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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


Wedding planning at the moment, so I thought it would be good to rewind back a couple of years and watch the hangover
Seriously, just a brilliant movie


Yeah it’s pretty good. The music video is so much better than the fucking movie.


They’re actually doing a pg13 cut of deadpool, I prey it doesn’t succeed because if it does, X force and Deadpool 3 will be pg13. Venom is an R rated character through and through, it’s like making a pg carnage film. It… just… Can’t … Be done

Issue is no one is going to learn a lesson, venom broke box office records. It was filmed to be an R rated film and chopped down at the last minute, I don’t support it when adult orientated films are butchered for money or to appeal to a wider audience, it has been shown time and time again superhero movies can have adult content and still be very successful, hence why I never went to see venom. The only way I’ll watch it is if I see it from someone who has pirated it, therefore I’m not supporting the studio/ people in charge of butchering the film.


China Salesman on Netflix. Mike Tyson fighting Steve (yes, Steve) Segall, gripping 3g wireless network telecom deal drama, People’s Republic of China funding & appropriate propaganda, partial subtitles, African civil wars…


From imdb:

“He hired the best mercenary in Africa whose name is Lauder and a former general Kabbah to help him.”

BWAHAHAHA alright I’m watching this!


If you like Neil Breen, you’ll love China Salesman. I think they’ve got the same prop laptop source


I’m breathlessly waiting for your review of this obvious classic haha


So will they keep the lisp and use subtitles or dub over it with Chinese voice acting? Will the voice acting have a lisp?


I’ve only managed to catch half of it so far and will have to watch the rest tomorrow but I couldn’t not share this:

What the fuck is this shit lololol???

I get that he’s “the best mercenary in Africa” with prior military service in advanced warfare but WHO THE FUCK puts a picture of himself posing like that on his work desk?


The world’s greatest martial artist, obviously.




It is complementary to the one on the other side!



I think a framed picture of your unit is a lot more acceptable than one of just yourself. My boss has numerous pictures of himself throughout his office. I never noticed until someone pointed them out to me, and now I zero in on them every time I’m in there.

My boss is not Steven Seagal, in case you were wondering.


I was…and know that I am disappointed in this turn of events…


then how can you even call him your boss?

I answer to no man, except Steven Segal.


This might be the best response of 2018.


Dude I’m gonna be watching this one today. That along with climax (2018)


Been meaning to add this one to the list. Finished a New York to Seattle flight a few weeks ago watching this one. It really helped inspire me to make some lifestyle changes (eating and resting/sleeping more) to better support both my weight training and jiu-jitsu training.

The Redeemed and the Dominant


Make sure you have a teddy bear to cuddle if you watch mandy


Steven Seagal is no man. He is a Tulku, a Living Buddha.

He only answers to Commies. That’s why he’s with the Russians now.