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The Regimen - Expert Opinions Needed

Update 2018: old thread where I was somewhat bashed. Progress posted one year later(scroll down), following the plan I had written here elongating each period to 2-3 months.
AAS idea scrapped until age of 24 at least as I seem to be making good enough gains, as suggested.

****Hey guys,

First of all this my first post on here(or any bodybuilding forum to be honest) but I am posting after heavily researching almost every aspect of bodybuilding that I could have for around 2 years.

Basically, I require opinions on the structure of my bodybuilding “schedule,” and I’ve chosen this site as it seems this forum has the most experienced members compared to all the others I’ve come across.

Some background info:
Currently 19 years old. First started lifting at the age of 16 but was not 100% serious (I was serious in the sense that I went regularly, ate clean but not the right amounts but relied heavily on supplements and wasn’t aware of various training methods. I was just following a 12 week program over and over again lol.)

However at the age of 17 I stopped going and completely gave up (got too hooked on partying, drugs, girls all of that. Past that phase now.)

Now I’m 19 and I’m 100% serious about adapting to the bodybuilding lifestyle, and I have been since I joined the gym back in September 2016. Since then I’ve combined the knowledge I’ve gained over the years to come up with this “schedule,” which I would like input on for improvements.

Note: I always had an ectomorphic frame, weighing 55kg at 5ft 11 in September. However I’ve always had broad wide shoulders, large traps (rarely train them for that reason) and a wide chest.

Firstly diet, I’ve stuck to this diet since September day in day out:

Meal 1
Cup of green tea
8 egg whites + 2 whole eggs scrambled
Shake made of:
500ml Avonmore protein milk (25g protein)
50g frozen blueberries
150g Oats
occasionally add 1-2tbsp to shake

Meal 2 (about 1-2hr later)
Protein shake, Apple, handful of almonds of peanuts

Meal 3
Toasted bagel
125g turkey breast

Meal 4 (before gym)
300g combination of sweet potato, normal potato and baby potato for carbs
125g pasta for carbs
With 250g chicken breast

Meal 5 (after gym)
125-150g rice (brown or white basmati)
300g lean beef steak

Meal 6
Full tub of cottage cheese (around 330ml I think)

Meal 7
200g Greek yoghurt with 100g protein granola (Kelkin hi protein brand granola)

Meal 8
Avonmore Protein Milk 500ml (25g protein)

2L of liquid water consumed/day

I stick to the above diet as it’s easy for me as a college student to prep my meals before hand and have them with me on the go. If there’s any changes one would make, what would you(s) suggest?

Also, as I’m trying to gain weight I do not stay 100% clean 24/7. Once a week or maybe 2 weeks I add a subway, or a pizza, or a burrito (something clean but bulky? I guess) to the diet, usually when I’m on a strength training period.

Next, the training regime, which is split into 3 “phases” (I have not researched or included a “cutting” phase as I don’t see a need for it in the near future for me personally)

Phase 1: strength training period of 5 weeks
Lots of sets (6-8 sets not including practice sets, done at maximum weight loss possible)
Low reps (4-6)
This is done at the start of the workout on the main "lifts"
Eg for chest either incline bench or flat bench (alternate every couple weeks)
For legs either front squat or back squat (alternate every couple weeks)
For back deadlifts
For shoulders barbell press (seated or standing)

Then after the main lifts I pick 2-3 other exercises involved on the muscle I’m focusing on, and do a set of 5x10 or 3x10 on them.

Rest period is 2-5 mins. As long as I need to recover fully.
All lifts are done at maximum weight load, in order to build strength, and rep speed is quick and explosive, in order to move the maximum amount of weight.

During this phase my muscles feel solid, strong and dense.

Phase 2: The bodybuilding phase - 4 weeks
This phase I move away from constantly staying at maximum weight load and involves rep ranges of 8-12, usually a pyramid of 12,10,10,8 on compound exercises or 5x15 on isolation exercises. Weight increases each set followed by a drop set.

