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The Reality Behind the Prohormone Legislation

With all due respect to TC, writing your Congressman to say “Let us be in charge of our own bodies.” will do nothing. Hell, they may think they are on to something. Congress does not care about your civil liberties. Regardless of what you think about abortion, the Supreme Court was OVERRULING an act my state legislatures. Here, this is a federal action and we are stuck with it if the bill passes. Congressmen care about political grandstanding in order to get re-elected. They also care about getting MONEY from lobbyists. Until recently, the supplement industry has been allowed operate unfettered from governmental interference, especially since 1994. So, what does Congress see? A multi-billion dollar industry of which Congress has had little control and is receiving little or no “contributions”. The supplement industry needs to ban together and create a “Nutritional Supplement Lobby”. Play the political game. This is the beginning of a governmental shakedown. What do you do when someone biiger and stronger than you is trying to shake you down with a gun to your head? You pay or die. IF (a big “if”) the different companies were to ban together NOW, contribute the cash to build a lobby, take some Congressmen out to dinner,etc. you MAY be able to get an age restriction on PH/PS instead of a wholesale ban…I think even that is a long shot. I think it is too late for PH/PS, they will be gone soon, but you are going to have to build a strong lobby anyway because rest assured there are more bannings on the way (creatine, ephedra, protein powders?). Unfortunately, there is a lot of animosity among the different supplement companies. Would Bill Phillips ever want to join hands with TC on any issue (and visa-versa)? That will prevent the lobby now. But once this ban takes place and they set their sites on another supplement, maybe then the supplement industry will play the game.

There is another way around this, folks. It’s time to stop thinking nationally and start thinking globally.

Okay, so let’s say that America does decide to ban PH/PS. That means that Biotest is shit out of luck, right? Well, not necessarily. They could (for example) set up shop here in Japan and keep producing whatever they liked. Or if not Japan, some other country like (Mexico and Thailand come to mind). There would be plusses and minuses either way (in Japan, for example, your production costs would be high, but the QA would be top-notch and the US postal service probably wouldn’t stop a package that was addressed from Japan like they might for, say, a Thai package).

Biotest now probably has the resources to do this. Other companies like EAS definitely do. If America persists in being this myopic with regards to supplements, someone is going to move offshore sooner or later. And once that happens, the whole industry will follow, with the net effect being a loss of business for the US.

I’m as patriotic as the next person, but when governments get stupid and public opinion swings against you, it’s time to start thinking about alternatives.


The supplement companies band together and form a lobby…the cost of keeping this ‘interest group’ with all its charitable contributions is transfered to the customer.
Offshore - same deal, the shipping costs would be a pain, plus still the chance of the package never arriving.
The problem here is that 90% of the populace is going to look at this ban as a good thing. It’s a no-lose situation for these congressmen. All us biomechanics are easy targets, we’re already a fringe group for refusing to eat french fries and coke.

Alternatives: For many of us it will be Primo, Winstrol, Tren, Sust, etc. If both prohormones and steroids are going to be illegal and cost a lot, I’m going with the most potent juice.

Here in Oregon, they were about to close three Salmon/Steelhead hatcheries on some popular coastal streams last month. The fishing forum that I visit got everyone to start bombarding the governer, legislature etc. with e-mails, and phone calls. Guess what, the hatcheries are still open. Now this is a lttle different, but you get the idea. It may not work, but we have nothing to lose by trying. They also made it so easy, they typed the letter, provided the email addresses, so all you had to do is cut and paste. If t-mag would do the same, it would be a piece of cake for us to bombard them with emails and or letters.

ttt. Everybody, get out you’re shovels, we’ve got some bullshit to clear up.

I think there’s a lot of sense in what you write. The bottom line problem is that Congress does not do enough–or legitimate–research before enacting legislation. Those who testify before them are handpicked to make sure only the “proper” perspective is heard. True enough, the supplement industry has failed miserably at educating them on these issues (what lobbying is all about). All they (and we) do is whine when we don’t get what we want. On the other side, politicians act by jerking their knees in response to the issue du joir, in order to make themselves appear to “care”. It’d be nice, too, if they would shake the stars out of their eyes and rely upon real experts rather than hollywood movie stars for their information.

Some intelligent thoughts from HITer Scott and Char-Dawg. (sorry if I got your names wrong)

By making prohormones illegal all the US Government is doing is hurting businesses that employ US citizens, pay taxes, and contribute greatly to the health of the nation. They also create more “criminals” who will still seek out these products, and failing that will move on to steriods.

I agree entirely with the opening poster, who states that it is time for the supplement industry to act collectivly. However in addition to lobbying as a group, perhaps self regulation by an industry-led group would also help the situation. If the industry decided on some set standards for products and also for advertising I think it would do a great deal for their image. If politicians and the media saw the supplement companies acting responsibly then they might think twice before interfering.

I’m a UK resident, so I know before log what happens in the US will follow here unfortunately.

So, what should we do? Is there a state that is trying to set an example? Can we bombard them wil mail? Bear in mind that politicians usually run for bigger and better offices. We “out of staters” could say that we will never endorse or vote for them in any election. If they plan on taking their career to a national level, they might find our outrage interesting.


