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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


Ok, I did like this music video. But the music… it doesn’t make any sense to me. The guitar playing completely kills it. The stupid “awwwwww” backing vocals and the ridiculous harmony with that horrible falsetto during the chorus… it’s absurd. And not in a good way.


Can’t Stop sounds like a pretty good tune to me. I like U2 though, so my opinion does NOT count!

Back to movies -not a huge Denzel fan, he’s always the same guy imo. I like Denzel the person (from what little I see in the media) a lot more than Russell Crowe. But when I watched them together in American Gangster, imo, it was so, so obvious that Crowe was by far a suprerior thespian. Check out the interrrogation scene in the movie.

The movie Heat had a similar scene with DeNiro and Pacino. And even though I think DeNiro is kind of the same guy all the time too, DeNiro held up well against Pacino in that scene, unlike Denzel vs. Crowe. (Pacino in the first two Godfather movies was par excellence, unlike the wildly gesticulating, screaming all the time, later version)


Aha I see the correlation lol!

Every time I watch a Russell Crowe movie after he completely butchered the role of Javert whenever he opened his mouth in Les Mis, I have this terrible subconscious fear he’s going to start singing.


I think Denzel is someone who can actually elevate a movie. He’s not great, but still an above average actor. And he’s got a lot of charisma. There’s a lot of nuance he adds to generic roles that other actors don’t seem to bother with. For example, see his performances in The Magnificent Seven remake and The Equalizer.


Holy SHiiiite, that was awful LMAO!!!

Can you even use the word “range” to describe Crowe’s voice “talent” LOLLLLLL???

Yep, that’s the a-hole Crowe, some obsequious sycophant tells him he can sing, so of course he thinks he can.


I gave up on Denzel movies after Book of Eli.

The Magnificent Seven is one of my all time favorites though, not sure if I want to subject it to potentially being tarnished forever…

Maybe I’ll give The Equalizer a shot if I come across it on Netflix.


Lol can you imagine watching 2 hours of that? I fucking love Les Mis. Caught the stage performance 3 times, twice with Colm Wilkinson as Valjean.

Hugh Jackman was fucking acting his ass off and trying to sing the songs more emotionally to balance his lack of vocal skill. Russell Crowe did nothing but offend me lol.


I would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall, to watch the WTFFFFFFFFF looks on the faces of the people who actually know how to sing, listen to Crowe belt it out the first time LOLLL.

I’m sure after lots of rehearsals and lots of practice, they all learned to keep a neutral expression though!


I was watching “The Battle For The Planet Of The Apes” and noticed that the big middle part with Woody Harrelson was just one big rip off of Apocalypse Now.

Over all the movie was crap, but that particular segment really sucked. Woody the affable bar back just doesn’t deliver a convincing psychotic megalomaniac bent on destruction, and the monkey didn’t do a very good job of being Martin Sheen.


The equalizer is a pretty solid film, Denzel is the lead, I believe the equalizer 2 is coming out soon.


Yes it is and I can’t wait. I loved the original Equalizer series and the movie was awesome too.


I wouldn’t even consider it a remake, actually. They took the premise of 7 gunslingers defending a small farming town against a large gang of invaders. That’s all.

  • Denzel is a cross between the original Japanese dude in The Seven Samurai and Kurt Russell’s Wyatt Earp in Tombstone.

  • Starlord is basically Doc Holiday.

  • The filming style is more of a tribute to Sergio Leone’s Westerns.

  • It’s just an all out men’s action flick with typical male bonding before most of them get killed.



This is a movie made for the China market but it was shot entirely in Hong Kong and the main co-stars are an unknown Singaporean Chinese actor playing a Chinaman but his mandarin sucks and an unknown American Chinese actor(speaking fluent cantonese) whom I only recall from a Steven Seagal straight-to-video movie in which he played a Thai and that’s only because it was so comically bad I watched it 3 times. The Rock briefly speaks mandarin but the chick from Scream(???) who plays his wife speaks cantonese, which are two really fucking different dialects especially when you factor in the use of a lot of slang words native to Hong Kong which even the Cantonese from China don’t understand, and the bad guys all have European accents.

Oh, and The Rock has a prosthetic leg. He climbs from the ground up to a crane at 3,000ft in what looks like a couple of minutes and leaps over to the burning skyscraper.

Then the climax that uses a similar setting to the roomful of mirrors scene in Enter the Dragon. Yes, the one with Bruce Lee.

What the fuck is going on… ??? Seriously what the fuck is this? Die Hard 6: Enter the Roided Dragon?


Saw a movie called Viral on netflix. It wasn’t a very good movie, I expected more to happen but the main girl in it was extremely attractive so it made the watch worthwhile.




Ehh it looks ok. It does look like it’s gonna be creepy/scary though which is cool. And I am a fan of JJ Abrams.


Looks like a zombie variation, with the Captain America era “super soldier” theme injected in.

(yep, pun intended)


I watched “Gettysburg” after a lot of Civil War research. The most historically accurate film I have ever seen. They had it down to the rebel soldier singing in the night for all to hear.


Movie/TV Confession: My guilty viewing pleasure for actors is Steven Seagal…my lord he’s so terrible he’s fabulous haha he has a new TV series ‘True Justice’ and it is absolutely as terrible as you can imagine, he’s a lawman in the Northwest (around Seattle I believe) and he has this delightful southern twang that changes every so often…ah, it is a delight :joy:


I can’t count the times I’ve watched Under Seige I & II…