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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III

@Steel_Nation watched Free Guy last night. Had a lot of fun, kids enjoyed it too. For the parents - a few curses sprinkled in, non-gory violence, and mild sexual undertones that would never register with any child. Mine have seen way worse. Ryan Reynolds did a great job as usual. Give it a generous 7/10. Maybe a 6.5. Very fun. The villain could definitely have been more formidable, but I don’t think he was really meant to be - the movie was more about, quite literally, character development. Anyways, worth a watch.

I’m about to watch Malignant with the wife before it goes off of HBO max, I’ll update with it.

Edit: didn’t post this until after I watched it. Fun twist - my wife and I pieced together everything about halfway through as usual, but I still enjoyed it, and it looked great. The ending is a bit weak, but I don’t know that there was really any way to wrap it up properly, so it didn’t ruin the experience for me.

Difficult to rate. Stylistically it was as good as a movie as you could ask for, but it was also undeniably ridiculous. Then again, it was purposefully goofy. So hard to rate a movie like that. I’m gonna go with 6/10, meaning good, and while being self aware doesn’t give you immunity to criticism, I’d totally recommend it to anyone who likes horror.

My friends and I went in blind expecting an actually good film. The whole audience was rolling with laughter by the time the the third act came

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@dt79 - I’m taking a Japanese film class this semester. Saw 13 Assassins last week, thought it was pretty good, although very very similar to Seven Samurai which we watched a few weeks ago. First movie we watched was Audition, which was pretty good. Little weird towards the end, but overall I liked it. Some of the movies we’ll be watching later in the semester sound basically like horror/porn, which has never been my thing, haha, so we’ll see how that goes.

Tagging you because, you know…Asian.

(It’s a joke! We’ve done this before.)

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Love this movie.

I did too. I actually think the battle scene was one of my favorite battle scenes ever.

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I haven’t watched 13 Assassins in it’s entirety. I’m not really a fan of Takashi Miike lol. He’s a good filmmaker. Just not the kind of stuff I enjoy. The only movies I actually completed were Ichi the Killer and Lesson of Evil. I think I enjoyed Lesson of Evil the most. The dude makes some really weird shit. See Gozu and Yakuza Apocalypse. I only caught parts of them on YouTube.

The only exploitation movie maker who has skills to make good movies that I really like is Takeshi Ishii. Black Angel is one of my favorite Japanese movies. Freeze Me wasn’t bad and Gonin was pretty good.

Has anyone watched Squid Game? I’d recommend it if you’re into the idea of Battle Royale for in debt losers.

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My wife had been watching it. I watched on episode with her last night. That show is f’ed up in too many ways.

I watched all of it except the last episode (got busy we college work).

@dt79 Got some cheese for you.

The Bad Seed
1956 version
8 year old serial killer…:expressionless:

Also watched Hugo and found entertaining.

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Gotta check that out lol. Thanks. All I’ve been doing is watching YouTube videos describing the plots of new movies. No mood for really good movies. The bad ones nowadays are boring as hell.

Saw Bond tonight.

Nothing great about it, but worthwhile ($6.75 tix) for the action and theater popcorn :popcorn:.

Watched Halloween Kills and I liked it a lot better than the first one but that isn’t really saying much. It’s a lot funnier without resorting to camp and it has what the title promised. There are lots of KILLS. Michael’s now a 60 year old man with a pretty average physique who has the ability to go full samurai mode on a group of people surrounding him LMAO. Twice.

I’ll be referring to the 2018 movie as the “first movie” for simplicity’s sake although it’s really a fucking SEQUEL to the original movie that retconned all it’s other sequels but they decided to simply call it Halloween as if it was a fucking remake.

Those who liked the first movie on a thematic level will probably hate this. While the first one was about a woman with PTSD turning her victim status around, now they’re arguing whether Michael is actually coming for her when they clearly established he wasn’t in the first one. My problem with the first one was how dumb they had to make the plot in order to maintain it’s theme. This one doesn’t give a shit.

I mean, fucking hell, I was ranting that if Laurie really thought Michael was coming for her, why the fuck didn’t she MOVE? She would have the option of coming back to the town if he escaped or got released for some reason and she really wanted kill the fucker even though after 40 fucking years of daily gun training she could MISS using a fucking rifle when he was STANDING STILL 6 ft away from her.

How the fuck was Michael going to find her? Stalk her on social media? He isn’t the fucking entity in It Follows.

