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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


Silence 2016

If you don’t believe that men are not created equal, fuck you. Look at Scorsese. His level of talent is terrifying. 9.5/10


A Simple Favor

@dchris, @usmccds423

You guys have to watch this. It’s yet another great leap forward for women in film, displaying how a team of strong, independant and empowered females like Paul Feig can craft an oscar worthy piece of art. A movie beyond reproach! Every single member of the crew who isn’t male should get an oscar! What? There isn’t a category for Best Location Manager? Create one! Or you hate women, you sexist pigs!

You go gals! 10/10.

No, really, you need to see Anna Kendrick in this. Her cuteness level is turned up to 11. ELEVEN!


Not really a movie, but someone convinced me to watch Cobra Kai on YouTube red and it is fantastic. I was expecting a campy remake and got thoughtful and entertaining commentary on modern culture. In particular it’s an interesting exploration of masculine ideals. It’s a good deal darker than the original source material and that lets it really explore some interesting characters. Practically every character is well developed in interesting and nuanced ways. This is the continuation that Star Wars deserved and never got.

My one complaint is that there doesn’t need to be a second season. The compulsion to make every show lead into a second season means that nothing can ever be brought to a good ending.


Let the past die, Comrade.

Will be checking out Cobra Kai.


All the money in the world. Loved it !!
Mark whalbergg whhahhlllburg is such husband material its unbelievable


Saw The Predator. Solid, I’d rank it up there right behind the original and the Rodriguez reboot.

Highlights (no major spoilers): “Get to the choppers”; “One beautiful motherfucker”; “Fuck me in the mouth with an aardvark.” (might’ve been “fuck my face with an aardvark”, I don’t recall exactly.); and Gary Busey Jr.

Lowlights: Some terrible editing that leaves out big chunks of time that have you going “Wait, how’d he get over there? And where’d the dog go?” One particular poorly edited/dimly lit shot of a major character’s death, to the point that it took about 10 minutes of not seeing him to realize “Oh, I guess he… died??”

Also, possible-minor-spoiler, Olivia Munn is basically superwoman who can do all things and is a strong independent woman that don’t need no man saving her. Just felt very forced that they were making her a ridiculously self-sufficient female character when it didn’t suit the role.

Despite all that, enjoyable overall and I feel like it’s getting unnecessarily trashed by critics.