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The Return of Even More Movies You've Watched This Week III


What about his music?


You seriously have to go to amazon and read the reviews from 2005 onwards.


How to end a shark movie in 5 minutes:


Saw Equalizer 2 this weekend past. Action was pretty good but can’t say the same thing with the movie. The best part was his interactions with the kid that he was trying to keep out of a gang. I kind of wish they had of fleshed that part out more and made it a bigger part of the movie but oh well


I loved it. What I like about those types of movies is that they aren’t too deep. They’re like the McDonalds of movies. If that’s what you feel like watching, it delivers. No real introspection required. I’d put it with Lethal Weapon, Die Hard etc.


Thanks. Will wait until Netflix.


I agree to an extent. I feel like if it had of committed to the paint by numbers revenge action flick it could be there with Lethal Weapon and Die hard but it tried to be more introspective by exploring Denzel’s character and it failed both the revenge action flick and introspective bit.


I just watched “The Endless” online. It’s a very low budget scifi/horror film, but I really enjoyed it.


I really enjoyed The Sinner. It’s an 8 episode series available on Netflix. In my opinion Jessica Biel earned her actor stripes in her leading role. She was great. Bill Pullman also did a terrific job with his character.

This series is binge worthy.


Saw a film/ mini series called der kommer en dag (the day will come). It is loosely based on a true story centred around abuse in orphanages in the 1960’s, specifically in Denmark. The film is about these two boys (age 10 and 13) who are removed from their mother (ill) and put in an orphanage, in the orphanage they and all it’s inhabitants are subjected to varying degrees of abuse and degredation, very depressing but powerful movie… worth a watch, it’s actually a very good film. After watching I was prompted to look up various information on the history of many orphanages and I was fairly shaken by what I found. It really irritates me when people prey on those who are weaker and smaller than they are, seriously these are fucking children!!! It’s sick to think someone would derive pleasure from hurting a child.


Agreed. I binged this one on Netflix over the weekend when my in-laws were in to see their grandbaby.

I’ve always like Jessica Biel, and Pullman was an excellent ‘man in need of being taught he’s a baaaaad boy.’


I turned it off after 5 mins because the intro looked so low budget and amateurish(I’ve been burnt by too much low budget horror crap that were worse than student films lol.).

Then I gave it another chance after reading your post and watched the whole film. It was pretty good!


Last weekend I went to see Mama Mia two with my daughters. I don’t like musicals but by god I enjoyed the movie regardless. Contrary to obvious plot holes and my abhorrence for random singing in movies I got into it.


The Meg

Meh… The shark is too big to use the normal shark movie tropes. Why the fuck are you trying to hide the shark like the first Jaws did? It’s MASSIVE. You can’t create suspense like this. But that’s what they did till the last act which had one awesome, over-the-top 3 second scene of Jason Statham fucking the shark up. Everything else was just felt weird. They should have just gone nuts and made the shark start fucking shit up like taking down helicopters and tearing naval warships apart or something.


worth a watch in a so-bad-it’s-good kinda way?


No. It wasn’t bad, just mediocre. This was made partly for the China market and Chinapersons don’t appreciate this type of humor. E.g, you know when The Rock ripped the bench from the ground in his cell and started curling it in that Fast and Furious movie? They took it seriously.


not sure if serious


Saw the equalizer 2, was meh, not as good as the first one, there was nothing better on. Blackkklansman comes out soon, can’t wait for that one


Watching this Netflix doco series I am a killer. It’s like watching mindless crap that isn’t important but it’s interesting to get some insight into the mind of killers


Along with the Gods 2: The Last 49 Days (Korea)

Fantasy drama from Korea starring the MMA dude from Train to Busan. This was like a masterclass in story telling. Highly recommended. Unfortunately, to understand this movie, you will have to watch the first part, which is the kind of Korean drama designed to make schoolgirls and housewives cry and the MMA dude wasn’t in it.

Note: 49 days is the length of time between death and reincarnation in non-communist Korean and Chinese mythology.


Mile 22

I watched this for the dude from The Raid. I expected it to be bad. It’s ok, I’m used to watching crap. Just want to see the fight scenes. WRONG. It was HORRIBLE. Nothing worked. You can’t see the fight choreography because they decided to film the entire movie like the Bourne Identity sequels with that stupid shaky cam. There’s lots of shooting but you don’t know who the fuck is shooting who because this director has no idea about the simple concept of geography(watch ANY John Mctiernan movie to see how this is done right even with a shaky cam). They tried to go gritty “realism” but the plot is too fucking dumb. And Mark Walberg talks too much. Fuck this movie. Fuck it.