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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


Yeah I was referring to anything past Part 3.

Really? I’ll probably check it out soon.


I’ve not seen part 3 so I’ll trust you and avoid it. You know they’re remaking it? I’m less than enthusiastic, as remakes often suck a large, fat one, but I dunno. I was pleasantly surprised with the remake of The Evil Dead so maybe.


No I meant after part 3. I liked part 3.

I am not keen on a remake. Hellraiser was written and directed by Clive Barker. I don’t think it’s something you can fuck with by updating it for millennials and get away with it. Plus I doubt you can replace the original Pinhead. I think the only reason the Evil Dead remake succeeded is the fact that they made it with the intention to push the limits of the R rating from the start.


cool, I’ll check out part 3. Apparently it’s not going to be a straight remake, more of a sequel showing hell in a lot more detail. I dunno, it just bugs me when they take a 5 star movie and make another one a hundred years later.

You know Pinhead’s only in the original for like 8 minutes? It’s crazy how some characters burn themselves onto you. Like Hannibal Lecter was only on screen for 15 mins or so in Silence of the Lambs, but he’s a character you’ll never forget.

EDIT: holy shit, they made 8 sequels to Hellraiser!


Yeah I agree!

Uh-huh. After part 4, nothing was even related to the original. Those were stand alone films with their own dumb storylines with the cenobites making an appearance at the end just so they could call those films Hellraiser sequels. I think I watched 2 of them.


Watched Captain America - Civil War. It was pretty good. Action sequences were entertaining enough. I think the Captain America movies are probably the strongest of the Marvel franchise, with the exception of Guardians Of The Galaxy. That movie was fucking brilliant.


Based on your recommendation, my wife and watched it 2 nights ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Murray was stellar, as were the rest of the cast. Thanks!


You’re welcome. This is why I still post in this thread. I’ve seen a slew of movies I never would’ve given the time of day to because of recommendations I’ve read here. Glad I could contribute.


Green Room - awesome premise, good first third, weaker mid-third with some big plot holes, then strong but not brilliant ending.

Broke-ass punk band takes a gig at a neo-Nazi compound in the PNW where they witness a murder and become the involuntary guests of their hosts.


aye I watched that and thought the same as you. Started well, ended poorly.


watched the 1982 classic Swamp Thing

@dt79 you’d have totally approved.


I’ve not seen it. Is it still worth watching?


Godzilla Resurgence

Hideaki Anno is a genius. But he makes animes, which I call cartoons. However, I haved watched The End of Evangelion more than 10 times. Hideaki Anno made me watch fucking cartoons. Therefore he is a genius because I don’t fucking watch cartoons. And fuck you too for Spirited Away, Miyazaki.

Unfortunately, the dude shot and framed this movie like his animes which, IMO, just doesn"t work well with live action movies. Fans of cartoons may enjoy it.


The Big Short.

I might be the last person to have seen this movie but it was great. Very entertaining and they did a good job explaining the instruments as well.


mehhhh in a so-shit-it’s-good kind of way


Return of Swampthing, with Heather Locklear, was one of my favorites as a kid.


Alright! I’ll check it out!

Anything with Heather Locklear in it would have been one of my favourites lol!


Don’t Breath

It’s everything the reviews say it is. Good shit. Watch it.


Preview looked awesome… Will definitely check this one out.


Buried - Tough to describe this without giving anything away. I knew nothing about it going in, and I think that’s the best way to see it. Basically, Ryan Reynolds wakes up in a coffin. He spends the duration of the movie trying to free himself before he suffocates. Very intense to watch. I’m not all that claustrophobic, but this movie made me feel like I was.

If you enjoyed the “buried alive” scene in Kill Bill 2, this one takes that to another level of anxiety. It’s incredibly effective at portraying the panic and desperation that the protagonist is feeling. Ryan Reynolds was a strange casting choice IMO, since all the things he does best are thrown to the wayside. While I don’t really buy him as this character on paper (he’s a truck driver), all of the incrongruent features he possesses are masked by the setting and circumstances he finds himself in. I was definitely sold that he was stuck in a wooden coffin, struggling to survive. 8/10