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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


I didn’t even know about those things since I’ve never read any of the comics but I’ve already found so many things wrong with the movie lol.

And to be fair, I watched Thor: The Dark World today and it sucked and I don’t think any Marvel movie can possibly be bad as that hack Ang Lee’s Hulk.


The first Punisher with Dolph and the Captain American movie back in the day were a sight to behold lol.


They hide on a ship orbiting earth for 6 years drinking coffee and playing pinball. They can’t even hit 1,000,000 points on pinball. Pathetic.


I said this prior to the release in another thread. To the fuckers who were making youtube videos and the 4chan or whatever INCELS posting that Captain Marvel was going to flop and encouraging the ratings bombing because you thought that would affect the outcome. You are seriously just as economically illiterate as AOC. Jesus Christ.

455 million worldwide box office gross.

There was no way this movie was going to flop. China would have lapped it up even if the US didn’t.

Stop this shit. You’re acting exactly like the media shills. Even worse, all you’re doing is proving you’re an even less credible source of information than them and the media and the fringe lunatics on the the other side will be using YOU as PROOF that everyone is sexist.



Not saying anything political, but these filmmakers need to get out and see how real refugees from the 3rd world behave before depicting a fucking Starbucks latte guzzling hipster’s idea of them to make a political statement. Not saying people shouldn’t root for them, but give an honest depiction before you tell people to.


Captain Marvel

It was bad. Brie Larson was TERRIBLE; her performance was flat and completely devoid of any personality. The attempts at “humor” were mostly ineffective. The action was boring. The cat was mildly amusing, and I liked seeing Ronin The Accuser again (thought he was a cool villain in Guardians). I thought the SJW “girl power” shit was pretty mild. It just wasn’t a good movie. At all.

I have a terrible feeling that this character is going to completely ruin Endgame.

Side note: If she can fly through space, why does she still run slow as fuck? That was weird.


Jurassic World 2 (don’t remember the rest of the title)

I liked it. It wasn’t good, but I was entertained. My girls watched it with me and I think I was more amused by them freaking out than I was by the movie itself. Anyways, it’s on HBO now so you can watch it for free if you have HBONow. 6/10

Recently finished the first season of You on Netflix. It was ok. Lots of stupid shit (like Joe somehow managing to be undetected and within earshot of Beck and her friends countless times after they’ve all met him already), and the ending was disappointingly predictable. The characters are pretty much all unlikeable. Joe is a pathetic male feminist weasel. Beck is a dipshit cum dumpster. The female friends are ridiculous cartoons. Despite all that, the show still manages to be somewhat compelling. 5.5/10

Also watching Godless on Netflix right now. I’m only 2 episodes in (out of 7) but it seems pretty good so far. There is some anachronistic SJW, “I don’t need no man” bullshit going on here too, which is annoying. Hopefully it doesn’t get too much worse or it will definitely ruin the show.


That is my main concern. As soon as I saw Nick fury send out that signal I was worried. They better not make her out to be some kind of savior.


I agree with you about him constantly going unnoticed just a few tables over or across the street. That was pretty ridiculous but also kind of necessary for the story line. Almost all movies have to take liberties in one way or another. Compared to some, I could live with the liberties they took in You.

I don’t agree about the predictable ending. I not only didn’t see THAT coming but I’d say it was one of the best and most unpredictable endings I’ve seen for a show in a long time.


To be fair to the show, the acting performances are pretty great. Also, “dipshit cum dumpster” was too harsh. Beck’s character is probably a pretty normal representation of a single woman living in a big city now. Especially one with her family history. She’s really pretty well-adjusted when you take that into consideration.


Watched two documentaries that I really enjoyed:

Free Solo - very interesting seeing the impact pushing the limits has on friends and family. I was literally palm sweating watching the last 30 min.

Behind the Curve - Documenting flat earthers. Really good that it didn’t hit too hard, while touching on the absurdity of it. Reminds me of people in a cult who find identity, community, and a cause they can connect on. The ending was a perfect touch.


Just watched The Dawn Wall on Netflix.

Excellent documentary. Well worth a watch.

Reminded me a lot of Meru. Also a good documentary worth watching.


The BBC series Planet Earth is absolutely amazing (if you’re into that kind of stuff).


I watched Holmes and Watson because I’m a fucking idiot.


Watched the latest Avengers end game trailer. I’m just not feeling it for some reason I really know I should but I’m not.


Same, watched the trailer last night and felt pretty ‘meh’ about it. Wasn’t enough big booms for my small brain, I guess haha


It’s not the lack of booms on my end. I already have a rough idea that some form of alternate dimensional or time line travel will be key. I want to see how they pull it off without it feeling cheap and creating plot holes you can drive a truck through.


The trailer feels like it’s running off pure hype and so gives virtually no information.

There’s nothing shown to get excited about.


I’m pretty sure Vers will show up and just walk all over Thanos with some girl power song playing in the background.


OH FUCK please don’t do this!!!


Be positive. Maybe it will have another cat in it! :slight_smile: