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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III

I enjoyed Freaky, with the exception of one super gross scene that you’ll know immediately if you watch it, but it was there to make everyone uncomfortable so I can’t hate too much.

And yes, Fassbender is fantastic. I don’t know that I’ve seen any poor performances from him.


A few episodes into the second season of Twin Peaks and wishing it could go on forever. Missed it the first time around and am more than a little grateful to be watching - and enjoying - it now.

Loki Season 1

Just for the ending:

I thought Marvel Phase 4 was going to suck. The writing here is giving me hope. It’s fucking brilliant. Can’t wait for the new Dr Strange movie.

If they had got the real Denzel to play one character, my mind would have exploded.



Knocked over episode 1 on the weekend. Was also expecting to be shaking my head throughout but :+1:

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I think Greta Thunberg’s now officially part of the MCU after the last episode.

You think I’m joking? HOW DARE YOU!

You’ve all been warned…

Haven’t been able to watch the finale yet, but seeing you and my buddies all give it a big thumbs up has me excited.

My opinion of the show was that the first episode was fantastic, then it kind dragged for a bit immediately after (especially that poorly done attempt at a continuous shot), then suddenly sky-rocketed to being great again.

I’ve enjoyed the MCU shows so far. WandaVision was great at the start then petered out REALLY quickly, Falcon and the Winter Soldier followed a pretty standard MCU model (which means it was good, but not great), and Loki — save one or two hiccups — has been wonderful.

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I assume you’ve already caught episode 5 by now?

“For glorious purpose!”

That was one of the coolest scenes I’ve seen in the MCU lol.

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Finally watched the finale last night.

Like you said, I’m pumped for the next Doctor Strange movie now. It’s gonna be bananas.

Also, Hiddleston is such an incredible actor.

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This was the original ending for Sam Raimi’s Army of Darkness. I actually saw this ending when i sneaked into the cinema to watch the movie when I was a kid lol.

Dr Strange is gonna be wild.

Seriously, one of my favorite movies is Sam Raimi’s Darkman. He’s one of the main reasons why I love movies so much. I really hope they let him go nuts again. Hated the fucking Spiderman movies.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos (same guy who did The Lobster and The favorite)

This movie is a true tragedy, definitely suggest it.

Watched Black Widow.

Fight scenes were pretty good. Some really interesting character stuff and sub-plots that they didn’t go into enough. Decided to focus on the fucking absurd action scenes instead. You can get away with shit like this in a Fast and Furious movie. You can’t do this with Black Widow. Now I don’t even believe the fall in Endgame could have possibly killed her lol.

It can be pretty entertaining if you don’t think too much about it, though.


It was pretty funny. Marvel movies aren’t my thing at all, but I got to hear jokes and look at scarlett johansson for a couple of hours. Worth the price of admission.

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Not what I was paying attention to.

This was my approach. The other chick was pretty damn good looking too.

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Watched The Tomorrow War.

It was so dumb and boring I almost gave up by the 1hr point. Then I realized what they were going trying to do plot wise which they tried to cover up by doing something even dumber.

And then it became this generation’s The Core told in a non-linear fashion!!!

:joy: :joy: :joy:

Let me explain.

Soldiers come back from the future to ask for aid in fighting a war against aliens 30 years later which has led to so many people getting killed there are now 500,000 people left in the world. Then there’s conscription and shit, with people getting sent forward into the future to help fight the war.

What they establish at first is that the future ones sent back are all under 30 because they haven’t been born yet while the present day ones being conscripted are going to die within 30 years. This is to avoid creating a time paradox even though they already are creating one by doing this but fuck it this is a time travel movie. This shit doesn’t have to make sense if it’s part of the premise as long as you set the rules first.

Then they reveal that a major plot point was set up from the start which would create a fucking bigass time paradox in the first place because I’m pretty damn fucking sure they don’t understand what a time paradox is.

THAT’S what you can’t do in a time travel movie ONCE you’ve established the fucking rules.

But they did it anyway.

And it gets pretty damn fun after that.

That’s all I can say if you want to have fun watching the movie. Chris Pratt looks weird. J.K Simmons is awesome. It’s not as consistently dumb while being entertaining like The Core was but they made up for it in the 2nd half of the movie.



I also finally watched Infinite and I thought some parts were entertaining as fuck LMAO.

Fucking lol-ed just hearing the opening monologue. People who can reincarnate while retaining their memories of their past lives are called “Believers”. Those who don’t like that shit call themselves “Nihilists”.


Then they got schizophrenia confused with multiple personality disorder. In THIS fucking day and age. They still managed to do that.

And then the drug he gets from the drug dealer is a fucking old school generic one that he can easily get for less than 50 bucks a month. The fucker has to carve and exchange a fucking katana for a one or 2 month supply of CLOZAPINE?

Why didn’t he just start making and selling his katanas online or something LMFAO?!! There was no reason not to. Then they later reveal that such a katana has not been carved for a long period of time or some shit like that so the skill has long been lost to establish that he’s probably an Infinite who managed to pick up the skill long before it was lost. Fucking hell, he could have made a fortune just by doing that shit.

I get that they were trying to use the old “need to keep his skills a secret or bad shit will happen” trope thing but there was no reason on his part to do so since all he really thought was that he was schizophrenic.

All they established was that he’s really fucking DUMB.

Then the plot is even dumber. The Nihilists don’t want to fucking reincarnate anymore so they want to annihilate the entire world so there won’t be any more vessels for their souls to occupy. That’s their sole(soul lol) motivation. Not even transcending to a higher plane or some shit like that. Just the assumption that they will achieve oblivion.


Holy fuck. If reincarnation exists, that means a soul exists, that means a GOD or at least some kind of Being(s) on a higher plane exist(s). Which means the soul is still infinite while there is someone who created it who can easily undo everything you did and still be able to fuck with you even in a stateless form.

Which means you will be subject to judgement no matter what religion you believe in. I wouldn’t want to be the one who fucking WIPED OUT HUMANITY when that happens.

Just because you occasionally decide to waterboard yourself (not making this shit up) to get the attention of whomever created you and receive no answer doesn’t fucking mean they don’t exist. Come the fuck on. You live for centuries and that’s all you really tried before you finally decided to create a world-ending device?

:joy: :joy: :joy:

And you were right. They turned it into a Matrix knockoff. Other than the hilarious premise and some unintentionally funny scenes, it was dull and uninspired. I thought the action scenes were really well shot and the cinematography was pretty good.

Then I saw the end credits and found out that Antoine Fuqua directed it. That explains it. Shit, the dude needs better material to work with. It was worse than his King Arthur flick.

3.5/10 seems appropriate.

Yeah, this was just…so hard to get past.

But I also overlooked a lot of the cool action sequences, so I agree with your slight bump up to a 3.5.

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I’ve watched Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe depravity yesterday.

I read the reviews so I kind of knew what to expect, but I was still taken aback how bad it was.

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Watched 30mins of A Classic Horror Story before dozing off. It’s an Italian movie distributed by Netflix. Decided to read the plot on wiki instead this morning and realized I should have continued watching the movie lol. Now I can’t because of this movie’s specific kind of plot. Fuck.

If the execution of the movie is as good as the story, I’d recommend it. But I’ll probably never find out.

This entire film was filled with comedic, over the top gross out scenes. I don’t recall any scene in particular being too off putting. There was one scene (attempted gang rape) that I thought was somewhat unnecessary, but nothing that made me turn away in disgust.