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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


Agreed. It's about Ant Man-level as a Marvel movie. Good, pretty far from great, but definitely worth seeing in theaters (and IMAX in particular) because the visual effects are AMAZING.

I give it a 7.5/10, but the visuals are a 10.


Also saw Dr. Strange. Visuals were amazing. Had the typical feel of a Marvel movie.

My only gripe is that it felt rushed. Not rushed in terms of editing and production, but with the story. I wasn't ready for it to be over when I realized it was almost over, basically. This has a lot to do with what I know he is capable of from the comics.

Very solid origins movie.


Saw The Accountant: Really, really good action film with a heart (the issue of the lead character's autism I felt was dealt with a certain sensitivity) best action film I've seen in a while 8.5/10


Sorry if it's been reviewed before, I watched Bigger, Faster, Stronger about the Bell family's experience with juicing. I thought it was an honest look at a bunch of fucktards that have no business juicing, with the exception of Smelly, the retarded kid being the smartest in the long run, benching 700.

Interesting documentary. Shitty directing, whiney voice over, but interesting subject.__


There's a sequel called Prescription Thugs. Slightly less entertaining. Something mindless to watch on a Sunday evening.


Recently I watched:

Film: Sunset Limited (Slow and philosophical on the topic of religion/atheism)

Film: The Music Never Stopped (Drama)

Film: New World (Korean Crime)

TV Show: Start-Up (Crime)

And for film analysis I liked this YouTube channel.


Race - a well done biography of Jesse Owens, I would recommend this if you get a chance.


Independence Day Resurgence. Why the fuck was this movie made...?


Hacksaw Ridge. Excellent. The battle scenes were relentless and very graphic. Much more so than I've seen in a movie before. That's an aside and not what did it for me. It's a good story and well told in the movie.


Watched Nice Guys yesterday. Definitely enjoyed it. One of those odd movies you enjoy for some reason. My wife stepped out after the first 30 seconds when the camera focuses on a silhouette of a dead porn star's double Ds that are perked up with a burning car backdrop.


haha, I really liked that movie too


Watched the Babadook: Pretty solid horror film, nothing ground breaking but I feel it really picked up quite a bit towards the end and had a few nice twists 7.5/10



First poster of Alien Covenant (sequel to Prometheus) just released.


The Hateful 8.

I like it but it left me feeling kind of empty. Like, you put Tarantino, 70mm, and Ennio Morricone together and you should wind up with a masterpiece, yet this fell short.The Sam Jackson scene where he talks about meeting the General's son was ridiculous, like Tarintino had to raise the bar once the shock of the first hundred "niggers" wore off. The more I think about it the less I like the movie only because it could have been so much more.


Hacksaw Ridge

All the reviews about this movie are accurate so I'm not going to add to that. Anyone who's seen Apocalypto knows that Mel is an incredibly gifted filmmaker. I am currently in the midst of erecting a shrine for him in my living room.

I'm going to clarify something that may put some people off seeing this movie. It is NOT a movie about peace and pacifism with anti gun statements and stuff. It is about FAITH. That's it.


Allied: Really good, tense film, 8/10


You should be asking yourself why you bothered to watch it. Better yet, how did you make it all the way through?


Arrival - Tense, compelling drama about aliens coming to Earth, and the human response to them. The audience surrogate is Amy Adams' "Dr. Louise Banks," who is a professor of linguistics that the government calls on to try to establish communication with the visitors. I thought this movie was really fucking cool. 9.5/10

The Accountant - I honestly was not expecting this to be nearly as good as it was. Thanks to whoever it was here that recommended it, because that's the only reason I plunked down $8 for it. Ben Affleck was really good in the lead role, and Anna Kendrick is the most adorable thing ever. Overall, a well-crafted and delivered action movie in a time when those don't happen very often without superheroes in them. 9/10

People, Places, Things - Mildly funny (dare I say "cute?") rom-com about a dad of twin girls whose girlfriend (girls' mom) ditches him. The film chronicles his attempt to move on with life as a single dad and get over his ex; pretty pedestrian story but it worked well enough for a Monday night. Jemain Clement has this disarming deadpan delivery that works even when his lines aren't all that funny. 7/10


I disagree. I think it did what it was trying to do, it just wasn't as easy to grasp as some of his other stuff.

The scene you reference is a big sticking point, because it does sound ridiculous. But, that was the intention because the whole thing was mostly fabricated by Maj. Warren to get the old man to draw down so he could kill him legally. What we were seeing wasn't a literal flashback of actual events, it was a window into the General's thoughts.

The two clips above are the hints.

Anyhow, Maj. Warren keeps amping up the horror in the story until he gets the General to snap, which he does eventually. Pretty brilliant fucking storytelling if you ask me, even though I didn't get it until my third viewing.


I agree RE: Hateful Eight. That scene was certainly cringe-worthy and was definitely intended to be. We're left wondering if it was true or fabricated and I do believe it was meant as @Steel_Nation described. I thought the movie was about an 8.5/10. The ending was a little convoluted which i didn't like. But its about as good as it gets for a movie thats almost entirely driven by dialogue. I liked it better than Django too.