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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


have you seen A Bittersweet Life? It’s proper good likes


Nope but I’ve just googled it and saw that chick I’ve had a hard on for since watching Volcano High is in it so I’ll be watching it soon lol.


haha, you’ll love it. I guarantee


I was initially put off by the title so I never got down to watching it. It sounds like one of those fucking K dramas on cable that my wife watches every day and night that are produced for the sole purpose of making housewives cry.


I agree with your review, but disagree with this line. I think they deserve every bit of hate, because the characters are so inherently entertaining and well-loved that they had to actively sabotage them to make the movie as mediocre as it was.

WB went into this feeling like they were already behind the 8-ball for some reason, so they tried to skip the world-building that was so essential to the MCU and jumped straight to their Avengers. The movies that take place in that universe are suffering as a result. They aren’t garbage, in absolute terms; but relative to MCU, they are complete failures.


Was the only one who thought Leto’s joker was garbage? And not comparing to Legder, just in a vaccuum I was not a fan of the over the top, trying to hard to be crazy when really he just looked and acted like he belonged in a Fall Out Boy music video about how an emo kid with gold chains missed his girlfriend a lot.


Funniest movie I’ve seen in a long time! Thanks!


I didn’t like the gold teeth and tattoos, but I thought his performance was decent. Tough to tell really, since he only had a few minutes of screen time, and the movie was just such a mess in general.


glad you liked it! I was really impressed by it.


For some reason, I watched Warcraft. I knew it was going to be shit but I wanted to watch something that was going to require less than 1% of my brain’s processor power.

It’s really not good, but I doubt anyone would expect it would be.


Fair enough. Considering the importance of doing it right because they’re playing catch-up, I see what you’re saying.

I said it that way because I think it was bad, but not as bad as it is portrayed, if that makes any sense. Like I’d put it at a 4 or 5 on a scale of 1 to 10, instead of like a 2 or 3 like critics seem to do. My tendency to not be super critical of movies in general mixed with my love for comic characters in movie form could be causing me to give it more credit than it deserves.

Either way, they definitely dropped the ball on it. It should have been much better and they had plenty to work with to make it a better movie, so there’s really no excuse.


2 things regarding Joker…

  1. I read a fb post where someone was making a pretty good case for that actually being a former Robin who was influenced to go crazy by the real Joker and that is who Leto is really playing. There are references from BvS about some event that had happened and he made other points like the meaning of the tattoos (and pointing out that the real Joker apparently doesn’t have any tattoos to begin with). I don’t remember all of it, but it was pretty compelling and would be awesome if it were true, imo.

  2. A local sports radio guy in DC swears that the Heath Ledger Joker was Ledger just acting like the Crow (Bruce Lee’s son). I’ve never seen the Crow, but I figured I’d throw it out there for anyone who has seen both to see how credible that statement may be.

You’re comment about him being from a Fallout Boy video about an emo kid was hilarious.


Range 15

If you’re a veteran you’ve got to see it. It was one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen, hands down. Absolutely hilarious for anyone that has ever served.


Late to the party here, but Ryan Gosling is criminally underrated as an actor. I think because of the Notebook he just gets assumed to be the brainless prettyboy character.

Recommend Blue Valentine if you’re feeling like a deep, dark, romantically depressing indie film on a rainy night.


Yeah I was blown away by his performance in Half Nelson. I’ll check Blue Valentine out. Thanks!


Saint Vincent - Bill Murray is a dour-faced dirtbag that befriends his dorky 11 yr-old neighbor boy. I don’t have the energy to talk much about it, but it’s a very solid movie. Somewhat predictable, but it still works. Bill Murray is awesome. Melissa McCarthy is very effective as the boy’s recently-divorced mother, and Naomi Watts does a pretty believable Russian accent as Vincent’s hooker girlfriend. 8.5/10

Black Sea - Jude Law is a recently-unemployed submarine captain that is attempting to locate a sunk Nazi U-boat that was rumored to be loaded with tons of gold bars. His crew is a collection of British and Russian misfits. Basically a study of tribalism and greed. Solid thriller. 8/10

Angel Heart - Old one (mid-80s) starring DeNiro and Mickey Rourke. Really weird story where Rourke takes a missing-person case as a PI. DeNiro is his client. The story devolves into insanity pretty quickly; there’s a lot of voodoo involved (literally). I only got through an hour of it, and the high point was getting to see Lisa Bonet’s tits a few times. Too confusing, random, and dated for my taste; and voodoo is stupid. The performances were good, I just wasn’t in the mood for this kind of nonsense so I will abstain from rating it.


duuuuuude, Angel Heart is a really good movie. Watch it again when you’re more in the mood for it.


I figured as much. My enjoyment of movies tends to be very mercurial.
I’ll give it a full viewing some other time.


Lol I tried watching it last year and couldn’t make it past the first hour on the first viewing either. I ended up skipping to the ending.

@Yogi1! It’s competently made, but not Jacob’s Ladder, man. Too many other movies over the years have used similar plots for it to be a novel experience. I think even one of those awful Hellraiser “sequels” did something like this.

Maybe I would have enjoyed it if I watched it at the time it was released.


Hellraiser II was alright, I thought.

I actually watched Psycho II the other day and it was way better than I ever would have expected.