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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


I watched Don’t Breathe and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Holy shit, all the amyl nitrate in the world could not unclench your anus during this movie. Really fucking tense the whole way through.

Stephen Lang is super menacing; awesome performance by him.

Best horror film I’ve seen in years.


You should write reviews for a living. I will definitely watch.


The Magnificent Seven (2016)

Admittedly, I did not like the original. It tried to reinterpret the characters from The Seven Samurai and the overall theme leading to it’s inevitable ending(perhaps one of the greatest cinematic endings ever) and failed terribly in doing so.

This remake simply doesn’t give a fuck. That’s why it was so much fun!

That being said, there are a SHITLOAD of things wrong with this film but I didn’t give a fuck either. I just wish they had spent more time with each of the characters because they were so bloody interesting and showed the building of their relationships with one another and the villagers they were defending.

Still, it’s 2 hours of unpretentious fun. I’ll probably watch it again.


Glad to hear it wasn’t a waste of time. I’m planning on seeing it tomorrow.

I’ve paid for some crappy movies recently, of which, Neighbors 2… complete and utter garbage.




Only mentioning this since it was the first movie in the thread. Watched about half of trainwreck, decided not to finish it.


Agreed, I had to force myself to finish watching that movie. Amy Schumer isn’t funny at all.



She was funny for about 5 minutes when she first hit. Just like Dane Cook and Larry the Cable Guy. All 3 of them are the worst of the worst (toss in Ralphie May and Jeff Dunham too).


I think that happens with comedians more than other performers. Not that Schumer was ever funny but the most entertaining comedians get old fast and fail to evolve.


Inferno (2016)

Arrgh this movie fucking sucked!


is that the Tom Hanks movie that’s out just now? Didn’t like the look of it at all


Yes, it’s awful. God awful.


That’s a shame, the book is pretty good.


Borrowed time - Oddly endearing tale about a young delinquent man’s unlikely friendship with an old, cantankerous dude (at times it’s genuinely heart-warming & at other times it’s sort of funny…though, I’m not entirely sure it’s supposed to be) 7/10.


Lights Out (2016) - Really enjoyed this one - it had a concise story and got there without the typical horror movie clichés. Except for the part when they go in the basement; don’t you know when you’re in a horror movie you can’t go in the basement!


That looks great.

(Using my best Comic Book Man voice) What is up with the hole in the side of the AT-AT? Did they not finish their CGI graphics? George Lucas circa 1980 would never let that happen.


I agree, it looks better than The Force Awakens.


I saw this one Tuesday. Really cool thriller that was exactly as you said. There was very little “WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING THAT?!?!” while watching this. The coolest thing is that I started out rooting for the blind guy, but as the story played out, my allegiance switched. And it just. Doesn’t. Stop. There’s asshole-puckering tension for the last solid hour of run time.

If you liked Green Room, you’ll like this just as much. 8.5/10

EDIT: I just realized I was talking about the wrong movie. I meant Don’t Breathe.


Trailer to Wolverine 3


^it’ll be shit. All the Wolverine movies have been.