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"The Republic is Dead"


I don’t often post on PWI and I don’t know much about politics. I know, I despise politicians on both sides and feel that our country is under attack from within. I would like to see “leaders” either Democratic or Republican put their petty differences aside and lead from the front. I want leaders who will work for the best, to insure a strong country and a strong populace.

I was sent this article this morning. I can identify with the author’s viewpoint, because, like him , I have been there. I am also very torn on everything now, having spent the last 14 years fighting the enemy. Now, just what the fuck was I fighting for? My country which I don’t even recognize anymore?

Anyway, their are a lot of posters here on PWI much smarter than me, I thought this article would open a few eyes to those who have not experienced combat. Granted, it is long, but, it should provide of fuel for your debates.

One thing that stood out to me is the authors love of American culture and his aggravation at American culture being lost. What makes up the American culture he is so fond of? Is it a different American culture than someone from a different part of the country experienced?

The author mentions that taxation is theft. The people who promoted that idea also did not believe in the concept of the common good. They believed that democracy was a way for the majority to tyrannize the minority. In other words they did not believe in the Constitution. They also supported policies (this is during the beginnings of the Civil Rights Movement in the 50s) that discriminated against blacks and would ultimately, if moral heads did not prevail, make them a permanent underclass with no access to education or the right to vote. This is what happened in Virginia where blacks and poor whites were disenfranchised and there was an attempt to eradicate public education in order to prevent desegregation of schools. The governor actually ordered some public schools closed. Vouchers were introduced but poor whites and blacks were unable to take advantage of them and go to private school. In Prince Edward County public schools were closed for 5 years. Men like Milton Friedman knew what the school voucher system was doing to public education and its effects on blacks (they pretty much did not receive an education) yet he supported it.

In short, the author is supporting the Constitution and our Republic yet invoking ideas from people who would rip it up and start over (with the condition that they don’t have to get back in line and start over as well). Friedman in fact, supported both legal and illegal immigration.

As far as giving medical care to the enemy: that’s the Christian thing to do. It’s what separates us from the enemy.

I don’t get that logic.
You try to kill someone, if he isn’t immediately dead, you try to heal him? But otherwise, it was perfectly acceptable to kill him?

You try to eliminate the threat, not kill the threat.

I got my teeny tiny saw out to split that hair haha.

I would think that if you tried to kill him, but wounded him such that he is no longer in the fight, it might be exceptionally cruel to leave him to more slowly die of his wounds. The closest to agreeing with it is they might euthanize the person. Another thing, there is the off chance that he would survive to be retrieved by his own side and fight again later.

Can someone die from hyperbole poisoning?

No, but they can turn into a shrieking little bitch.

The nation’s highest office is occupied by a crude, socially retarded Crony Capitalist snake-oil salesman, and people are shitting themselves over a handful of radical progressives. OMG COMMUNISM!!! Don’t worry, pumpkin, banks and oil companies are still in charge.

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Because you aren’t a murderer, you’re a soldier. Besides, being a Christian means accepting the illogical.