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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


Grrr… just wait. I’ll be able to complain to your government soon for hateful posts like this.


That’s clearly a hate crime, @polo77j


Say what you will about Anna Kendrick, at least you notice and pay attention to her.

It’s too bad Brie Larson is so boring. I feel the same way about Scarlett Johansson. Totally uncharismatic and hard to care about. I find Naomi Watts (for example) way way more sympathetic and engaging.


You’re on my list too, you fascist.


Agreed. I couldn’t think of another movie that Brie Larson was in until I looked it up. I t hink Johansson is fine as black widow, but not amazing or anything.


I’m lost- what is that supposed to satirize?

Is it trying to say that Brie Larson has no personality in the film?


That’s just gross. I’d bet pancake-butt Bri does wonders for the average woman’s self esteem just by looking at that flapjack. I wonder how much CGI they had to use to make it look like she ‘filled out’ a suit that was likely already TAILORED TO FIT HER. Would not hit.


So opinions that are disliked by SJWs should be illegal. Hmm.

They really are little tyrants, aren’t they.


Tyrants? Semantics. What’s important is they’re the moral ones.


I would guess it’s something along those lines, but I don’t think it was a deeply thought out dig or anything. Given the reactions some have had to the film and Larson, I just thought it was funny.








Google AOC and “cheap seats”. Not gonna post it in this thread.


Good old AOC … the gift that keeps on taking


Felt like a cheap-shot by the same people who hated Fury Road to me.


This is off-topic, but I am genuinely curious what’ll happen to the Democratic Party once all the diversity they’re trying to promote starts to lead to… actual diversity of opinion within the party.

That’s what bothers me with all this push for diversity. I get the feeling that many people have a really superficial view of what diversity is- like it’s either definable merely by some title or word attached to a person(Muslim/Jew/LGBT) or just different food cultures.

But I think that’s a really superficial level of diversity, because it flat-out ignores the diversity of opinion that inevitably comes when you attempt to make ideologies into a marginalized group that needs more representation.

Ilhan Omar is an example of this.

We have a Muslim elected to Congress who isn’t afraid to speak what she believes in. Great. It’s fairly obvious she has antisemitic opinions.

Your move Democratic Party. I find the way you’re reacting to this so far … amusing.

This push for more female-centric movies seem similar to this. It feels really superficial.

Furiosa is arguably one of the greatest female leads ever written and acted, but I very much doubt that many of the SJW or those who wrote praise for Captain Marvel even remember Fury Road at this point.

And I find that sad.

Ilhan Omar just keeps on giving.


Yeah. People just don’t fucking get this.

Fury Road was a bloody feminist and progressive manifesto but nobody was talking about it.

Hierarchies, the patriarchy, the 1 percent, resource hoarding, eugenics, hyper masculinity, fascism, religious zealotry, car worship, guns, war, using females for breeding…

The archetypal male hero is finally depicted as what he’s supposed to be. A pariah. He’s a mentally disturbed loner left to survive on his basic instincts. Not Clint Eastwood in the Dollars Trilogy. That’s wrong. Clint Eastwood’s character should have been like this. He’s not a fucking Alpha. He’s the Omega, the outcast. This is real post modernist(sorry guys lol) deconstruction shit.

The religious zealot is turned atheist through nurture instead of coercion, and makes his final sacrifice to protect the secular collective instead of the self-serving promise of Valhallah.

The heroes learn that social cohesion is the key to dismantling the hierarchy, not rugged individualism. The tyranny of the patriarchy is finally overthrown in place of egalitarianism, which is matriarchal in nature.

All the other makers of these large scale “feminist” movies are fucking NOOBS compared to George Miller. They’re just a bunch of virtue signaling posers.


Hey!!! WTF!!! You guys STFU!!!

When youse guys desecrate The Legend of The Man With No Name, you have crossed the line!


Lol I just had to say it. Fury Road was George Miller’s apology for empowering the patriarchy by contributing to the male perception of masculinity because of The Road Warrior, which was based on the same type of character The Man With No Name was based on.

See? A Ronin is a PARIAH. A LOSER lol!

The following characters were also influenced by Yojimbo:

Snake Pliskin, Paul Kersey, Frank Castle, John Rambo, Han Solo, The Wolverine, John Wick, Leon…

P.S. Y’all know I’m half joking, right…