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The Research on Antagonistic Training?

From A Simpleton’s Guide to Poliquin Principles I:

“Well, amazingly, research has shown that you’ll achieve better recuperation by performing a set for an antagonistic body part in-between sets.”

The reason I like Lonnie Lowery is he always posts the references at the bottom so people can look up the research. It always bugs me when people just say “research shows” or “there was a study that”.

It’s not that I think TC or Poliquin or whoever is lying, I just don’t know how much legwork was put into verifying this. Sometimes someone tells me that “research has shown X”, so I just repeat this to a friend without ever seeing the research myself.

Sorry for the rant though, but can anyone confirm/cite the research on the neurological benefits of antagonist supersetting?

I’ve felt more refreshed or recovered doing antagonist training, but I was taking longer in between each set of the same body part exercise.

For example, if I did straight sets of chins with 60s between each set, versus antagonist sets of chins and push presses, with 60s between each exercise, there’s much more time between sets of chins in the antagonist sets vs. the straight sets. I’d be interested to hear how these studies have controlled for that.