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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


Wow, SJWs, you gave them an excuse to show favoritism to “approved news outlets”, which are larger channels which already have much more subscribers. Which means you make it even harder for smaller channels to compete.

Now apply this to the government and regulations.

You think it’s really capitalism, i.e, the free market, that’s the main cause of the formation of monopolies and oligarchies, you stupid fucks?

First, I did not like the rating bombing by trolls prior to the movie’s release. I called them INCELS. It was disgusting. I defended Brie Larson’s statements because these small channels were purposefully misconstruing her words.

However, “approved media outlets” were fucking LYING when they reported on this. They claimed the movie was “REVIEW BOMBED” with “fake reviews”, which implies these trolls were being dishonest by reviewing a movie they had not seen, which “justified” an intervention by the powers that be. It was NOT REVIEW BOMBED.

When you selected either “not interested” or “want to see” before this function was removed, you could also add a comment in the box before posted it.

When you added a comment, it was automatically added to the “AUDIENCE REVIEWS” page by Rotten Tomatoes. They were NOT REAL REVIEWS. You can go see for yourselves by skipping to the earlier “reviews” on the audience reviews page. People were writing “I’ll skip it”, or “Brie Larson says this movie is not for me”(lol). They were not reviewing the movie. They were citing reasons why they were skipping it. These are just angry males living in their parents’ basements, not fucking liars.

Until now, the media is still lying about this. The amount of dishonesty is the same as those small channels on youtube.

In every industry, the amount of people on one end who try to disrupt something are usually balanced by shills and other stuff on the other end. It’s just the way the world works when you give people the freedom to do their own shit. You don’t cry to Daddy to regulate something whenever you get your feelings hurt because you end up artificially tipping the scale towards one end, the end you thought was “moral” and “just” because they told you what you wanted to hear.

When you cry to Daddy again later when this end gets too powerful and influential, they have already amassed too much resources to be taken down and Daddy is burrowed too deep in their pockets. The real loser in the end will be YOU.


So captain marvel’s really good, yeah? Cool. I’ll be sure to check it out


It was a lot better than A Wrinkle in Time. If you want every movie you watch to look like Citizen Kane, watch A Wrinkle in Time first.


Yes they do … years of miseducation about free markets economics’ll do that


The funny part is everyone loves these characters.


Because they’re toxic masculine fantasies from an increasingly impotent male society. The future is female. Let go of your delusions, or cling to them and walk off into the vast wasteland alone like Mad Max at the end of Fury Road.


54 years old and proud of my immaturity


Anna Kendrick isn’t built enough to play a superhero role. I still hold out hope someone in hollywood will cast Amanda Righetti as a superhero. She’s gorgeous, statuesque and she will fill out the backside. Especially if she’s got six months to train for the role.


Just to press my point:


Amanda Righetti was used as a SHIELD agent in the 2011 Captain America movie.

Also, imo, she does not have a “fill the screen” persona. Watched her on The Mentalist for lots of episodes.


To each his own I guess. I discovered her on Mentalist and I watched the show mostly for her. It was basically a cute show but when she got booted, I never watched another episode.


Oh, I agree that she’s hot. I’ve even watched her Hallmark movie lol.

But to become a “movie star” (or just to get a starring role in a big budget film), you need to have the larger than life thing on screen, and she does not.


Watched the new Marvel movie. Let me just say, it was an Academy performance. Wow, a true coming out story of a girl rising to become a woman, who is unstoppable. Not only does she become invincible, taking fire from spaceships, crashing into space ships and finally, blowing up a star destroyer, but she also saves intergalactic refugees. Also, as the main protagonist transforms into a powerful woman, the refugees devolve from a very capable enemy with technology never seen before to become whiny victims.



I know you’re joking a lot here, but I do think it’s an issue with how people are seemingly glorifying more and more one-man armies that strike down the corrupt and evil.

It is a power fantasy, and I do think people are buying into them more and more because they feel powerless against what they perceive as injustices.

The stories told tend to directly reflect the issues and anxieties that fill that particular time.

I do think it is unfortunate that characters like Rambo star from being very human character and turned into a hyper-masculine super soldier.


To be fair, I’m not sure there was anywhere else they could take the character after the conclusion of the first movie.

Also, I’m thankful they did what they did with him or we wouldn’t have this:

He VAPORIZED the dude on the jeep LOLOLOL!!!

I think the Rambo movies were just angry. Very fucking angry at shit going on in the world. They became exercises in pure catharsis for the audience after the first movie.


Could we argue that movies like Captain Marvel are catharsis for women?


I’m sure we can. But that would imply that women are weak and emotionally fragile from the way they depict her “oppression”. I’ll give you an example.

In a scene from the movie that symbolizes her struggles in the military since there’s only one fucking scene of her struggling in the military, Brie Larson falls off the high ropes during boot camp. Everybody laughs. MEN BAD! OMG how could they do this to her? Everyone knows boot camp is like a kid’s holiday camp! They’re supposed to be having fun and toasting mashmellows!

The FIRST DAY of boot camp, the fuckers made us carry our beds and lockers from our bunk down 3 fights of stairs and assemble in the parade square at 3am for a spot check just to fuck with us. There were idiots still half asleep in their underwear. You can imagine what kind of hilarity and ensued and how much they mocked us lol. Brie Larson fell off the ropes in slow motion and everybody laughs! Oh how she suffered!

But, seriously, I don’t mind as long as they MAKE A GOOD MOVIE. Also, imagine Marvel makes a movie today for the red pill guys with lots of grievances(some valid) against women with that big of a budget. What do you think will happen lol?


Agreed, it was just shitty writing. The more I think about it, the worse it is. They lead you to believe the enemy of the skree are a capable enemy. At the end, there’s literally 12 of them and they’re depicted as pathetic. Not only that, but in the hand to hand combat with Vers on the train, they’re fairly equal. At the end, it’s like their shapeshifting powers are gone and they can’t fight.

My wife told me I’m being too critical and missed the joy of the movie.


Exactly. It’s so fucking Mary Sue it’s not funny. They just invent shit that makes no sense including suddenly modifying the characters to fit the plot.


How do you like the fact that Nick Fury lost his eye to probably Cat Scratch Fever lol? They turned what was originally assumed to be a heroic sacrifice for his country into a punchline.


The more spoilers I hear about the movie as a former comic nerd the more i am like WTF!!
Really ? the actual Kree Mar- vel is now a women and the Skrulls are now nothing more than some oppressed alien race.