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The Recommended First Cycle Thread

I’m starting this thread in the hopes that new guys will see this and use it to troubleshoot their own plan for a first cycle, or use it as a template for their first cycle.

first off, get blood work. find out where your natural testosterone production is at, so you have a baseline for down the road. you can also use it to gauge whether your HPTA recovered from your cycle or not.

secondly, here’s the cycle:

Weeks 1-10
Testosterone enanthate or cypionate: 300-600 mg/wk (depending on goal)
Arimidex: .25 mg/EOD (adjust as needed)

Weeks 11-12
Arimidex: .25 mg/EOD

Weeks 13-18
Nolvadex: 20 mg/day or Clomid: 25 mg/day

*HCG is optional. 500 IU 1-3 times a week will minimize testicular atrophy and possibly speed up HPTA recovery in PCT. this can be run weeks 1-12, but NOT in PCT.

Testosterone is used solo to gauge how your body will respond. and since it a normal hormone, the most predictable (some of the other androgens like EQ, tren, Deca and winny can cause some unique side effects).

below is a link showing the difference in effects between various doses of testosterone in men:



Below is a link with further reading on post cycle therapy:

Below is a link on managing estrogen and addressing gyno:

thanks-i’ll edit the original!

Instead of “Optional”, I think HCG should be described as “You should also use”…

And at 250iu 3x per week, not 500?

Good post though, now there really is going to be a good flaming for any newbie First cycle threads lol.

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Just bookmarked this. It’s a great start, certainly something we needed here.

I believe pretty strongly in running an oral, specifically Dbol, to kickstart a first cycle. Most people who come over to the dark side want to feel something immediately, and Dbol reliably does this, with relatively few and predictable side effects. It’s also rarely faked, and I think that’s important for a first cycle. You need to know what you’re taking is accurately dosed, and is the actual product you want to be taking. Test and dbol fit this bill.

I think that’s all I have to add for now. I’ll be linking this thread in future conversations.