Instead, she fortified her home and gave her kid a really fucked up childhood but this was ignored or just brushed aside by the critics because of the PTSD thing and a woman was getting back at her aggressor after 40 years which served as catharsis for some during the the Kavanaugh fiasco.

Alright, fair enough. There will always be a “Michael” around anywhere she went and she could only shake this spectre off by killing the fucker and she wasn’t going to run away without facing her demons. But don’t have a fucking kid and do stupid shit like lock her in the fucking basement for “survival training”. If you wanna include a theme about acts of violence that transcend generations and being humans whom are fallible, we sometimes succumb to the after effects of some shit to the point where we don’t even realize that we’re harming those we care about, don’t have the grown daughter go “Mom was right all along!” at the end when childcare services had to fucking come and take her away so she didn’t get completely fucked in the head. Or maybe she already was by that time.

It’s also revealed that Michael didn’t give a shit about here and was just happily going about his day killing random people so now the roles of the hunter and the victim are exchanged since she’s the one hunting him. Then it goes full retard. If you’ve watched the first movie, you’ll know there’s no other fucking way to describe the chain of events that unfold after that pretty good long take of Michael killing people.

I’m not making light of a mental condition. I’m saying the plot was so fucking dumb it potentially did anyone who really suffers from this a disservice and falls squarely into exploitation film territory. You can decide for yourself if this is a good or a bad thing if you’re a true blue horror movie fan but don’t give me that crap about it being a good movie ONLY because it “explored” this theme. This isn’t an exploration. It’s fucking exploitation and you fucking know it if you’re a professional critic.

Fuck they fucking spelled it out for the audience with Laurie falling off the balcony like Michael did at the end of the 1978 movie and getting up to “stalk” him again.

This sequel makes the first movie even dumber than it was while being pretty dumb itself, which isn’t really even a bad thing given that it’s a slasher movie and it’s not aspiring to be much more that that this time.

The direction is pretty good here and the kills are pretty damn entertaining. I’m not a fan of original Halloween (1978) and if you’re like me, you probably won’t get the references to the characters who survived and are now taking Michael on again.

It doesn’t really matter. Just turn your mind off when you watch it.


Ive seen this!

I watched the Candyman remake (or is it a sequel?) and almost fell asleep so I turned it off. Then I watched Escape Room 2 and really fell asleep.

For Candyman, I don’t think it’s really bad. Just bored the fuck out of me. The original’s intro had a beautiful of the city in a bird’s eye view aerial shot with Philip Glass’s wonderfully haunting theme in the background. This one did something clever by reversing it so the camera is at ground level facing the sky so there was some kind of claustrophobic effect due to the buildings looking like large prison walls overpowering you but the score sucked though it did increase my expectations for the movie. The rest of the movie that I managed to watch was no where near as clever. The dude who plays Candyman sucks balls. Maybe there’s a great twist at the end but I’m not interested in finding out.

I wish they had let Tony Todd reprise the titular role and if they had kept Philip Glass’s original score I may have been engaged to complete the movie. Tony Todd is like one of the most underrated actors ever.

Escape Room 2 is the kind of movie that will only retain your attention if you watch it in the cinema and you’ll probably forget what happened in it the moment you reach the carpark.

For anyone who thinks I’m exaggerating when I wrote that Philip Glass’s original score would probably have compelled me to watch the entire movie, you obviously haven’t heard it:

Other than Tony Todd’s charisma and screen presence, it’s the only thing I remember from the original movie. I really thought any attempt at a remake would easily be better with some real talent behind the scenes. Guess I was wrong. I mean, shit, the director of the first movie sucked so bad I can’t fucking remember what happened in a movie based on a story by Clive Barker and I still remember most of the crap in Nightbreed.

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I just fell àsleep watching OG Candyman last night. I agree about the opening sequence/credits. My woman even thought it was cool.

I’m super nostalgic for 90s stuff now, so I do plan to finish watching. Sometimes it takes me a couple attempts to get through a move.


We watched the first episode of the new “Chucky” mini series too. It’s pretty silly, but fun and we both liked it.


Be my victim

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I couldn’t make it past the first 15mins of that episode lol. Does it get better?

Yeah. After they establish the middle school angst and trouble fitting in that makes little dude a vulnerable target for Chucky, the fun starts.

I’ve seen many stupid movies about demonic possessions and ghosts lately and the bad guys have no personality and aren’t much fun. Its fun to see a vilian get a few jokes and mess with people like Freddy and Pennywise did in my child hood.

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