback” vibe to exploitation cinema, despite the low budget and semi atrocious acting at times, the film is extremely graphic, it’s very harsh, even by horror film standards, would easily merit an NC-17 in the US for the violence, hence why it was released unrated. There’s no real point to watching films like this though, there’s no story, just senseless violence, so if that’s not your thing or you’re easily bothered by gore than don’t watch this I guess.

I’ve yet to watch mandy because I saw this and apostle instead, apostle was a good film, terrifier was… I hesitate to say a waste of time because I appreciate the throwback to old horror flicks but not good film.


I finally watched American Psycho last weekend.

Can someone please Splain to me what it was all about?

Did he do it? was he imagining it?

The movie was soooooo over my head


The movie is garbage.


OMG… please… please DON’T SUCK…


you know it will.

The original terrified me. I saw it when I was like 11.


Did you like this hot chick?


Trailer looks auspicious. Will be waiting for the official TNation review…

Dakota Johnson just does nothing for me, neither interesting nor hot imo.

Tilda Swinton -I’m a big fan, there’s just something about Tilda.


Didn’t even make it that far the first time. That chick getting her throat cut was enough for young Yogi to be like NOPE


She has that androgynous look? :grin:

Seriously, she plays the old guy in the trailer too.


Zing! LOL. Is this where I confess that, way back when, I briefly kept a log titled “Coming Out of the Closet”? :wink:

…unfortunately, (I hear the parties are so much better!) :grinning: straight as an arrow…

I have the same taste as whoever cast Benjamin Button: Cate Blanchett (my favorite until the botox froze her face and she lost the nuances of expression that made her so great), Juliette Binoche, and David Bowie…errrr, I mean Tilda Swinton! :slight_smile:


I have also been infatuated with Cate Blanchett lol. But that started when I saw her in Bandits. Then there was that movie I couldn’t complete where she played Bob Dylan…


Bandits is one of my favorites!!!

I’m not the “sharing” type, but for that Cate Blanchett…!!! Without Cate as the star, I would’ve said it was a totally unbelievable plot line LOL.


I loved the movie! I didn’t take the plot too seriously. Bruce Willis’s best performance by being Bruce Willis IMO.