I think the best way to approach this for now is to find out what subcommittee this bill has been assigned to and find out who is the chairman and who are the members of this subcommitte. Anybody have any idea how to find this information? That way we could post these congressmen’s names and flood them w/ telegrams and snail mail (I heard representatives won’t read email because they get flooded from interest groups.) This will be more focused and we could probably stop it from getting the bill from ever reaching a House vote.

ko, I agree with your cut and paste idea. I found a sample template on the HST/HSN board, so I decided to bring it over. I cannot take credit for this, it is not my work, but I thought it might help:

Anyway, feel free to edit any way you see fit. Bombard these fools.


I am writing to voice my strong opposition to legislation proposed by Representatives Tom Osborne of Nebraska and John Sweeney of New York that would ban the over-the-counter sale of steroid precursors.

The motivation for the legislation is illogical. On the one hand, Rep. Osborne says that "these substances have the same effects and dangers as steroids." Yet in the same press release he disparages the efficacy of the products by claiming that they promise to grow muscles "magically".

Are these Congressmen against these products because they work, or because they don't?

The basis for my personal opposition to this legislation is much clearer. As an adult U.S. citizen I find it both astonishing and infuriating that my government would try to deny me my fundamental right to personal bodily autonomy. Why should I not be allowed to put anything into my body I want -- effective, ineffective or even deleterious to my health -- so long as doing so neither poses a threat nor imposes costs on those around me?

To borrow an oft-heard phrase: keep your laws off my body.

Most sincerely,


Also, here's some points from another post you may want to include, should you choose to edit:

1) Though not conclusively shown to be effective, these substances have not been shown to be harmful.

2) The regulations for these substances should be no different from other over the counter supplements.

3) It is inappropriate for government to protect informed citizens from themselves at this level. We do not protect the citizens of our state from gambling or cigarette smoking whose deleterious effects are wide spread and well documented.

4) Making these substances illegal may encourage the use of true steroids, which are more dangerous, since both would be illegal.

5) Qualification for participation in sporting events should not be controlled by legislation and restriction of freedoms of the general public.

Again, I did not write any of this, I just brought it over from another board. I hope this helps.

We have to make them realize that they will be responsible for the increased use of true steroids. We have to make the public realize that these people may be turning people to real steroids. I like that template a lot and think everyone should send it out to as many people involved as possible. Maybe some of the big supplement companies should get some major news coverage, exposing the truth.

Need help in locating your local State Representative? Go here: www.house.gov/ house/MemberWWW.html (space at “/” and “house”) - or even to “write your representative” - go here: http://www.house.gov/ writerep/ (space at “/” and “writerep”)

US Senators listing: http://www.senate.gov/ contacting/index.cfm (space at "/" and "contacting").

For more information as to what is going on in Congress, how to write, ect. - go here: http://www.congress.org/

I certainly hope this helps. John R. I'm using your template and beginning my "bombardment" today.

Somebody once told me that the politicians have some form of a scoring system they use on the letters they receive. Form letters score pretty low, but hand written letters score the highest. Does anybody have enough experience to enlighten us on this supposed scoring system? If it exists, we could use it to our advantage. It doesn’t take much longer to write out and sign a postcard than to do it on the computer and print it out.

WOW! It looks like something is really happening here!

If they receive a lot of messages about an issue then they start paying attention. A written letter shows a little more interest in an issue. Anybody can send off an email in seconds, but writing the letter, and going to the post office shows a little more initiative. Certain Senators and Congressmen do pay attention to mail, especially if they are possible voters.

Tom Osborn use to be the coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. I think he has a more open mind then most politicians. I believe he is more normal and upstanding then most politicians, but I also think he might be a little more naive then most politicians. He might be biased against pro-hormones because he probably saw the effects of teens abusing steroids without logic. He might just lump pro-hormones in the same boat, and not see the difference between use and abuse.

With his experience in football I would have thought he would have a better understanding then most. I say send an e-mail and at least a printed out letter if not hand written. I plan on sending an e-mail and printing out 5 letters on the computer and sending out one a week. Also it is so easy to get email addresses that a person could easily send 10 messages with different e-mal addresses. Then repeat every few days.

Cmon Fellow t_men lets get off of our asses and do something about this!!!Seriously it doesnt take any time get off of your asses and work a little we need to stop this shit from happening.


Is a counterpart movement beginning up here in Canada? Would our letters be “admissible” to US representatives or be tossed outright?

Canada’s WAY too full of politician’s who are more interested in making everyone “Feel” better rather than actually doing something productive for society.

Kudos to the poster who claims we are already a fringe movement for not eating fries and coke! THAT’S a fringe I’m proud to be a part of!

Ok, ASSuming these dorks in D.C. pass this moronic nonsense, and ASSuming this makes MAG-10 D.O.A. I have two questions. First, how long could I safely store MAG-10 on the shelf? And, how long could I safely store MAG-10 in the freezer?


TO ALL who write to their “representatives”
Make sure you include your name and address in addition to making sure you send mail to the right person. All mail & e-mail are handled by office help and interns and if they do not see that you are a constituant of this “representative” your letter will be discarded.