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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


Hateful Eight was just Tarantino by numbers. Ensemble cast, snappy dialogue punctuated with occasional graphic violence, cool soundtrack.

It’s not that it was bad, it was just very derivative and not as memorable as his others.


I think Hateful Eight just didn’t deliver any fan service. Like invoking scenes/styles of great movies a lot of us have grown to expect from his previous works. Also, the Ennio Morricone soundtrack used within the film just didn’t have the same impact when used in a Sergio Leone film or even in the bloody cool as hell The Untouchables intro.

This, for example, is how you fucking use an Ennio Morricone soundtrack:


Paterson - Jim Jarmusch film
Not bad , kind of had a feeling of dread throughout the film like something was going to go wrong , wonder who the Japanese poet was , couldn’t put up with his woman if she was mine !
Have a friend who drives a bus so had some resonance . The quotidian things in life count.


Looks good


I thought we were being invaded


Allied - Really good, drama/action film 8/10

Bleed for this - Pretty good, inspiring story about a boxer defying the odds and making a momentous comeback after being really badly injured in a car crash…I just felt that while it was certainly worth a watch it wasn’t quite as good as it could of been 7/10

Christmas Office party - A few pretty decent lols, but ultimately pretty mediocre…only go to see this if you have real hard-on for daft films 5.5/10


Jackpot - Norse black comedy/crime movie. Meh, it was ok. You can tell the guy that made it has watched a LOT of Guy Ritchie movies.


Rogue One

First, I’m not a Star Wars fan. I went to see it because of Donnie Yen(the blind Chinese dude in the movie). I always watch his films on their opening days. You will have an idea why when you see his fight scene early in the movie.

So, from the perspective of a non-Star Wars fan, it kinda sucked. Seeing CGI rendered characters from the first three Star Wars movies and the continuity from the last Star Wars movie to A New Hope doesn’t excite me. I did, however, love the ending(or at least the idea they had for it) but the characters were too bloody bland to pull it off with the full intended effect.


Agree with this.

I saw it and thought it was good, not great. The ending made the whole movie in my opinion, especially watching Lord Vader do his thing.


As a SW fan, I really liked Rogue One. Much better than Episode 7, which ranks below the prequels in my book. I actually had quite low expectations for Rogue One since it’s shoehorned into the story and we already know how it ends. It’s ironic that Episode 7 could have literally done anything and came up with a tired and unexciting story. Rogue One was written under very tight constraints storywise and yet came up with a plot that felt fresh and exciting. The original story was expanded in a way that convincingly explained some plot holes without creating more. The universe got deeper, but not in a way that seemed to contradict the original.

That said, I agree with the assessment that none of the characters were particularly exciting on their own. It seemed that the movie didn’t really dedicate much effort to developing them, which in my opinion was a good choice. There was a fair bit of fan service, but it was mostly well done.

The one part that bothered me was Darth Vader. His cape was cut quite differently in a way that makes him look smaller and less imposing. His final scene relied too much on CGI. It just felt flat too me. I would have appreciated more practical effects in that scene.


I did think of this perspective, but then you would need better leads to carry the movie.


If I remember correctly, the guy who played the original Vader was very tall, like 6’7 I think.


I liked Rogue One and also like Episode VII a lot.


I didn’t feel that any of the leads were bad actors, just not particularly charismatic. There weren’t phantom menace style moments where the poor dialogue and delivery threw me out of the illusion. It’s just that I didn’t feel emotionally connected to the specific characters. I think in this case that is okay if you are emotionally connected to the rebel alliance. If you aren’t a SW fan, it probably doesn’t work well.

I think the stunt double that played Vader in R1 is also quite tall. I just feel like they messed with the costume when there was no reason to.


Good point about not being connected or familiar with any of the characters. Rogue One didn’t have any cartoonish stuff like Jar Jar Binx, and seemed to be targeting a more adult audience, so I can applaud that.


Badass, Badasses, and Badasses on the Bayou starring Danny Trejo. Not gonna lie, they’re pretty entertaining.


The Great Wall

Matt Damon goes looking for gunpowder in ancient China and ends up fighting an army of green monsters. Yeah, it sucked.


Haha !


This is the sequel to Prometheus.


I watched Prometheus again after you posted that last link. For me, that and Event Horizon top out my scale for sci-fi.

Truly excited to see what comes next in that series. The only thing I can foresee being lacking is the loss of H.R. Geiger and his influence on the design theme.

Watched “The Secret Life Of Pets” friday night with my son. He was captivated and loved it. That alone was priceless. I liked it too.