This phase I focus more on muscle definition and size rather than strength, which involves slow muscle contractions, controlled movements for as many reps as I can and then once I’m unable to keep the slow movement, I finish the rest of the set with some speed. More of a mind-muscle connection compared to phase 1.

This time I do 5-6 exercises, with structure eg
Chest: 2 strength exercises, 1 fibre (x2)
(eg barbell bench, dumbbell bench, dumbbell fly) finish off with dips and push-up superset

Every week I try to change the exercises as much as I can, however during this phase I focus more on cable work.

Rest period 60-90s for compound
30s for isolation

During this phase my muscles feel less dense, lighter, but larger and more “bloaty”

Phase 3: Hypertrophy training (2-3 weeks)
Pick 5-6 exercises of muscle group I’m focusing on. Pick 60% of maximum weight I’m able to lift, and do 8x8 with 30s rest.
This type of workout is more of a cardio type workout for me, but at the same time forces muscles to grow well for me( I get stretch marks easily during this phase). Due to the short rest periods, cardiovascular exercise is included in this period, while in other phases I do cardio just once a week.

Lastly, supplementation:
When I was younger I went overboard on these, but now I realised all I need is a multivitamin, protein, creatine and bcaas.
I keep a pre workout but I use it sparingly (once a week maybe 2 weeks) and I only use it on a muscle group that I’m weak in (chest and legs).

I use the following:
Animal Pak
Animal Rage
My protein whey isolate
Myprotein 4:1:1 bcaa
5g micro creo everyday

I have made progress, morning weight went from 55kg to 66kg in 4 months, which may be due to some muscle memory from the past, not sure to be honest. Basically, I plan on keeping this “schedule” and would just like advice from people who are more experienced in this industry.

Also, regarding AAS, I have many friends that have been juicing since the age of 16, and now they’re huge beasts (100kg lean at 5 ft 8 for example lol), some don’t even use pct yet they seem to not get any of the sides I’ve read so much about on these type of forums. The only thing that has kept me from hopping on the juice is the advice and warnings on these forums.

I do not plan on using any AAS for at least 2 years, it depends on what level I’m at then, but I would still like advice on this first cycle plan.

Cycle 1:
Test E 500mg Wk 1-7 250mg Wk8
Dianabol (ED values) 30mg wk1 40mg wk2 50mg wk3-5 40mg wk6 20mg wk7 10mg wk8
Nolvadex (ED Values) 20mg wk 8+9, 10mg Wk10+11
Clomid (ED Value) 50mg Wk 9+10 25mg Wk11+12

I’m aware of the need of an AI when running such a cycle such as arimidex, but I’m unsure of how I would dose it and fit it in this cycle. Any input is appreciated.

Also, I’ve researched HCG and decided it’s a compound I’d leave out, if there’s anyone that vouches for such a compound, please explain why, and if possible share experiences with/without the use of HCG if possible.

And lastly, I’ve come across this “Time on + PCT = Time off” rule a lot, how true is this to stick to? I’m aware blood tests would be the best bet, however is there anyone that goes by this equation?

Any advice is appreciated, and if you’ve read up to here, I congratulate you, and appreciate your time.

Before I go any further, do you mean this to be “the regimen”, or is this actually some sort of regime?


Well this is an ironic statement. You weigh less than Gwyneth Paltrow.


The TL:DR is: I have no idea what I’m doing. Im envious of the kids around me who “juice” and I think all these inconsequential things are going to help me.


This is going to be interesting. :laughing:


I just read his handle :rofl::joy:

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At first I was like :thumbsup:

and then kept reading…

Forget about gear. Read 10 Dan John articles. Slap yourself.

Rinse and repeat.


I think I am going to try some of that " liquid water" and see if it helps. You know, as opposed to the “solid water” I have been doing. :grimacing: OMG! I’m sorry. I just cracked when I read that.


