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The Reason We Do This

Friday night me and my friends decided to go to one of my friends apartments. when we got there my friend was in the parking lot with his roommate. There were 5 guys standing across from them. My first reaction was damn they are having a party. I had no shirt on cause i had been working on my sisters car. When i got out of the car, one of the guys with me yelled out, Whats goin On? Then i said hey to the guys i didnt know and asked my friend what was up. He said these guys wanted to start some shit. I turned around and said, “these guys?” When i did that they all got in their trucks and left. Then my friend called the guys to make sure everything was straight and there wasnt anymore problems. When he was talking to them he heard one of them say, Goldberg’s there. They were scared cause of they way i look. I dont fight. I think its dumb, but damn its funny that these guys wanted to start shit and then got scared. Until we got there they were talking all kinds of shit. Thats why i eat a minimum of 6 times a day.

You’re the man Goldberg! It must be nice to have such a presence! I prefer the “haul ass” method. I’ve learned to sprint away from being pummeled by big guys! But if you corner me, I’ll fight like a wild animal. And I’m not opposed to biting, eye gouging and going for the windpipe! This Dogg will bite if cornered!

How big are you exactly?

Im 6’ 230 with around 10% bf even though i had a physical sunday morning and i was measured at 7%. the woman didnt know what she was doing. I agree Nate. I prefer the walk away method. You never know what the guys packing. Ive had a gun pulled on me one time when i was taking up for a friend. Ill never do it again. I have never been so scared in my life. I dont get messed with too much because of my size and my bald head and goatee unless its some nut who just wants to start shit with everybody. I just walk away from those guys. Its enough for me to know that I could beat the fuck out of him if i had too. I dont have to prove it.

If the fight be fair, get in there. If there may be a gun, lace thy shoes up ‘n run. BTW, that was some quality pussy-scarin’ ya did, Goldie Shocks.

"MB Eric: Bet he can't beat just one. Since 1956."


MB Eric i agree but how do you know the fight is going to be fair? I had an altercation with this guy who dates an ex of mine. We decided to meet by ourselves and settle it. Well he brought five people with him and i was there by myself. So i decided that it would be better if we talked it out. I know i could have killed the guy. Just in case hes reading this(which i seriously doubt) his name is Jacob Davis. One week later he got a group of guys together and they were gonna sneak up from behind me and hit me with a beer bottle. What type of shit is that? Most of the time its never really over. You always end up having to watch your back. Its best just to walk away from the beginning.

I had a similar experience a few years back. I was at a football game and me and some guys had letters painted on our chests. Sometime during the game one of my friends and I left the stadium to meet some guys. As we were walking some guys came up to us and said something about a fight. Well I said to my boy exact words"I look too good to fight" but he wanted to check it out anyway. So we went and took a look and it was like 5 guys against this one skinny looking guy. To make a long story short started talking to the skinny guy just messing around pretending to know him. Then i asked the other guys what was going on and they all “decided” that nothing was going on and then left.

Bro are you Bill Goldberg?

Slaine im not the real goldberg. Im a college student in Columbus,GA. I look a lot like goldberg so all my friends call me that. Im actually pretty well known around columbus except nobody knows my real name. you gotta take what you can get though.

Don’t let him kid you bro, he’s the real Goldberg of WCW fame. And he would have unloaded a spear double on those guys if they threatened him. He’s just being modest. In fact a lot of famous people post here on the Testosterone web board. For example, Nate Dogg, the R&B singer.

You are indeed correct, Rafael. I am, in fact, Dr. Zeus of Planet of the Apes fame.

"MB Eric: Damn it, he blew it all to hell! Since 1976."


Damn our cover has being blown!! Ok Ok you got me im Puff (only thing i done right is bang Jennifer)Daddy.

That’s cool business that so many of you are willing to stick up for a stranger, when the bloke has bad odds against him. I’ve done the same thing many times. Usually I’ll get in the middle and say, “If these two want to fight, let’s watch them go one-on-one. I’ll keep it fair.” Funny thing is, the guy getting picked on usually likes this scenerio; where as the other fellow (who now sees even odds) seems to find a reason why fighting is no longer a good idea.

How many times have you guys seen American Ninja? Standing up for yourself is good, but how do you know that if you enter into a fight that your on the right side (when you don’t know the participants)? Also, do you really want to get shot or go to jail? A bullet will kill the real Goldberg real fast, do you think your skin is kevlar?

Colin i couldnt agree more. I go from Goldberg to Carl Lewis when a weapon becomes involved. And the guy wasnt a stranger. He was one of my good friends.