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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


Nine?!?! That’s amazing!!! Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:


Secret Life of Pets.

Dragged on a bit, certainly not as good as many other animated movies, but the kids liked it.


I meant to take my son to see the pets movie, but we ran out of time. Could still make it happen this weekend, perhaps.

Countrygirl, yes. Any child should like any Kung Fu Panda movie. I’d even expand that to any computer animation movie in general (except that new Seth Rogan one with the food, that one seems like it will be very adult in nature and I’m interested in seeing it).

Yogi, is Nice Guys the movie about the old-timey gangsters robbing banks? I think I saw that on a flight once many years ago… I may be confusing that with another movie, though.


na it’s Ryan Reynolds and Russell Crowe as a couple of private investigators in the 70s.

I highly recommend it.


Watched this again. Still like it.


Omg Jason Bourne SUCKED!!! It’s worse than Bourne Legacy.

A completely, utterly redundant and absurd plot.


I think I know why:


Saw the movie Warrior last night. Wasn’t bad, Nick Nolte plays a dad who watches both his sons fight in an MMA tournament.


Suicide Squad

This is the kind of awful movie that had the potential to be really good. Looks like some dumb shit happened during the editing process that turned it into an incoherent, thematically inconsistent mess. Loved the characters though, especially one that they REALLY shouldn’t have killed off. Probably worth watching just to see them since they’ll be appearing in future installments and crossovers.


Agreed. It’s unbelievable to me that a competent director like Ayer can get performances from his actors that are this good and still fail this bad. I blame Zack Snyder, because this film has some of the exact same issues that BvS did. Margot Robbie was amazing. Will Smith was great. Viola Davis was great. Jai Courtney was pretty good. All of that, yet the movie is still well below average. I liked it better than BvS, but it’s still considerably worse than the worst Marvel movie (Iron Man 3 IMO).


Haven’t read through this thread for some time now.

Martian to me was a fantastic movie. I could possibly put it in the top 10 movies of all time. The climax towards the end of it is one of the most moving scenes I can remember seeing.

I also really like his statement at the end about solving problems. Something along the lines of " You encounter a problem, you then work to finding a solution to that problem, and just keep going"

9.5 out of 10



Watched Suicide Squad last night, too.

I don’t think it deserves to get eviscerated by critics, but it could have been a lot better. I’ll echo others, the actors themselves were good. It was just kind of all over the place and felt rushed, there were scenes that just seemed like they were randomly thrown in there without much thought, and stuff that didn’t make much sense.

This movie doesn’t help DC gain any ground on Marvel in the movies, that’s for sure.


Train to Busan (Korean)

I don’t usually watch Korean movies but I couldn’t resist a zombie flick. And holy fucking shit, this is one of the greatest zombie flicks ever made!


Donnie Yen in a Star Wars movie??? Omfg!!!


How’d you watch it?

Do they release Korean films in U.S. cinemas now?


I’m not from the U.S. I think you’ll probably get at least a limited release there since this movie is currently breaking box-office records in Asia.


why not? There’s some brilliant ones. Surely you’ve seen Oldboy? What about A Bittersweet Life?


The Lobster

A weird, deadpan, black comedy set in the future where if you fail to find a romantic partner you are turned into an animal of your choice.

Mehhhh, it was ok I suppose. It started better than it ended.


Nah I meant the mainstream movies.