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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


Karen Gillian…

Come on Kevin Hart is less funny than:

  1. The Inquisition
  2. Ethnic Cleansing
  3. Syphilis
  4. Dead puppies
  5. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


I think you’re right. Monty Python has done some great stuff with all of those things listed.

They have yet to touch Kevin Hart.


Amy Schumer


Didn’t expect that

I find her to be hilarious in a cringy sort of way


Lol, like I said, I get it. I think guys like Zach Galifianakis are terrible, but a ton of people love the guy and think he’s hilarious. I have never laughed at Galifianakis. Same with Steve Carell. I just don’t find him funny.


That’s because he’s not funny. At all.

I find him funny in some things … but I can see how you don’t.


Absolutely. The first one was a little too self-aware IMO, and the villain wasn’t all that threatening or interesting.


I generally don’t like Kevin Hart, but I still thought Jumanji was awesome.


Me too, I don’t support them making a movie like that pg13, that’s like making Deadpool pg13 (something which they’re doing btw, in December a pg13 cut of deadpool 2 is coming out) I was like… is this a fucking joke, the movies gonna be like ten minutes long


I walked out of Get Hard, despite seeing it with friends. I can’t stand him or Will Ferril, for the most part. I only ever agreed to see it because of Allison Brie.


We certainly did not just become best friends.


Step brothers, Anchorman and The Other Guys are the exceptions for Will Ferrel.

Can we be internet friends? Lol


You’ve redeemed yourself.


Same. The only movie I liked Will Ferrel in was Old School.


I’m not much of a Will Ferrell fan, either. In fact, I like exactly two of his movies - The Other Guys and Everything Must Go.

I recommend Everything Must Go. Instead of his usual over-the-top, farcical humor, Ferrell plays it straight about a man who’s facing divorce after years of treating his wife like crap. He has to sell everything he owns to survive while living on the front lawn of what was once his house. It’s quite refreshing, occasionally humorous, and even slightly sentimental at the right moments.


Me too - I fucking hated Anchorman and cannot understand why everyone loves it so much


It’s more timing than anything. I was a young lad, in school, who hadn’t seen it and everyone was quoting it. So, I saw it, and it just became a running joke among my grade.


Pure and simple I think its a feasibility study on the Studios part seeing if money can be made with a PG13 version in the hopes of bringing in a younger demographic ( you could say more family friendly). Considering that the full rights for the Deadpool character in less than a year reverts back 100% to Marvel Studios because of Disney buying out Fox studio. The issue being that a R rated version of the character would not meld well with the tone that Marvel is doing with their cinematic universe. Along with the rumors that Disney is very uncomfortable distributing a R rated character for Marvel studios.


well if deadpool 3 and xforce is pg13 I’m gonna be super pissed.


Got a feeling you better get ready to be pissed IF they think a PG 13 is feasible profit wise.Like you pointed out… pretty sure the edited version is going to be a cluster Fuck since most of funniest stuff in the movie was R rated material .