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The Recession is Over


Good times are back!




Whatever the person who thinks this recession is over is drinking, please pass it my way.


Bernanke? Some of Obama's Kool-aid I think


Happy days are here again!


Mission Accomplished!


LOL. Good one.

2 things are possible here: 1) Bernanke dupes everyone into believing the recession is over and people begin spending 133% of their discretionary incomes again and the recession ends because consumption goes back to normal or 2) Bernanke dupes everyone into spending again temporarily and then more waves of ARMs reset, people realize he's full of s_t, and we go back into a recession.

I know how I'm betting. I think FDR tried the "pull the wool over their eyes" strategy for a few years during Great Depression I. After awhile, everyone just stopped listening.


Even if it's true, my higher paying factory job(not auto) is never coming back...ever. Saw it coming and saved most of my overtime cash.


Well the recession had to end. Obama save a million jobs while only spending 10% of the spendulus so far.

The GDP will grow 10% a year if we only re-elect him in 2012!


You know what?

In nominal terms that might even happen!