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The Real Westside Way

I’m wondering how everyone else is training westside?? Right now I train on MON, Tues/Thurs, Fri… Mon and Tues are my max days and Thurs and Fri are my speed days. My workout phases last 4 weeks and I do a 3 rep max week 1, 1 rep max week 2 and 3, and week 4 is repititon week. On my max days I do 3 or 4 accessory exercises 2 sets of 10 reps medium weight so I don’t over train. On speed days my accessory exercises are 3 sets of 8, 4 sets of 6 and 5 sets of 5 depending on the exercise and week I’m on. My buddy and I are strength coaches in the ATL… He is Currently doing the real WestSide way. His Max day are Fri and Sunday. His speed days are Mon and Wed. He only does a one rep max and it changes from week to week instead of staying with the same max movement for 3 to 4 weeks such as myself. His reps for accessory are always going by how ge feels and changes often. Any thoughts on what others are doing would be great… I know my spelling is bad right now… I’m in between clients and need to write this quickly. Always trying to evolve and learn more. Thanks, TGATL

I’m doing it over a 10 day cycle. Each micro-cycle is 3 cycles in length. I do 8x3 on bench ME and 8x2 on Sq/DL ME, for week 1. week 2 I drop two of the sets and hit a few easy singles around PR. 3rd week I go do the same except the singles are max PR. Supp. and acc. rotate every micro-cycle with the ME lift. Reps are 8-15 depending on what it is.
In the spring I go back to a 7 day rotation MTRF for 3-4 months but I can’t do it year-round because it beats up my joints too bad.

tgatl, Read Dave Tate’s article on the 8 Keys. Follow the beginner template he set up. Eat big, and get strong. As you become more experienced, you’ll begin to switch up assistance exercises and find out what works for you, which is a great part about Westside. I recommend following the beginner program at first. Go to elitefts.com and read as much as you can for more info.

Hey TGATL- I’m in Atlanta also(close-by anyways- Decatur. I also train WSB. My split is typically Mon, ME SQ; Tues, DE BP; Thurs, DE SQ; Fri ME BP. However, the last couple weeks, I’ve been playing around with the Metal Militia template. Where do you lift at?

Fellow Atlanta people!

Excellent! I have a basement gym in Duluth if any of you ever want to come lift. PM me for details.

We do:


Although the door is open any other day to come train as well. We also work in a lot of KB’s and GPP stuff and are adding more equipment soon.

If you have to train M/T/Th/F I like Skinny’s way of doing the


I think this would allow for a greater CNS recovery than putting the two ME days together.

just my $0.02,


Thanks 4 the info… I’ve being doing the westside thing for about a year now. I’ve had great results but am always wanting to learn more and see how other people are training.

Yeah Man… I live in Atlanta and train at CoreBody… Duluth is a little to far of a drive but keep jamming on the weights…