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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


Jack Reacher sequel

Felt like I was watching a bad 80s action movie starring Dolph Lundgren without the unintentionally funny dialogue, which defeats the purpose of watching a bad 80s action movie in the first place. Fuck.


I thought it was ok, decent for a sequel. It seemed to me that Tom Cruise looked and moved a bit haggard, like his age was catching up with him a bit. It wasn't a bad movie but I felt like they could have done more with the plot and the character.


Dr Strange (2016)

The mindblowing, and I mean seriously fucking mindblowing, visuals and that dude from The Imitation Game alone are worth the price of admission.


The Girl on the Train - I thought this was a lot better than reviews made it seem. Emily Blunt is a divorced alcoholic that has an unhealthy obsession with people that she "gets to know" by watching them through the window of the commuter train she rides every day. Good performances, compelling plot, and a satisfying twist at the end. It might have been predictable if you're more astute than I am, but I didn't see it coming. The tone and atmosphere were very similar to Gone Girl, so if you liked that, you should like this. 8/10


good to know; I've been on the fence about seeing it


Oh man, you already saw Dr. Strange? I can't wait... one of Marvel's biggest heavy hitters and virtually unknown to non-comic fans (this includes people who only watch the movies).

I never saw The Imitation Game, I'm guessing the guy you're talking about is either the main antagonist or The Ancient One?

Are the other aspects of the movie (besides the 2 that you mentioned) solid, as well?


I've never read any Marvel comics haha.

He's the lead. Benedict Cumberbatch. I forgot how to spell his name and couldn't be bothered to google it yesterday.

The movie plays it safe plot wise(basic three-act structure) although some stuff seems rushed at times, which can be confusing for people like me who haven't read the comics. The tone is pretty much like Iron Man. It's solid entertainment.


WTF do you know about screenplay structure?

I have an MFA in Creative Writing, my thesis was a screenplay.

This piqued my interest.


Not much lol. Enough for descriptive purposes after watching countless weird ass films.


Inferno - It was on par with the other Dan Brown book adapted movies. A good movie, another suspenseful thriller taking place in Florence and a little in Istanbul this time. Good plot, love the scenery, not a bad choice on a lazy afternoon.

Changing the subject, the trailer for Assassin's Creed looks really good.


Ouija 2

Don't believe the reviews. This sucked just as bad as the first movie.


Oh, haha. For some reason I had it in my head you were talking about someone other than Cumberbatch.

I can handle safe. Marvel has built a great hand. No need to do crazy stuff, just play their cards right and they'll be solid as far as I'm concerned.

Can't wait.



We went to see the Accountant. I loved everything about it. I have a hard time sitting still for 2 hour movies but I enjoyed it so much I had a tough time leaving part way through to go to the bathroom. I doubt it will win any oscar's but all the elements came together in a way that was thoroughly enjoyable.


You need to, great movie.


Bad Moms - IMDB said 6.3/10, so I figured why not. I like to laugh, and Mila is hot in a different way.

Anyways, this movie was terr-uh-bull. Every situation was an exaggeration, and the jokes were non-existent. It had the pacing of a crappy lifetime movie, but they had women saying crude things! So cutting edge! I feel stupider watching it to the end. They do interview their real moms during the end credits, and that is the funniest part.



Not a movie but from Netflix: Dark Mirror.

Something about this near future sci-fi is absolutely captivating for me. I feel like a kid when I first discovered Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury again. Has a strong vein of transhumanism and great social commentary on its pervasiveness and effects on individuals and society as a whole.


Hmmm... I don't like committing so much of my time to TV series, but when you mentioned Ray Bradbury, I have to give it another thought! Thanks!


I wouldn't say that it is in the same style, just that discovering it and being able to sink my head into it was as exciting.

Hope you like it though.


Saw a Street cat name Bob - A story about a recovering drug addict who forms a bond with a stray cat....ridiculous heart-warming, feel good film....had me streaming like a mother fucker!



Dr. Strange - the best CGI movie since the first Matrix. Seriously, the visual effects will mind fuck you in a good way. Cumberbatch did a great job. I was not familiar with the story so it was a pleasant surprise, would recommend this movie.