The Redemption and Road to 240

Backstory- Ok last spring i tried out for my college football team. i made the team…then a week before training camp i got a call telling me that i wasnt going to training camp…essentially i got cut a week before training camp.

This mad me bitter for a while and i was thinking about giving up…but a part of me said no, if you give up your pretty much proving everyone who told you you wouldnt be anything right. So im going to go hard…harder than anyone would ever imagine.

Goals- To have a 40 inch vert at 240 lbs and make the team this time around.
stats- wt-219
vert-25 inches
squat- 315x4 last time i checked

workout- i will be doing the 5/3/1 workout and next week incorporate the vertical jump bible workout into this

Week 1 Day 1

Military press

assitance work
5x10 db bench press-75 lbs (did 8 on last set)
5x20 DB ROWS- 70 lbs
5x20 tricep pushdowns 40 lbs (cheated alot on these sets, my arms were pretty much done)

notes- this was my first day doing this and it was pretty fun, i was exhausted towards the end of the workout, but felt pretty good.

week 1 day 2

385x3 (maxout)

assitance work
5x10 leg curls-110 for first set then bumped to 140 for final 4
5x10 lunges-50 lbs
5x20-hanging leg raises

notes-my legs felt like jello after the deadlifts and i felt like i couldve done a little more for the lunges, but overall it was a solid workout.

week 1 day 3

215x6 (maxout)

assistance work
5x10-bodyweight dips
5x10-bodyweight chins
5x10-tricep extensions- 50 lbs

notes- my shortest workout of the week by far so far. Bench has always been my weakest point so im kinda dissapointed in my numbers, but oh well nowhere to go but up. I supersetted the chins and dips but i realized that im not too good with bodyweight exercises. My chins were horrible, i kept stopping in between sets because i couldnt handle it. Other than working on chins and bench it was a good workout.

week 1 day 4

295x3 (maxout)

5x10 good morning- 3 sets at 135 1 at 155 and 1 and 175
5x10 hack squat- 315
5x20 db side bend- 2 sets of 70 2 sets of 80 and 1 set of 22.5

notes- today was a reminder how much i truly hate squats…but as Dave Tate once said, do the stuff you suck at the most. i couldve went a little higher for the reps for maxouts but i bitched out ill admit. i experimented a bit with the assistance weight because i havent done any of these exercises in a while. the reason i went down for side bends was because i found it more effective at 22.5 then at 70 or 80, felt as if it was working my sides a bit better.

well thats the conclusion of week 1. its been a while since i felt my body being worked like this…so far im loving the 5/3/1 template.

week 2 day 1
military press
185x4 (maxout)

assitance work
5x10 db bench 75 lbs
5x10 db row 70 lbs
5x20 tricep pushdown 40 lbs

notes- was really stressed the whole day so my workout wasnt really my main focus honestly. it wasnt bad and my assistance work felt alot easier then it has been in a while

i took the week off due to school and studying so im doing this all over (week 2 that is)

military press
185x6 (maxout)

assitance work
5x10 db bench 85 lbs
5x10 db row 75 lbs
5x20 tricep pushdown 40 lbs

notes- the military presses actually felt easier then last week except for that last set…that set really got me. my assitance work was alright too, i went up a little only because i felt like i couldve. the db bench press was what really surprised me because i didnt think i can go that far up although i did stop on the last set for a second.

vertical jump bible week 1 phase 1.
notes- simple plyometrics thats all