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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


The film has a 93% on RT!


Yes, the film is VERY well made. That’s why I compared it to The Witch even though it’s a completely different genre. This director should have made the Blade Runner sequel.

The problem is that it is paced like The Witch during the first half but it essentially has the plot of a 70-80’s exploitation film with not enough layers to sustain your attention if you’re not in the mood for it.


Watched slenderman a couple weeks ago. Waste of money


Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. 27th time?

5 minutes of plot, 85 minutes of filler/dwarves fucking around/singing. 2/10 would not recommend.


I liked it. I felt the acting was kind of poor but the action was awesome :ok_hand:


So excited to watch this


Saw “Small Foot” last night. Not at all impressed with the messaging. Thought that animated cute characters meant kids movie, but it was overloaded with social messaging that is in my opinion best left to parents.

Would not recommend.


Revenge 6/10: Young, attractive woman is left for dead by her attackers and plots her revenge. The first half of the movie is suspenseful, the second half turns to buckets of blood and sucking wounds. Not as good as the 1990 Kevin Costner movie of the same name.

Deadpool 2 10/10: This might be the closest thing I’ve seen to a perfect movie. Like, if Deadpool is Star Wars then Deadpool 2 is The Empire Strikes Back. It’s such a good sequel reasonable people could say it’s better than the first.


Death wish 3 was a slapstick comedy! Just kidding but death wish 1 was a great movie, 2 was ok the rest were shit. EVERYONE he knows dies, like wtf, he gets like four new girlfriends over the span of the franchise and all of them happen to die. Charles Bronson is awesome though.

Movies I saw recently

I spit on your grave 2: uncut (horror/ rape and revenge film)

  • not sure why I watched this, then again I’m not sure why I decide to watch half the shit I watch. So it’s about this girl who is a model, she goes to a gig for portfolio pics, guys want her to strip, she’s like “no” events unfold and she is violated, kidnapped and shipped off to Bulgaria where she is… (Wow this movie was actually worse than the first one) shipped off to Bulgaria and sold into sex slavery, force fed drugs to keep her out of it etc. She escapes eventually and seeks revenge on her attackers in creatine and gross ways… That’s literally it

The movie… Sucked, it was boring and seemed to drag on and on, it’s 1 hr 46 min runtime could’ve easily been chopped down to 1 hr 20 or less, there was very little in the way or character development therefore I didn’t particularly care what happened to any of the characters aside from the rapists. The editing was bad, the budget was low, the level of violence (both sexual and physical) in the film was exploitative, I’d catagorize this as an exploitation film as there was no message or purpose for the amount of violence portrayed in the film, an example of a similar film which I don’t consider to be an exploitation film is Wes cravens remake of the last house on the left. There was no known actors in the film, presumably because no one would agree to star in such a film. Note I don’t hate all these types of films, I didn’t mind cannibal holocaust, a Serbian film or the human centipede (granted they are CERTAINLY not films I would have as a first pick to watch, they’re the type of films I’d watch on Halloween)


  • nothing, I felt like my brain cells died watching this
  • the lead actress was very attractive (although watching what happens to her makes that a mute point because there’s no sex scenes or sexualized nudity, just gratuitous sexual violence that will probably make the watcher and everyone else watching uncomfortable)


  • bad editing
  • boring
  • long
  • abysmal character development

The way way back (comedy/drama)

This was a really good one, it’s about this kid who is living a shitty life, for summer holidays he is forced to go with his mum and her new boyfriend on vacation during the summer, he has no friends or anything and his life sucks, I really liked this because it reminded me of my life (not the parents stuff but the not fitting in and whatnot). He makes a friend, however this friend is older than he is and has a job/lives at a water park. The guy gives the kid a job and it’s sort of like a coming of age film, it has some very funny moments and is likewise a very good film, also quite sad though. This film has a similar run time to the film specified above but doesn’t feel long or drawn out, I also really liked the ending, it reminded me of the times when I finally settled down multiple times then had to pack up and leave as soon as things started getting better. Overall the older guy helps this young chap build up the confidence to stand up for himself and his mom, it’s a very good watch. It’s clearly an independent film but the budget doesn’t impede it from being a good film, as the cinematography is decent, it has great character development as in I actually cared what happened to the kid and his mom.


  • everything
  • nothing woooooott


I totally agree.

Only Bronson could pull off dialogue this awful lol:


Jumanji (the new one), not gonna lie, I laughed my ass off. #fightme


Actually, I didn’t hate it. It was pretty good. Plus I love Amy Pond


You mean Karen Gillian?

*Oh, nevermind…
**I’ve never watched Doctor Who…


I stopped watching after she was off the show … it just got redundant and boring tbh - plus my wife love British shows


Skipping Venom movie…


I read critics are comparing it to Fantastic Four… Yikes.


Yeah im hearing its not the greatest… I guess Sony is wanting to start their own Universe with the Spiderman characters they have. Funny part of it with the current deal with Marvel Studio they cant make reference to Spiderman at all.


Da fuck. I walked out of the theater halfway through the move lol. I fucking HATE KEVIN HART.


Well there ya go lol … not sure why you went to see it, tbh, knowing he was in the movie


I think he’s hilarious, but I get it.