The Recipe Thread

Nate Green’s recent blog post about a simple Sunday meal you could whip up and eat for lunch for a week got me thinking - there are loads of recipes you could whip up in giant bulk, reheat, and are guaranteed to contain everything a BBer could want.

His post specifically talked about chili, con carne style. Loaded with a pound of ground beef and two pounds of beans, its definably protein and fiber packed.

I say we get a thread of similar medium/low prep foods together that are rich in our favorite macronutrients; everyone could use a little culinary mind jogging now and then. Specific recipes aren’t necessary, even just the idea would be a great help I’d think.

Also, Nate’s blog is and the Chili recipe (with awesome video) is from May 23rd.

You should have used the search function, this has been done many times. Start with the Alpha Cookbook.

To make this thread less useless, here is the link to what I should have searched for:

Ty West