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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


oh emm gee

You are so dead to me


Yeah the fight in the forest seriously blew me away.


Lol what do people have against Transformers? Is it because of Michael Bay? I’ve never watched a Michael Bay film I didn’t enjoy other than The Island.


No you son of a dog - after all your Aliens bashing you go and proclaim your love for that CGI fest?

You are the epitome of worst.


Alright alright, I’ll be fair. I’ve never watched Aliens in full so my review of it may be biased.

But that’s because I keep falling asleep and waking up at the end!


You are dead to me. :rageguy:


Aw come on! All I remember from Aliens at this very moment are the cat, that guy from Mad About You and Lance Henrickson getting cut in half!

No wait, Michael Biehn was in some obscure role wasn’t he?


Game over man…


I refuse to let you lead me up this garden path again.

You, sir, are a toerag.


I watched the film in an actual IMAX theater.

The fight in the forest is easily one of the better cinematic experiences I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing.


I’ve watched a lot of movies recently:

Green Room - Really good suspense/horror. It’s about a punk rock band that, out of desperation, plays a gig at a backwoods white supremacist bar and witnesses something they shouldn’t have. They end up being surrounded by Neo-Nazis that want to kill them. Stars Anton Yelchin, Patrick Stewart, and Imogen Poots. 8.5/10

Standoff - Extremely simple plot: Little girl witnesses a hitman (Lawrence Fishburne) doing his thing. He sees her, she runs and ends up at an old farmhouse where a down-on-his-luck ex-soldier (Thomas Jane) lives. The hitman follows her there and the ex-soldier holes up and tries to keep the girl safe. I like that there was very little fucking around before they dove right into the central conflict. All of the backstory was delivered after the fact, while tension was already established. I wish more movies were structured like this. Pretty solid flick; definitely some weak dialogue in spots, but it was believable and it sure as hell didn’t waste any time. 7.5/10

Dope - “Dorky” black teenager with potential gets into shenanigans trying to find where he fits in as a black man that’s not like other black men in South Central LA. Really fun, engaging movie. It’s basically a coming-of-age tale, but one that we haven’t seen yet. 8.5/10

Filth - James McAvoy is a police detective and also the most conniving human being alive. This was an excellent character study of someone that’s gone too far over the edge to ever find their way back. 8/10

ACOD (Adult Children of Divorce) - Stars Adam Scott as the titular ACOD trying to get his hostile divorced parents to attend his brother’s wedding without being assholes to each other. It’s supposed to be a comedy; I got 1/3 of the way through didn’t find anything amusing, so I turned it off. 2/10

The Shallows - Good grief, Blake Lively is stunning. She goes surfing at a “secret” beach in Mexico and gets attacked by a shark. Really suspenseful and entertaining, but it did kinda jump the rails into fucking retarded territory during the final climax. The first 2/3 is easily a 9/10, but the last 1/3 is more like a 5.5. That comess out to a 7.8; definitely worth a watch, and it was a beautiful thing to look at on the big screen.

The Purge: Election Year - I love The Purge franchise. The concept is incredibly compelling. The first movie wasted the concept somewhat by trying to turn it into a clone of The Strangers. It was too small for such a high-minded concept; that said, I still liked it a lot. Anarchy did a better job showing the scope of the full Purge, and the resistance to it. This one goes further than Anarchy, and I think it’s almost as good; there are definitely a few things holding it back though. I thought the presidential candidate (Elizabeth Mitchell???) was way too naive and “girl power”-ish considering her expertise and the world she lives in. The store owner (Mykelti Williamson) was supposed to be the comic relief, but he ended up just annoying the shit out of me half the time. The black school girl with a sweet tooth is so off-the-wall that every scene she’s in feels as contrived and forced as humanly possible; seriously, people don’t act like that. The head of the NFFA is also too over-the-top in his scenes at the end. That being said, Frank Grillo is great in this role, and the girl that plays Laney Rucker is pretty awesome; plus, the way this parallels our political attitudes and discourse in the US right now is perfect, and terrifying. 7/10



Finally saw Force Awakens.

To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. It’s basically “A New Hope” but with Han’s kids instead of Luke. (Unless Disney is messing with Lucas’ own story). I mean almost the entire plot of the movie is a repeat of episode IV.

Kylo is way too much of a pussy. And if he turns good later I call mega bullshit. You can’t slaughter your father in cold blood and ever turn good again. The temper tantrums were… Family Guy esk, and the whole “hasn’t finished his training” isn’t consistent. ie: stopping a blaster ray fro that long, feeling Fin change etc, doesn’t fit with the storyline that supports the temper tantrums and him being ultimately a massive pussy.

Ray is a quality character and the actress is hot as hell.

Fin is a fresh take on the stormtrooper, and I like it. Even though he’s supposed to be a clone of BobbaFet.

Some of the comic relief was… Too much.

End of the day, if I hadn’t grown up with Episodes IV-VI I’d give this movie a 95%. But seeing as I have grown up with them, I give it an 80, with 10 points be awarded based on the casting of Rey.


He’s actually not, though… The first order stormtroopers aren’t clones.

I liked it, but ya, it was very much A New Hope re-made.

Did not like Kylo Ren either. Hopefully he dies soon…


Yeah, apparently Disney is fucking up the story and making Rey Luke’s daughter? (No idea, but if true, fuck Disney.)

But anyway, Rey should be his sister, and Kylo shouldn’t be getting his ass kicked to that degree by her, no matter how unfinished his training, irrelevant who’s damn kid she is. She has no understanding of the force at all…

Ugh, so frustrated so I’m nit picking like crazy now. It was a good movie, well done, only a handful of awkward scenes, but I got so pissed at the New Hope Reboot plot that I started being hyper critical, like with Episodes I-III.


Someone else mentioned that too. Apparently in my blind rage I’ve missed this entire part, lol.


I’ve heard that rumor as well, but there are others too. There’s one where she’s like the reincarnation of the force itself or something…


Ya, I thought the end fight was pretty stupid. She’s getting her ass kicked and then fucking closes her eyes and bam she’s a fucking jedi, come on…

It’s a pretty quick scene, easy to miss.

I did really like the dynamic between Finn and Rey, I thought that was the strongest part. Han was okay, but I thought bringing most of the old characters back was a mistake. I mean, why was Carrie Fisher even in the move?


There are a bunch:


Poor Carrie Fisher, lol. She sounds like she’s done two too many Tony Montana piles of blow…

Worst part about fin is, in today’s social justice climate they wont’ make him the badass anti-hero we all want and deserve. He’ll be a effeminate pussy that comes out on top through luck and cowardice, saved by Rey over and over rather than teaming up with her to save the universe. In the third movie he’ll come out as a gender fluid gay man who married a wookie former sex slave or some stupid PC bullshit.

Han shot first!


Fuck that noise. She is Kylo’s sister, Leia’s kid. End of story, period, full stop.

God damn it Disney, dont’ fuck this up.


Oh, I donno man. He kept crying about getting away from the First Order, but when they attacked he went looking for Rey and volunteered to go to the planet with the Super Death Star thingy to save Rey. He did get saved by her a few times, though…

I think they’ll do fine by Finn.