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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


I don’t think there was much the director could do to enhance the awful script writing.

Get this:

They now have a new dinosaur called… wait for it… The Indoraptor! Which looks and acts like a raptor, only bigger!


Agreed. It’s tied with A New Hope for my second-favorite Star Wars movie. I had very low expectations going in, but I was really impressed. Solid 8/10.

American Made - Tom Cruise makes fun movies. This is a crazy story that’s really only been told in passing in other movies (and Narcos). I’m glad it got told in a more complete manner. Our government does some silly shit. 8/10


There is a great Netflix show from Israel called “Fauda” that has been recently dubbed in English.

It follows an elite anti-terrorism task force AND elite terrorists on a very personal level. It’s similar to 24 or that kind of show, but a hair more realistic and a lot more grit.

It’s very good (and fair) about showing the personal cost of conflict.

It’s also useful for Americans, in particular, to get a working knowledge of how different group conflict – Bedouins being aligned with Jewish people, for example; Hamas vs. Palestinian Authority; Hamas vs. Hezbollah; ISIS vs. everybody, etc.

It uses real Israeli and Arab actors. Most of the actors (even extras) served in the military so the tactics and things like how they don’t cross line of fire are done very well. It’s a military show that won’t overly annoy military and police watching it, in other words.

Interestingly, it’s the No. 1 show in Israel . . . and the Arab territories . … and Egypt . . . and Jordon . . . and Lebanon . . . and pretty much the entire Middle East, if that tells you how down-the-middle they play things.

Very intense. Doesn’t hurt that the women are very pretty (in a realistic way). Nurit looks like a curly-haired Gal Gadot.


Shit, that’s all you had to say…


Ya, lead with this next time…



I think film critics these days must be very special people. Or they’re really full of shit. This movie isn’t scary at all. It’s a well-crafted drama that makes you feel awful. That’s it.


This does not come close to the standard of The Witch. The Witch was a hell of a lot smarter and it’s execution was fucking masterful.


Did you like it? I have heard mostly good stuff about it.


My missus is a nightmare when it comes to horror. She demands to see every horror movie that comes out which bores me into next week.

The only movie that genuinely chilled me to the bone was Deliverance and only because Ned Beatty took a brutal bum-raping


The Witch was awesome. It’s the only horror movie I own.


I thought it wasn’t bad but it’s a pretty depressing movie so you would have to be in the mood for it.

This means you’ve watched The Bye Bye Man? I want to track down everyone involved in that piece of shit and torture them with a nail gun lol.

Yeah my wife loves horror too. But not the gory stuff. She likes those boring as fuck movies during Asian horror craze right after The Ring. Bored me to death.

Movies with Catholic themes are the only kind that scare me.


Too bad, you cowards and shills. They’re turning against you now.


My t bday!!! 8yrs and still here !! No one woulda thunk!!!


happy t-b-day … Still a n00b in my eyes haha … I think I’ve been here since '05 - registered anyways. I lurked for about a year or two before creating an account and ordering some schwag.