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The Red States and George W. Bush


Not so red anymore.


Luckily, he's not up for re-election...

Perhaps the Democrats will eventually find a candidate that is a viable alternative to whomever the Republicans put up. I'll keep my fingers crossed...


I absolutely refuse to vote for George Bush in 2008.


Forget about 2008, there is a national election in 6 months (the Senate and House up for grabs). As George Bush goes, so goes the Republican party, since he is the #1 official in the party. Notice how there are only 3 states where Bush is over 50% (and just barely over).

Right now the congressional Dems have basically zero power to counter the GOP in any way, let alone write laws or set the national agenda. However if the Democrats can win back control of either the Senate or the House, they will obtain one very valuable tool: subpeona power.

With subpeona power there is a chance that the Democrats can begin to investigate the fiasco of the federal response to Katrina, the bogus case given for the Iraq war, Bush's illegal domestic spying program, the suppressed report from the 9-11 commission, the chain of command for Abu Graib torture, and other Bush travesties.


I think there is a real possibility the democrats will take over the House. That's the way the pendulum is swinging.

However, if the Dems spend those two years doing the retarded things you listed above rather than actually trying to be a positive force for change and improvement, 2008 is going to be a glorious time for Republicans.



I believe that only twice in history has a Republican President picked up seats on an off-year election.

The first was Theodore Roosevelt.

The second was George W. Bush.

I remember the run up to the 2002 elections.

Headlines from your sweaty, tube-like friends were such gems as "Bush has no coattails."

The ONLY chance you and your pathetic little band has is fatigue.

It certainly isn't message or consistency.

It certainly is not leadership.

If fatigue doesn't work, get ready to lose more seats.




It amuses me to look at Texas.

That invalidates your premise.

Anyone care to propose that W. wouldn't carry Texas in a third election by a massive margin?

Oh, bradley, your map has as much value as your issues of Chunky Asses.



Keep running against GWB...let us know how that works out. O for 2 so far and the last mid-terms backfired on you too.

Based on most of the pundits I have read the Republicans will pick up seats in the House and will etiher maintain or lose one in the Senate(PA.) Who do you seriosuly think is at risk of losing their seat?


That makes no sense. Bush's lack of support doesn't necessarily correlate to a bad GOP showing. Don't forget that a fair amount of those polled - presumably, assuming a decent poll - are conservatives who are not happy with Bush, but they are unlikely to vote for a Democrat in 2006.

The GOP may lose in 2006, but your statement - so goes Bush, so goes the GOP - misunderstands why conservatives are mad at Bush in the first place.

You paranoiac fantasies aside, if such a power was abused in that way, Democrats would kiss 2008 goodbye.

To be frank, it's detached attitudes like yours that have made the Democrats on the outside looking in. Lots of people are not happy with Bush - but are they think the solution is a sensible alternative, not this faux-revolutionary garbage.


If GBW were to run for reelection today he would probably still win.

As much as people may dislike him they dislike the leading Democrats more.


The Republicans could run Corky from "Life Goes On" in Texas and he'd win.

Put your pom-poms down.


Isn't that how the Democrats won Massachussetts?


No, that was Lurch.


You know what's funny?

Guys who say they are Conservatives (or even funnier, Libertarian) who don't think the federal government should be held accountable for lying, law-breaking, cronyism, and staggering incompetence.

If you think that holding the federal government accountable is an abuse of power then you aren't a Conservative or a Libertarian... you're a Totalitarian.


You know, I have been thinking about this for a long time. And, quite frankly I have to agree with thunderbolt!

I will never again vote for G.W.



I can't wait for the ultimate ultimate (ufc fans will get it) fight to happen for the 2008 democratic nomination.




-Hillary Clinton scrotum..wait that's Rodom (I think).

It's going to be a real nasty primary process for the dems.



It will be ugly and funny at the same time.

The problem is that if one of these wins the nomination it would likely be an automatic Republican vote for me.

I wish the Democrats would run a reasonable candidate.


Come on Zap!!!

Stop being such a "neo-con."

Didn't you realize that there are great candidates on the democratic side?

You have al "10 years to doomsday" gore.

You have john "I'm every woman/pay my parking tickets, bitch" kerry.

You have john "My father worked in a mill" edwards.

Finally, hillary "I'm a moderate. Read the new york times" clinton.

It's just a buffet of strength!!!


P.S. You vote Republican because you live and "fly over America" and don't know any better.




I was born in a blue state and live in another blue state. My presidential votes have not counted for many elections.