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The Renagade Diet

Hello, i am new to here and was just looking to find opinions on this diet. I have been following it for a few weeks now and feel awesome, my energy levels are up, strength is going up but having trouble gaining mass. What do changes would any of you guys make. Also, i have been training on an upper/lower split, with one sprint session per week and am starting 5/3/1 this coming week and going to commit to this routin for minimum of two years.

This is my diet:
Meal 1: Black coffee with Tbsp of organic grass fed butter or coconut oil.
Meal 2: 3 eggs with some oven roast organic turkey from local butcher and veg (spinach, onions, peppers etc)
Meal 3 (pre workout): organic full fat greek yoghurt, 1/2 to a full scoop protein powder, 2 tsp organic no added sugar cocoa powder, coconut oil and 100g mixed berries and greens drink.
Post Workout: BCAA immediatly after then 30 mins later 1 scoop whey with banana, honey and Nakd bar (raw fruit and nut bar).
Meal 4: Any type of meat or fish (beef, pork, chicken, salmon etc), 1 large sweet potatoe or white pototoes or white rice, large salad dressed in EVOO and a apple with 1-2 Tbsp natural almond or peanut butter.

Thanks in advance for any advice people give me. Also stats are dead lift 130 kg x 3 bench 70 kg x 3 hop 50 kg x 3 low bar back squat 100 kg x 3 body weight 140 lbs. pathetic body weight I know

you need to eat alot more, that looks like barely any food…