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The Recruiting


With an increase among our ranks lately, I feel it is in good taste to extend the possible memebership to all of my T-Nation family. With us, you will enjoy

the ability to gain control over virtually anyone
an increased life expectancy
improved health
secrets of the world
access to a wicked economic foundation
nobilty within the world, there is always opprotunity for promotion and advancement

Vampirism is real, Join Us NightSide

what we are NOT

Demonic, in fact all religions are represented within the coven
Blood Drinkers

so once again the offer is extended, join the Temple and learn to listen to your inner Dragon, learn to use his venom to gain power

but if you decide that we are not right for you, its no big deal

just take this, our creed with you

Test Everything, Believe Nothing

follow these links to unlock the truth, I cannot begin to explain how they have changed my life

The Temple of the Vampire

American Vampire League


Hey mods.... really?




I'm being serious

I just thought you all might want to experience something new. ya kno? its more of a financial organization than actual vampirism

just wanted to give y'all a tatse of my life and help you reach a depth that most people do not know they have


I'll check back in the morning, hopefully I'll have a few new potential members to the Nightside



From the site: " No physical blood drinking."

So is there any mental blood drinking? Also is it true that if you eat someones heart you gain their courage?

EDIT: (Please tell me someone gets that last one!)


For the first time in a long time......

(complete silence on the board)

Ya know when they told you to use a weight belt, they meant around your waist as tight as possible not around your neck.... the lack of o2 is not doing ya good buddy.


So are all "religions", its one of the greatest scam's of all time.


... okei. religions, and religious ppl are a sickness. That is a fact not an opinion, the world would be a better place without them. Im sorry if I offended anyone but this is the truth. So to de OP, shut the fuck up.


No, that is an opinion based on your view of a set of facts. Your opinion doesn't offend me - attempting to call it a fact is offensive. I thought I (as the religious person) was supposed to be judgemental and telling people they're "wrong" (or in this case sick).


Wow...way to get your personal belief(opinion) across.....and hold it as truth. Sounds a lot like...????

People...not religion...are a self-destructing sickness. You should know better.




I'm not a fan of religion, but I know a lot of religious people who are good people. No way should they be lumped in with emo bitches that want to dress up and call themselves vampires every time a new twilight book comes out. OP you may not actually drink blood, but you really do suck balls.


^can't see his own avatar




Yeah I guess you are right, religion itself is not so bad, but I guess ppl are not ready for it yet. Too many wars, too many intolerance, too many problems with it. We try to understand and follow gods, when we are mere mortals... religion never works just look at history.

I believe more in a cause-->effect system. You do good, you recieve good, and viceversa. If all the ppl in the world forgot about stupid gods or commandments and would just be nice to each other we would have a VERY different world. But I guess thats just utopic and unrealistic, considering the human nature. So yeah, we better pray to an invisible god for salvation.




LOL - it sorta already is:

Karma is a concept in Hinduism which explains causality through a system where beneficial effects are derived from past beneficial actions and harmful effects from past harmful actions, creating a system of actions and reactions throughout a person's reincarnated lives


Excactly, but most of this Hinduism beliefs say that there are variables in Karma, and this variables are controlled by gods.

What I was talking about was just being a nice guy, you know? Dont do bad things to other ppl, help ppl when you can etc... no big deal, no gods, no hell no nothing, just be nice :slight_smile: thats it. Eventually if everybody thinks like this there will be less problems in this world.

Im sure sometimes being a nice guy is pretty hard, a lot of accumulated anger and stress can make you a jerk sometimes, but thats what the wieghts are for, train like a mule and your strees and anger will go away...