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The Resveltening Begins (5'10, 231lbs)


Alright, so I bulked from 187 to 231. I'm at 19.5% bf in these.

Bench went from 285*1 max to 340, row from 265 to 320, deadlift from 400 to 470, squat from 345-400. Incline bench from 235-275.

First pic....I actually have some lat width to show FUCKING FINALLY.




front double bi....could flare my lats again for some reason. I'm just sore.


Side leg




Are you gonna IF/feast?




Better get onto that treadmill, bro...


Going with Tabatas, Sprinting, and Carries


I think it's hilarious that most BBers TRY and gain weight. Most people with your body type (without muscle) would spend years trying to "lose their gut"....but we seek out the size, then when we decide to cut, we do it, and it only takes 12-16 weeks! LOL at average suckers. I work at a gym, and a guy came in and said that a doc told him he has a fatty liver. My manager said that he should run once a week to, "Increase the adrenaline flow in the body, which will burn more calories all week."

HAHAHAHAHA that was the most rediculous thing I've EVER heard! Accipter, you got some BF, but I'm confident that you'll look ripped as hell soon! It's hard to walk around carrying BF. I'm tempted at times to shed my winter coat and get shredded up, but I know that every week i continue my bulk is another week closer to looking the way I want to. Good luck my friend.


Thanks for the support! I'm aiming to cut to around 200-205 @ 7-8% bf. I don't mind having a gut in the Winter...it keeps me warm lol


I know it's hard but stick with it, man...
Interval will sort you out in no time.


I think I've seen you say somewhere that you've been cut before. Do you have any pics? Also, what are you going to do in terms of diet/training? Are you going to do IF/feast? Are you going to change your training routine or just add cardio? Lol at the winter coat too! I like to stay a bit more svelt in the winter, b/c in Cali there is no winter...So I do sprints once a week and do some steady state/one pulse fast a week. But great work, awesome strength increases. I can't wait to BB Row 320 pounds....


oh ya!


Yah, I've bulked and cut a few times before...I have to replace a hard drive on my computer and most of the pics are on a backup I have. So you'll have to stomach a 'hawt abzzzz' picture. I'm 183 in this one. I respond best to carb cycling. I'm around 5000 calories at the end of the bulk per day. I'm walking it down over the next 6 weeks or so by a few hundred per week. I have a spreadsheet lol. I'll probably end up around 3200 or so. When I get down to like 3600 cals/day I'm going to start going low carb (around 35 net) on my conditioning day.

As for the routine; cutting or bulking I respond best to an upper/lower heavy/light split. Although honestly during this bulk it became upper/lower heavy/heavier lol. On the light days during the cut I'm going to add some o-lifts in, so snatches, maybe hang cleans. The rest of the routine will remain focused almost entirely on big compound movements.

My conditioning days are usually Tues & Fri. During the bulk it was just one tabata of something like ball slams or KB swings. Maybe a complex here or there. Now it's going to be a complex on Tuesdays followed by some heavy carries, there was a great article here on carries earlier in February. Friday will be a tabata & some core work. When it thaws out a little bit more I'm going to throw in sprinting on Saturdays over at Harvard's track since I live a 3 minute walk from it.

Again pardon the red hawt abbbzzzz photo, I'll have to dig up other post-cut pics


This is the first week of September, I was 10.5% @ 187 here


hahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahaha glad to see you saved that picture


Since you've bulked up and cut up before, do you notice any hangy/loose skin? Obviously you're NOWHERE near obese, but I wonder if the same kind of hanging skin happens when you gain 30 to 50 pounds in a shortish amount of time. And damn, you cut on 3,200 kcals a day? I'm bulking on around 3,500 to 4,000 kcals a day, but I'm only 195ish...