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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


I watched 44 minutes of mandy because as a cage connoisseur I felt obligated. I was too mentally bothered and had to turn it off. Now my brain feels tired and I’m going to bed at 730 but I feel scared and sad to be alone. Tyvm.
That’s my review btw, lol.


isn’t about how good the film is, it’s about how much money they make… and… disney, they’re too pussy to make R rated films, they have a brand to protect that will somehow be forever ruined if an adult oriented film is released in their name… Even if deadpool pg13 tanks they’ll want to make their sequels pg13, that’s disney for you. Venom ended up tanking because it was shot to be an R rated film (don’t care what the new articles say), but ended up on the cutting room floor at the last minute, the end result being an incoherent mess. It’s partly about money, which is fucking stupid because it has been shown time and time again that adult orientated superhero movies can do very well

  • Blade
  • Kickass
  • Deadpool
  • Super
  • I hesitate to say watchmen
  • Logan
  • The crow
  • Punisher

It isn’t as if an R rated superhero film is untested territory, so at this point it’s more about disney wanting to stay family friendly (which it totally can, just because a film is released under a brand name doesn’t mean ALL disney films in the future are going to be about foul mouthed, hyperviolent mercenaries!) Disney should’ve never brought fox, they’re going to butcher every film now.

On a side note there’s a joker film coming up, if they make that PG13 I don’t think anyone is going to watch it.

Also it isn’t as if they haven’t done shit like this before, I’ll give you examples (this isn’t disney)

  • Die hard 1,2,3 ® 4(pg13) WHAT
  • Alien 1,2 ® Predator 1,2® AVP (pg13) WHAAATTTT
  • Terminator 1,2,3 ® Terminator salvation and genisis (pg13)
  • Aeon Flux cartoon ® film (pg13)
  • Ghost in the shell ® movie (PG13)
  • Total recall (hard R) remake (pg13)


Update : nothing kidnapped me in the middle of the night and i still got 7 hrs of sleep even though i was upset.
No nightmares , just a dream I went to the chiro and got my neck adjusted.


Haven’t seen it for a long time, but am excited to see Blade and Blade II again as it is coming to Netflix this month :ok_hand:


big mouth season 2 comes out today


You missed the chainsaw fight lol.

But seriously, which part(s) bothered you? Or was it the way it was filmed along with the horribly depressing soundtrack?


Everything bothered me lol. I felt like I was on drugs and there was lots of creepy things going on. Like some stuff I could tell would have really disturbed me if I hadn’t closed my eyes, but I cant say what that was because my eyes weren’t open hahah





You know, I think they’re right. You should quit your day job and only write movie reviews. This might be the most intricate, hard hitting review I’ve read from you yet!


Lol. It is that bad. At least Justice League had some camp value. This movie actually decided it WANTED to be funny after the 1st act. This was probably the part where the studio decided it wanted the film to be a PG Deadpool. Nobody laughed.


I think we all suspected it would be terrible. Pity; it’s such a good character.

I dunno why I bother with these superhero movies. The vast majority of them have been really very poor.


I am totally superhero’d out. It’s getting ridiculous.

#Hollywood #MeToo -did I do that right?


I loved sicario II . I need drug cartel movies nightly to feel like I can handle my existence haha


Yeah. From now on I’m only watching superhero movies directed by the Russo Brothers (AVENGERS, Civil War, Winter Soldier). Shit, I don’t even read comics.


In other news, Does Spock81 need an intervention? Click here to find out!!

—How the MSM handles quotes now-a-days


Lol !!!


Just reminded me I have to start watching El Chapo again, mostly spanish and subtitled but still pretty good as far as I can tell, haven’t gotten too far into it. Narcos also, only really watched the first season, started the second, stopped for a bit because I wasn’t enjoying it then a friend told me she saw further than I did and said it got better so I might continue it again. This week I saw the second Iron Man again, with Don Cheadle as War Machine and Mickey Rourke with the lightning whip dealios. Always liked the Ironman movies, am a Marvel fan, especially like the x-men and affiliates.


A Star is Born

A really great movie. The first movie I’ve actually enjoyed this year. Also, Bradley Cooper’s first movie directing. Lady Gaga makes you leave the theater loving her and her adorable giant nose.


Even though you hated venom you have to admit the song for it was the greatest song there ever was ?!?
Everyone!? We all agree , yes ?!


The Land of Steady Habits - not sure what to say about this movie but it’s a typical rich white people plagued by problems type movie. I’m sure it’s deeper than that but I was half distracted watching it even though I still enjoyed it

Annihilation - I really liked this movie. It’s based on a book which is part of series so I might read those just to get further understanding of everything in the film