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The Reality Behind the Prohormone Legislation

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Dear nannystate, who asked you to be my nanny?What part of bombard don’t you understand?

I wish I had a specific answer on the MAG-10 stability. For sure it is good for months
on the shelf, and possibly much more, but
freezing or storing in the refrigator would be a good idea to be sure for really long durations.

But really, I don’t think there’s a serious
prospect of MAG-10 being made illegal in the short term. No one can predict years down the road, but my understanding (from a very informative article by Rick Collins) is that any process would take a while to go into effect; there would be considerable advance notice.

mag-10 shelf life… hmm this is only anectodal, but I stored some mag-10 over maybe… 6 months to 8 or so in a shelf, this is over the summer and it was in my kitchen shelf (the kitchen got hot during summer as I boil eggs and also chicken bake). Anywho I thought to myself neat I have some mag 10 in there, I’ll order up another bottle and do a 2 dose a day cycle. So I started with the new bottle and had the increased strengh in the gym and then some weight gain, pumps and the other nice feelings. Then week two came and I opened up the old bottle, first of all the mag-10 seemed a lot more watery (I did shook it a while as the bottle recommends) and it didn’t sting my throat as much (actually it barely did). Anyway I had some personal issues come up and I stopped the cycle (couldn’t make it to the gym, and my mind wasn’t into training and eating hard at the point).

Ok. Fair enough re: Mag-10 shelf life. As for the legal issues, I sure hope you are right on that. I just never underestimate the ability of the utopian nanny-staters, and thought-police in government to try and micro-manage my personal affairs.

If it looks like the pro-horomone stupidity will be put into legal effect then I want to be prepared for it. Isn't it amazing how they manage to protect us by making, otherwise law abiding, citizens into criminals?