Maybe he’s Nordic and likes ice cubes.

It was the stretch marks for me.


Apologies, you were correct. I wrote this long ass thing first then wrote the title, apologies.

It’s still true, I was freakishly bony and my legs were toothpicks, felt as if the wind could’ve knocked me over, thankfully I’m no longer.

I was debating whether or not to even bring up AAS in this article for that very reason that people think I’m going to suddenly rely on them; I only brought it up as I felt I had already typed so much other shit, but due to the mindset of people here ignore the mention of AAS, and focus on the rest. It’s not something that’ll apply to me anytime soon.

Apologies for being over-technical. Studying mathematics does that to one’s brain.

I like the way people can point out aspects to joke about rather than actually help with regards to the diet and training method.

If anyone is actually able to take me seriously, I’d appreciate it.

And one more thing, the reason I said 2L of liquid water intake is due to the fact that there are water molecules inside the food one eats; think of pasta getting larger as you boil it.

Daily water intake would be a substantial amount larger than daily liquid water intake.

It looks like you’ve read a lot of articles and have tried to put your favorite parts of each into one training program. Like training method ADD.

Look at some of the logs and pre-contest training threads in the BB section. Look at what the guys who are doing it and winning are doing. There are some bona-fide pros on here that are very gracious with their time and know how.

Kudos on the enthusiasm. Now try to get into a long term progress mindset. Those 2-3 week stints aren’t going to add up to a hill of beans.

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I think this guy would benefit from the year-long training program article you linked a while back. I can’t do it from where I’m at so if you could help him out…

So you weigh next to nothing, probably aren’t very strong atm, and are following a “diet” at 19, but want to hop on gear. Your main issue is you said you’ve spent 2 years studying bodybuilding. If you studied anything about bodybuilding, youd know it would take much much more than two years. Also, you said you have large traps for your frame, which I find very hard to believe at your current weight. I’m not bashing you, just trying to get some knowledge in your skull and get you thinking right. “Juice” isn’t magic. You need to fucking eat before anything. You’ll be surprised how quick gain comes when you eat. The sooner you use without knowing how to, the worse of a position you’ll be in. Again, going back to bodybuilding, strength is going to be the basis to size. You won’t build as much size deadlifting 225 as you would pulling 500. Focus on building strength over size first and size will come if you eat a fuck ton. Throw away everything you think you know right now until you get to a point where you actually know things.


-this one i presume? Yeah good idea

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The reason people make fun of your posts is this right here. I know that there is f*cking water in food. Everyone knows that. This a is distinction without difference. Only intellectually insecure people make useless distinctions like this.

We have seen enough similar posts to know that you come on here with a long detailed post, then ask for advice, but you don’t want advice. You want to ensure everyone knows you’re smarter than us.

Your body doesn’t work this way. [quote=“gainsplz, post:1, topic:225264”]
This type of workout is more of a cardio type workout for me, but at the same time forces muscles to grow well for me( I get stretch marks easily during this phase). Due to the short rest periods,

How can you honestly come to this conclusion?? Short rest periods equate to stretch marks now?

These two things cannot exist concurrently. Your plan sucks. Do 5/3/1, Waterbury, what RampantBadger posted, really anything that you find on this site.

So… here’s my ‘official’ advice, follow one of the below author’s programs.





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I understand how a noob nowadays can be confused by strength vs hypertrophy training, but why on earth are you seperating bodybuilding and hypertrophy training into 2 different phases???


This thread hurts my heart… :cry:


Great stuff, this.

Who ever said that rural Western Pennsylvanians were dumb?

@gainsplz: enthusiasm is great, but you’re wayyyyyyy too far into the weeds at this point for your current level of progress. Re-read Skyzyk’s post here, then re-read it again until it sinks in. Less thinking, more eating and lifting. I understand the whole “I have an analytic mind” - I’m a PhD statistician - but save your brainpower for those mathematics classes, and keep this particular part of your life simple.